Launchpad Academy Diploma in CAR DESIGN 2014 brochure


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Launchpad Academy Diploma in CAR DESIGN 2014 brochure

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Launchpad Academy Diploma in CAR DESIGN 2014 brochure

  2. 2. “To make YOU a successful CAR Designer”
  3. 3. Do you dream of being the next Battista Pininfarina? Walter De’Silva? Chris Bangle? Or Shiro Nakamura?!? Yes?? Then we’re here to help your dreams take the flight. But do you know how to become a car designer? Well, car design as a discipline is rapidly evolving and the future of mobility offers great new possibilities. The work of a car designer combines artistry with some technical and scientific know- how since finished designs must incorporate aesthetic and functional concerns. The minimum requirement for most auto design jobs is a bachelor's degree in a related field, although some designers have master's degrees. A professional portfolio and an internship will definitely boost your chances to secure a job after graduation. But how do you prepare for it?? Sketching a car is indeed difficult if you haven’t done it before. It takes months to be able to sketch properly and requires a lot of patience. But, there is no going forward unless you can’t put down your ideas effectively on a piece of paper. DIPLOMA in CAR DESIGN is a course that offers you a real design training, under specialized industry professionals, with an aim to help you realise your dream to design innovative solutions of a concept car for the city of near future. The course is committed to providing quality professional tuition and guidance, covering the main things you need to know about car sketching & design. The aim of this course is to you give you the groundwork so that you can improve beyond all recognition and start producing professional looking work. Welcome to Launchpad Academy! We can help you achieve your dreams. Hi!
  4. 4. DIPLOMA in CAR DESIGN course is designed to help you with the following: • Understand automotive terminology. • Develop a creative thinking process with tutoring support focused on trying to solve future transportation problems. • Develop a fundamental approach to improve your sketching ability. • Grow a structured thinking methodology and mind-set for drawing cars and continuous improvement through practice. • Learn how to work in both traditional and digital mediums. • Work on a project from scratch to completion. • And most importantly how to present your work. Course Objectives LIMITED SEATS! GET STARTED! REGISTER NOW!!!
  5. 5. • The first course of its type in India. • A teaching team that includes design professionals with many years of experience in product, automotive and transport design business with a strong background & passion in both transportation design practice and education. • Strong associations with the industry that will help convert your passion for car design into a career as an automotive designer. • Best students who successfully complete the course will get a paid internship in design studios. • The only programme in the country that provides a practical hands-on training and with a curriculum crafted by specialized professionals from design studios of Nissan, Ashok Leyland, GM, Tata Motors, TVS Motors, Tata Elxsi. • Unique access to many professional designers who serve as part-time faculty and guest speakers. • Learn where to start, how to practice, know a few secrets and further develop your sketching skills. • Students who complete the weekly assignments, online tests and finish their final projects successfully will be awarded the Diploma in Car Design by Launchpad Academy. What sets us apart? LIMITED SEATS! GET STARTED! REGISTER NOW!!!
  6. 6. "We emphasise learning through discovery, practice, critical reflection and experimentation with ideas"
  7. 7. • Students get admissions into design schools or get selected to transportation design jobs on the basis of the quality of their portfolio, statement of interest and admission application. • Our students gain fluency in drawing and both physical and digital skills, while also develop a good understanding of things such as vehicle architecture, materials and process, and aerodynamics. • You’ll step out after finishing this course knowing how to sketch your concepts, use various design mediums to advance them to the next level, and sell your concept to future colleges & employers through awesome verbal and visual presentation skills. • Our program will provide you with the intensive technical and creative training you need to thrive in any transportation (automotive) industry. • The course is not a car-design-only program. The course approach enables students to explore many areas of the transportation (automotive) design industry and find their niche in designing all types of transportation, from boats and motorcycles to trucks and planes. How will this enhance my career prospects? LIMITED SEATS! GET STARTED! REGISTER NOW!!!
