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Updated december magazine

  1. 1. 1ChristmasBaubleTutorialISSUE5DECEMBER2012 BAKING ~ DECORATING ~ SHARINGCake MastersAWARDS2012CakeInternationalSpecialChristmasCakeFeature
  2. 2. 2FromtheEditorISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012BAKING ~ DECORATING ~ SHARING2012 has been a great year filled with some amazingcakey stories, competitions and events.This issue is jam packed with the usual articles andtutorials to inspire you over the festive season.I love pulling together the magazine every issue andespecially love interacting with the online cake community.There are so many of you lovely people out there, it hasbeen an honor to meet and talk to so many of you overthis past year.Highlights for me have been the London Cake Crawl,Cake and Bake Show, filming at Cake International andour amazing entries into the vintage cupcake competitionearlier this year. The biggest achievement for us at CakeMasters was the launch of this online magazine. Themagazine was really supposed to be a quick newslettereach month, showcasing awesome cakes posted on ourwall, but it has evolved into an amazing rather glamorousmagazine, which we want to keep free and online so thatit is accessible to all.This issue is packed with great articles, photos of your cakes, tutorials and special features.We have a feature on Cake International, where we have included some of the cakes on displayand with profiles of the people who made the cakes. Not only can you marvel at amazing cakesentered, but also find out a little more about the person behind the cake. As an additional specialfeature, we have an exclusive short video of the highlights at Cake International too - see if youcan spot yourself JAnother special in this issue is the Christmas Cake feature, where we have displayed some of thebest designed cakes, sugar figures, cookies and cupcakes. Thank you to everyone who emailed inwith their designs, we did our best to showcase as many as possible.Another exciting feature are the Awards for 2012, I hope you join me in congratulating our winners.Before I go, I just wanted to say a few thank yous.Thanks to Michelle from Hat Trick Strategies, without your help we wouldn’t have this magazine!Cake by Chantelle for being our fabulous cover for this issuehanks to Posey Furnish, who has for the second time now written us a great articleA special thanks to Kathy Boynton who shared her gingerbread story with usCharmaine for the excellent tutorial and business articleZach, our new guy for helping out with our magazineKamran for great video production servicesAnd LASTLY To ALL our contributors who make the magazine simply awesome!Merry Christmas and nest wishes for 2013Rosie xCake Masters Christmas Issue
  3. 3. 3ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012The Making of theGingerbreadSnow Globe14ChristmasCakeSpecial47CONTENTS From the Editor ~ Page 2Cake International Feature ~ Page 4Christmas Wish List ~ Page 12Gingerbread Snow Globe ~ Page 14Christmas Bauble Tutorial ~ Page 18Christmas Cookie Tutorials ~ 23Cake News ~ Page 24Guest Columnist - Michaela Saunders ~ Page 25Spotted ~ Page 26Finishing Touches ~ Page 28Cake Masters Awards 2012 ~ Page 30Christmas Caking Around the World ~ Page 40Beaconsfield High School Christmas Bake Off ~ Page42Business By Charmaine ~ Page 45Christmas Cake Special ~ 47CakeInternationalFeature4Cake MastersAWARDS201230
  4. 4. 4ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012Feature@CAKE INTERNATIONALWe had an great time at Cake International this November at theBirmingham NEC. Cake International is the show of the year thatpeople look forward to - it is a sugarcraft extravaganza all underone roof. The cakes entered this year were fantastic and we lovedtaking in all the detail. We have managed to pull together afeature on Cake International including interviews fromcompetitors, as we always see the cake, but have no idea who theface behind the cake is. I hope you enjoy this feature as much aswe loved putting it together!Additionally on the day, we were running around with a cameracrew and microphone interviewing you and the exhibitors as well asspeaking to some competitors that entered cakes into variouscompetitions.Thanks to Kamran Yasin for producing an excellent video!WatchNOW!
