2 25 questions test 09.08.2003


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2 25 questions test 09.08.2003

  1. 1. Q 8th August, 2003 (Correct answers are marked bold) 1. What is the relationship between Chart of accounts and company code? a) 1: 1 b) 1: n c) n: 1 d) n: n e) none 2. Business area is assigned as under: a) To Group company b) To company code c) None of the above 3. Tax codes are defined at a) Company level b) Company code level c) Business area level d) Cost center level e) Country level 4. The following dates are available in Finance document which contains vendor transactions a) Posting date, document date only b) Document date, posting date, translation date only c) Document date, Value date, Baseline date, Posting date only d) Document date, translation date, posting date, value date, baseline date, etc 5. Document header contains a) Only Posting date, posting date, document date, document type b) Only Document date, posting date, currency and company code c) Document date, posting date, document type, company code, document currency, translation date, etc d) You can have of the choice of many fields of your own definition 6. Select the correct statements a) Tax codes are defined at a jurisdiction code level and date specific b) Field status variant are defined at company code level c) Field status groups are attached to company code d) Period open and close definition is for a company code only.
  2. 2. e) Account type definitions are available in document type only. f) Account Groups are used only for taking number range selection automatically by the system when we create a master record. g) Vendor account is a master record for Transactions, Posting decisions, Field mapping, Purchasing decisions and correspondences7. Out of the following only one is correct. Please select a) Company codes are created at client level and linked to company codes b) Fiscal year variant is created at client level and periods are defined. c) Period definitions in a fiscal year variant is attached to company codes d) Document types are defined at client level and attached to company code e) Document type controls only the account type, input type and 2 fields mandatory selection.8. Select the correct statements a) Posting key definition is only for selecting Debit/ credit posting and account type b) GL A/c can be created only for company code segment. c) Reconciliation account definition is at GL and no other definition in GL is required for the identification it as a reconciliation account. d) All vendor and customer accounts are maintained automatically by the SAP system as an open item management. e) Open item management is available for all accounts in GL and can be changed anytime as per our wish. f) Vendor masters can be created without any posting to be done in accounting g) Vendor/customer accounts can be created and linked to each other in further transactions h) Vendor accounts can be created and used in Purchasing but posting can be diverted to another vendor account. i) Field status definition in GL master record is a must for transactions j) Fields defaults and printer defaults can be made at user level k) Field defaults can be made for all fields of entry. l) Legal balance sheet is available at Profit center in SAP9. In a Vendor master record, select the following statements : a) Name and address is at the General Segment and is available for company code use b) 3 Search term is available for selection c) Alternative payees cannot be restricted through master record d) Alternative payees definition is available at all 4 segments e) Payment term is defined in vendor master record
  3. 3. f) Vendor correspondence details are available at company code segment g) Vendor reconciliation account definition is at general data h) One definition of name and address and code can be used for multiple company codes i) Payment block is possible by default in company code for transactions. j) The most important definition for a posting to be done in a vendor code of a transaction is sort key 10. The relationship between multiple company codes and one controlling area is created when fiscal year variant and currency is same. Please state the statement is right or wrong? = Wrong 11. When the user wants to know the user ID, using SAP online in an SAP screen a) Only way is go to System-status option b) There are 2 ways c) There are many ways d) Not possible to find 12. Select the correct statements a. It is possible to keep more posting periods after every period end only b. It is possible to keep only one Vendor series of numbers open for posting in a previous period. c. Currency is translated and entered by system automatically when you use a document type. d. Definition of a single currency at GL master level controls the transaction currency being posted to that GL account.13.. A client A. only contain a single chart of accounts A. contain multiple chart of accounts B. only use one-currency types. C. only have one controlling area.14. Account Group for Vendor Master controls a. Fields of the vendor master b. Account number of the vendor master c. Transaction Fields and Account number e. Master fields, account numbers externally and internally f. Master fields options, Account number decisions, and one more15. Which of the following statements about creating customer master records are correct? A. An account group always gets assigned to the customer.
  4. 4. B. The company code is always a required entry. C. The user may assign the account number externally. D. Information on each screen may be defined in configuration as mandatory, suppressed or optional, depending upon the account group only. E. Information on each screen may be defined n configuration as mandatory, suppressed or optional, depending upon the company code only.16. Which of the following statements is true? A. A company code can belong to one or more controlling area. B. A plant must be allocated to a company code. C. A company code must have only one local currency. D. A business area and a company code are assigned to each other in the SAP Reference IMG.17. Which of the following statements are correct? A. A FI customer master is divided by the client level and company code level. B. In case of one time customer you have to enter the customer address in the document itself. C. Address, control data and reconciliation account are included in the client level of the customer. D. The most efficient way to create master records is to work with the external number range not internal number range.18. Identify the correct statements? A. The vendor master record is divided into three different data areas; General data, Accounting data, and Purchasing data. B. When the goods receipt is posted, the system automatically updates, the general ledger accounts by the value of the goods receipt. C. MM and FI set up and use different account groups for their respective view of the vendor master record. D. The account group determines the number interval for assigning the account number to the vendor whether or not the number is internally or externally assigned and what fields are mandatory, suppressed, displayed and optional. E. Payment terms are defined in all the segments of the vendor master19. Select the correct statements about Operational Chart of accounts A. Can be allocated to many company code B. Can be defined in many languages as default C. Contains definitions for G/L accounts D. Can only be allocated to one company code only E. Cannot create GL accounts for COA only F. It controls the fields of Co code segment GL directly 20. Select the wrong statements from the following: a. Clearing is a process of open entries in Expenses accounts Open item definition is for displaying all entries in the GL accounts
  5. 5. b. Create a Account Group in COA as RECO accounts and define GL accounts for that GROUP and it becomes Recon Account. c. The header fields display are controlled by Field status Group definition in GL and Posting key. d. Document types are linked to company code along-with Posting keys e. Fiscal year variant decides the posting period decision automatically f. Posting Period variant decides the posting period decision automatically. g. I can put any period irrespective of any other data and get the document posted to that period.21. Identify the correct statements? A. The term “client dependent” refers to tables or data that relate only to the client, which was accessed during the log on process. B. Due to the integrated nature of SAP, there are certain core organizational elements that cut across the modules. Client is one of them. C. Whenever I am using a transaction I can view the Transaction simultaneously by some settings. D. Entry date format is controlled by Certain customizing and certain user level settings or both. E. I cannot default a user with local currency only in document entry screen. F. GL company code segment fields only can be defined in Account Group22. Identify the correct statements A. A goods receipt is the recording of the movement of materials into the warehouse. In SAP a financial document that updates the inventory account and an accrued liability account is created. B. The Invoice receipt and verification process compares the vendor invoice with the purchase order and goods receipt however the corresponding financial transaction must be entered through the financial module (FI). C. In SAP,I can park a document without a number assigned to that. D. Parking documents are not visible in GL accounts. E. Special GL transactions are never posted to GL 6. All special GL transactions are always posted to GL G. All Special GL transactions are at times posted to AP.23. Which of the following can you add to a favorites list? A. Files B. Transactions C. Web address D. Reports E. User Menus24 Please click on the button next to the correct answer? A. The business area can run across many company codes i.e all company codes can post in all business areas. B. A company code may belong to more than one controlling area.
  6. 6. C. Each company codes uses exactly one chart of accounts D. Business areas are used to create internal balance sheets and income statements but without CO data and only FI data.25. An Vendor/Customer account group A. Defines the number range for a master record. B. Uses a field status group to control the field layout for the maintenance of master records. C. Determines one time accounts for accounts payable and accounts receivable. D. Controls fields for every company code level or Activity level also.