  8. 8. “Developing and enhancing students employability and delivering a serious competitive advantage in the job market”
  9. 9. Section 1 – INTRODUCTION • Historical perspective on automotive design • History of Car design & Case histories • Design process • Automotive design – body styles, layout, proportions, themes Section 2 – DESIGN COMMUNICATION • An intro to sketching as communicating tool • Drawing classification – Ideation sketches, Exploratory sketches, Explanatory sketches, Persuasive sketches • Design Research and Inspirations Section 3 – SKETCHING • Sketching exercises – training your arms and hands to acquire consistency in your line work • Applying Sketching techniques – lines, circles, ellipses • Perspective sketching – 1-point, 2-point & 3-point • Geometry – cubes, cylinders, spheres • Understand the importance of primitive shapes and their direct relationship to complex forms • Wheel sketching Section 4 – CAR CONSTRUCTION • Structure – Learn guidelines for creating realistic looking cars that are well proportioned • Maintaining perspective • Front and rear views • Top down views • Quick thumbnail sketching • Experimenting with volumes and proportion Section 5 – RENDERING • Approach rendering with proper methodologies for execution • Rendering Exercise 1 – Pencil/Pen shading • Rendering Exercise 2 – Marker Rendering • Rendering Exercise 3 – Reflective surfaces • Rendering Exercise 4 – Contrast, Highlights, Colour • Rendering Exercise 5 – Digital Methods Section 6 – CONCEPT CAR PROJECT & PRESENTATION • Create a car for a city of the near future and present your concept through drawings, collages, sketches and renderings – The final combination of all the previous lessons • Portfolio preparation to document both course progress in mastering “car sketching” as well as demonstrate the capacity for creativity and design. Course Structure LIMITED SEATS! GET STARTED! REGISTER NOW!!!
  10. 10. About the Faculty Mr. Sathiyaseelan Gangasalam, is Head of Styling - Ashok Leyland. He has an M.Des Degree from IDC, IIT Delhi. He has consulted and led teams in automotive styling at Tata Motors, Tata Elxsi, TVS and General Motors before joining Ashok Leyland. He is passionate about teaching Design to young minds. ABOUT LAUNCHPAD ACADEMY Launchpad Academy provides world-class training and skill development courses to students and professionals especially in Mechanical, Automotive and Aerospace Domain. The core team of Launchpad Academy are alumni of prestigious institutions like IISc, NID and IITs and who have come together with professional experiences in Transportation Design, Medical Product Design, Furniture Design, Construction & Defense Industry R&D. Associate Faculty Vishal Hemanth V. is a passionate product designer keen on revolutionizing design education in India. He has an M.Des. Degree from IISc, Bangalore and has worked with technology and healthcare start-ups helping them bring their products ideas to life.
  11. 11. 4-month intensive online program (3 months of training + 1 month of project & portfolio preparation) Start Date: 10th May 2014 Duration: 3 months of live online training + 1 month of project Class hours: 06:00PM – 08:00PM IST Class Days: Saturdays & Sundays only Course fee (Students): Rs.9999/- (Inclusive of all taxes) Course fee (Professionals): Rs.14999/- (Inclusive of all taxes) Discounted Group fee (for minimum 5 registering at a time): Rs.8999/- (Inclusive of all taxes) per student. LIMITED SEATS! GET STARTED! REGISTER NOW!!!
  12. 12. Course Materials Students will be sent a Special Course Kit worth Rs.1500/- which include: • Professional Sketch Pencils • Preferred ball-point BIC Pens • Professional Fine-liner pens • Design Markers • Professional Marker Pad • Comprehensive Printed Course Material • Exclusive Practice Templates PENCILS MARKER PAD TEMPLATES
  13. 13. To be able to learn to sketch and render your own ideas, be it a product or a car, with correct looking perspective and proportion can be difficult and frustrating. But it is one of the most primary skills that one must know, to crisply and effectively present their idea. Almost your whole career in the design industry depends on it. People who are likely to benefit from this course are: • Students and professionals who are keen to start a career in Automotive Design • Car enthusiasts & professional car modifiers • Students / Professionals who are passionate about cars and want to learn to sketch and design them • Students aspiring to get through CEED, NID, NIFT and other design exams • Students of design degree programs • Freelancers in design • Multimedia and animation students Who will find this course useful?? LIMITED SEATS! GET STARTED! REGISTER NOW!!!
  14. 14. Arjun Moger, Student, Malnad College of Engineering “The workshop was fantastic. Thanks for putting up a amazing course. In a short amount of time my CAR Sketches have improved a lot and I am more confident of my sketching and Rendering skills.” Ratan Prabhu, Engineer, Toyota Kirloskar Motors “Good experience to learn from Industry experts. Helped me a lot in my career.” Student Testimonials LIMITED SEATS! GET STARTED! REGISTER NOW!!!
