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Elevatorpitch roshan

  1. 1. Microwave Based Biomedical Waste Disinfection Systems A Clean and Safe Alternative to Incineration Cusen Systems, Bangalore
  2. 2. Summary • Over 50% of Biomedical waste generated in India is not disposed scientifically • Deadly Health Hazard: leading to infections/injuries to people handling as well danger of epidemics • As per Bio-Medical Waste (Management & Handling) Rules, 1998, Hospital waste has to treated before disposal • We offer a Low cost and clean solution to treat infected waste at source and help hospitals comply with regulations • 1/10th cost of imported system and 1/10th operating cost of alternatives like Autoclave
  3. 3. The Problem • 420 tons/day - Medical waste generated in India • 50% goes untreated in non metro cities and small towns and ends up in landfills • Causing Injuries, infections and spread of epidemics • lack of availability of low cost and easy to use clean solution
  4. 4. Our Solution Low cost Microwave Based Hospital Waste Disinfection System Microwaves disinfect medical waste without the need of incineration Advantages • Disinfection at Source • Low cost (Initial Investment and Operating) • No Air or water pollution • Waste generated is highly suitable for recycling • Entry level model @ Rs 500,000 ($10,000) compared to $100,000 for imported systems • Very high level of sterilization
  5. 5. Market Size •The market for biomedical waste disinfection systems has been estimated at $200 million in India (http://www.kleanindustries.com) • According to a Study by Central Pollution Control Board and IIM Lucknow –No. of Hospitals and other healthcare centres: 85000 –About 45000 Hospitals don't have any form of Medical waste disinfection systems •Even if 20 % of Them adopt our technology: There is a market for 9000 systems or (9000 x 5 L) = 450 crores or Approx $100 million and growing •This sector is growing at 16-20% annually
  6. 6. Business Model • Sell Systems Directly to Hospitals, Clinics, Diagnostic Systems, Dialysis Centers and Blood Banks • Systems for Waste Management Contractors such as Ramky and Meridi for central treatment facilities • Truck Mounted mobile Systems • Additional revenue source from Shredders and Compactors • Hospital Waste Management Consulting
  7. 7. Competitive Advantage • There is still no existing Indian manufacturer of Microwave Systems • First To Market • Imported Systems from Europe cost 10X compared to our system • Design, Technology and process can be patented • Collaboration with MS Ramaiah Hospitals, Which is the nodal agency to implement a $40 million project from UNIDO to implement Clean Technology based Waste Management across five Indian states
  8. 8. Comparison with alternate Technology Autoclave Microwave technology • Low productivity • High productivity • Pollution and contamination of • No water pollution or water contamination • Needs steam generator and • Easy to Assemble and install rejects polluted and • No Atmospheric Pollution contaminated water • No Pressure: Safe to operate • Huge Assembly • Can be operated with • odor and atmospheric pollution minimum training • Pressurized vessel; risk of • Output - Very dry, no water explosion; needs public • Product easy to recycle authorization and specialized • Competitive investment for manpower high productivity and low operating cost
  9. 9. Technical Advisory Board Dr. Pruthvish, Head, Community Medicine Department, M. S. Ramaiah Hospital Expert on Hospital waste Management. Consultant to WHO, UNIDO Prof. G K Ananthasuresh, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Marco Garuti, President Alter Power Systems, Italy. Manufacturer of Microwave components and systems Team Profile Roshan : Mechanical Engineer with 5+ years experience in product design and Project Management at a leading Defense Electronics PSU. Bharath : MS from University of Liverpool, U K. 4+ years experience in Developing industrial microwave systems for clients across Europe. Managed projects with budget over $1 million. Experience in Running family business in Manufacturing sector. Balaji: Mechanical Engineer with several years of Experience in Managing and Marketing of Real Estate Projects in Bangalore. He also was involved in research and development and Technical papers in International Journals in Robotics and Microsystems
  10. 10. Marketing Plan • Direct Marketing to Hospital Chains, Government Hospitals, Diagnostic centers • Use existing dealer networks of medical equipment manufacturers • Organize workshop and Training for hospital waste management professionals • Work along with govt. agencies, Pollution Control Board and municipalities to bring awareness about our technology
  11. 11. Funding • Company Incorporated as Cusen Systems India LLP (September 2009) • First Prototype under Development: Self Funded • Proposal for grant under Techno-Entrepreneur Prog. under DSIR, Govt of India, under review to raise Rs. 15 lakh • Looking for Angel Investment for scaling up CONTACT Roshan roshan@cusen.co.in Ph: 8123470560
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