Employee Induction


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How can we make employee induction energizing, motivating and FUN!

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Employee Induction

  1. 1. Rolling out red carpet for new players on board…. After a maddening recruitment drive and a heavy investment on those advertisements…. You are ready to induct a new team of people into your organization! Why not make it energizing, motivating and FUN! Induction is an opportunity to establish a robust psychological contract with our new employees. Induction is essential as an employer’s commitment to a create a healthy, motivating and enjoyable work environment right from the beginning. Read on……….
  2. 2. Presents Motivational Training for the 21st Century
  3. 3. A Welcome Motivational Program For new Employees
  4. 4. More than a rulebook… • Celebrating the decision to work together. • Welcoming change. • Clarity before contribution. • Finding a Buddy Creating a mutually supportive environment. • Moving from independence to interdependence. • Play by the rules. • The power of interpersonal feedback. • The Speed of TRUST. • Interactive learning through games and activities.
  5. 5. Welcome to a new world of Difference! • Great fun! – Innovative-Entertaining-Participative • Amazingly flexible - adapts for different environments • Designed around E3: Energizing, Engaging & Entertaining • A beliefs and confidence booster – develop a winning mind set • Attitudinal Re-engineering for creating a positive work culture • Eliminating Negative Thinking through AHUTHITM : Action against Harmful & Unproductive Thinking Designed to collaborate with your mission and vision, our programs energize and create breakthroughs in a surprisingly short period of time. The approach is unique, since it combines participative techniques, bilingual approach, mixed with Indian ethos and lots of practical exercises, all oriented towards creating an effective environment and redirecting the energies of your organization. Introducing SUCCESS DANCE™ Attracting Possibilities in Your Life
  6. 6. Transforming……  Workers into Performers  Bosses into Leaders  Students into Future Force  Failing groups into Focused Teams Other Programs  For Corporate: Success on the way Half Day Motivational Workshop Nothing But the Best Full Day Motivational Workshop Lead from the Front One day workshop for young mangers Bullet Proof Selling  For Students: Smart Edge Half Day Workshop Rock the World Full day workshop ICLP: Interactive Communication & Leadership Program  For Faculties Master Crafters  Team Building Programs: Indoor & Outdoor  Customized Programs: Designed as per your Organizational Needs www.rightrack.org
  7. 7. Roshan Suhail A young and dynamic speaker with more than 3000 hrs of training experience. Roshan has developed a deep understanding of human behaviour and it’s corporate relevance through his 10 years of rich experience in Education, Sales, Marketing, HR & Training. Roshan specializes in energizing the young audience like management students, front line sales force, young managers & executives. His “Heart before Head” approach sets him apart and generates significant breakthroughs. He has been conducting various Motivational/teambuilding & communication workshops for the past 5 years. He has recently founded RighTrack Creative Foundation, a Training & Consultancy Organization offering motivational training through his Interactive workshops. Roshan is the President of Toastmasters Club of New Delhi And an active member of Coach Leadership Centre, New Delhi You can call him on 09891358681 Or access him at roshansuhail@gmail.com www.rightrack.org