  16. 16. Online Payment Modes • Method 1 - Online Payment – STUDENT: Rs. 9999/- | PROFESSIONAL: Rs. 14999/- • Please go to this link to register and make the payment – • Method 2 - Internet Banking – STUDENT: Rs. 9999/- | PROFESSIONAL: Rs. 14999/- • Please use this payment option in case you want to do an NEFT transfer into our account. The account details are as given below: • Account Name: Roshan • Account No: 007801523031 • Bank details: ICICI Bank, Malleshwaram Branch • IFSC CODE: ICICI0000078 LIMITED SEATS! GET STARTED! REGISTER NOW!!!
  17. 17. Direct Payment Modes • Method 1 - Direct Bank Deposit – STUDENT: Rs. 9999/- | PROFESSIONAL: Rs. 14999/- • This payment option will be available only at an ICICI Bank near you during their work timings. Please use this payment option in case you want to directly deposit the registration/course fee into our account. The account details are as given below: • Account Name: Roshan • Account No: 007801523031 • Bank details: ICICI Bank, Malleshwaram Branch • IFSC CODE: ICICI0000078 • Method 2 – Payment by Cheque/DD – STUDENT: Rs. 9999/- | PROFESSIONAL: Rs. 14999/- • This payment option will be available only at our office based in Bangalore. You can directly come at our office and pay your fees either in cash / cheque / DD drawn in favour of “Launchpad Education”. • Our address is: • Launchpad Academy, #331, 2nd Floor, 3rd Stage, 4th Block, Basaveshwaranagar Main Road, Bangalore-560079
  18. 18. FAQs Are these classes conducted via LIVE video streaming? Yes, the classes are conducted via LIVE Video Streaming, where you can interact with the instructor by speaking, chatting and sharing your screen. You can go through our sample class recording and understand the quality of instruction and the way the class is conducted. What are the minimum system requirements? To attend the online training session, the following is required: For PC-based participants: • Internet Explorer 7.0 or newer, Mozilla Firefox 4.0 or newer or Google Chrome 5.0 or newer (JavaScript enabled) • Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP or 2003 Server • Cable modem, DSL, or better Internet connection • Dual-core 2.4GHz CPU or faster with 2GB of RAM (recommended) For Mac-based participants: • Safari 3.0 or newer, Firefox 4.0 or newer or Google Chrome 5.0 or newer (JavaScript enabled) • Mac OS X 10.6 – Snow Leopard or newer • Intel processor (1GB of RAM or better recommended) • Cable modem, DSL, or better Internet connection Participants will need a fast Internet connection, a microphone and speakers. (A headset is recommended.) What if I miss a class? You needn’t worry at all! After each class, we send the class recordings to our students, so that you can always refer back at your own pace. You can also reschedule the class to a different batch. How will I get support? Our expert support ensures that you get your queries answered, either through emails or phone calls (phone support available only between 10am-8pm). What if I have doubts before or after the class? If you have doubts before the class, feel free to ask your doubts from the instructors taking the LIVE session. And if you have doubts after the class gets over, you can get them cleared from our support team either through e-mail or phone calls. How will I do the practical's? You will be given weekly assignments, case studies and quizzes. You can do the practical's at your own pace, which will require 2-3 hours each week. What internet speed is required to attend the LIVE classes? 1Mbps of internet speed is recommended to attend the LIVE classes. However, we have seen people attending the classes from a much slower internet. How can a student access the online class in the event of an Internet disconnects? Does the student lose that day's class lecture forever? You can go through the class recording or you also have option of attending the same class in a different batch. In no event you will lose a lecture forever. We also have an expert support team, so in case you need any clarification on concepts or help, the support team can help you by online or phone (phone support available only between 10am-8pm). Do you provide any Certification? If yes, what is the Certification process? Yes, we provide our own Certification. At the end of your course, you will work on individual projects. Once you have successfully completed the project (and reviewed by our expert faculty), you will be awarded a certificate with a performance-based grading. If your project is not approved in 1st attempt, you can take extra assistance for any of your doubts to understand the concepts better and reattempt the Project free of cost. Certification is provided only upon successful completion of the project. Do you also provide any course material? Apart from the class videos, we also provide printed materials and PPTs related to the topics. We will also send you a stationary kit worth Rs.1500/- with pens, markers and materials. What if I have more queries? Just give us a CALL at +91 9632027594 OR shoot us an email at
  19. 19. email : | mobile : Roshan: +91 96320 27594 , Vishal: +91 98455 01241 office : #331, 2nd Floor, 3rd Stage, 4th Block, Basaveshwaranagar Main Road, Bangalore-560079 Enquiry? Questions?? Please get in touch with us! LIMITED SEATS! GET STARTED! REGISTER NOW!!!