  5. 5. 5ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012FeatureI really got into cake decorating by accident andshould I say it found me. I began my career as aChef working through various establishments. AsI progressed through the levels I always had asoft spot for the pastry side of the kitchen withoutever giving cake decorating a thought. Obviouslyas a Chef I was asked at times from family andfriends if I could make a cake and of course Iobliged but on a very simple scale. It wasnt untilI landed a job in the west end of London that itwas here it slowly began to become a passionand a labour of love. I was asked here to make abirthday cake for the owner of the company andthis is where I immersed myself fully into thesugar world! I started to teach myself making myfair share of mistakes and I plucked up thecourage one day to enter the novelty class atHotel Olympia London 2010. After a stressful andchallenging few weeks I delivered my entry andcame back the following day to see what I hadbeen awarded. Upon walking to my exhibit Ithought I was awarded a bronze and I wasalready buzzing with excitement that I hadachieved this, but on getting closer I saw thosemagical letters GOLD, I reckon I must havejumped ten foot in the air with the biggest shoutand this lit the fire in me! From then I knew Iwanted to be a cake designer so "The PukkaCake Parlour" was born.The Pukka CakeParlourNick Smith*BEST IN SHOW*Im 41 years old and have 2 daughters aged 17and 7. I started making cakes in May 2010 - thefirst one was for my nan’s 97th birthday - shedalways made mine growing up. Id been tellingher about how Id been making fairy cakes withmy youngest who was then 4, when sherequested that I make her a birthday cake.It wasthe only cake of mine that she ever saw as shesadly passed away a month later. I will always beso happy that I made that cake for her!In November 2011 I gave up my full time job asan account manager for a hospital linen servicescompany and opened my own cake shop andcupcake cafe in January 2012.Designa CakeKaren Bill*GOLD*Designa CakeThe Pukka Cake Parlour
  6. 6. 6ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012Feature Vicki Louise Smith*SILVER*I’m an artist and have always been creative byexploring new medias to express art. Two yearsago my partner’s birthday cake made bysomebody else was a disaster, so I decided tohave a go myself. It turned out that good that Icarried on making cakes. I love the challenge ofmaking something different, unique and realisticin an edible form.It was difficult to get the cake to say as a wholecake without internal supports. I spoke to thejudge afterwards and he said that if the cakewasn’t damaged I could have got higher.This was my first time entering the show and Iam excited to enter next year at Manchester andBirminghamMelys Cake DesignWayne Price*GOLD*Vix ArtThe cake before the damageI am 42 and from North Wales, Dad of 2 girls andmarried for 22 years.Melys Cake Design is my trading name and theword Melys is the Welsh word for Sweet.I currently work full time for a StructuralEngineering Company and make the cakesevenings and weekends as a hobby so lots ofvery late nights and NO spare time.I entered my Liverpool FC royal iced cake and itwon a Gold which I was head over heels with onmy first NEC competition entry!Melys Cake Design
  7. 7. 7ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012FeatureDeborah Harwood*GOLD*Vix ArtThe cake before the damageIm Deborah Harwood and I have been making cakes for about ten years. I dont currently have abusiness and a Facebook Page is coming after much pressure from my cake fans! Most of mywork comes from word of mouth and I do many charity cakes to raise money. Its difficult tocommit full time with cakes as my other passion is silversmithing.I dont make your everyday cake and always like to create a story within my work thereforeHandbag and Shoes were totally out of the question for my competition piece and a shop was aperfect choice.This cake took me around 5 weeks, 3 of those making the handbags and shoes. In fact I gottoo carried away and had to stop! I had a few challenges, hoping that the window aperturewouldnt collapse as internal supports were not allowed. But the biggest challenge was the 3hour journey to Birmingham praying it wouldnt collapse on the way! The relief was immense!This was my first entry into Cake International and Im so pleased with my achievements as it gotme a Gold and 2nd in category. What on earth will I come up with for next year?!
  8. 8. 8ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012FeatureMy Little Shop of CakesVanessa Mahy*GOLD*My Little Shop of CakesI have been baking and designing cakes for over 20 years. Completely self-taught, I initiallyspecialised in Royal iced paintings, then over time I have expanded my knowledge and nowI can put my hand to most styles, most recently making shoes and handbags! I love newchallenges and that’s why I have started entering competitions, I always want to improvemy skills and seeing other people’s fantastic cakes always sets me new goals.All my cakes are bespoke, and I spend a lot of time working on each design before I eventhink about getting the icing out. I hope this is why people keep coming back to me, it’s thatextra personal detail I give to each design to create a WOW cake! It’s also the taste, fluffyvanilla sponges, and rich chocolate cakes what more do you want in life.It took most evenings and weekends over a 3 week period, it takes time as you have to do itstage by stage and let things dry fully – I had to be patient!I have always been a bit of a tomboy and love the outdoor life, so a ‘his and hers’ bootsseemed a good choice, and they are very ‘now’ at the moment. My boots are more likely tolook like the guys than the floral pair!!
  9. 9. 9ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012FeatureThe Clever Little Cupcake CompanyThe Clever LittleCupcake CompanyAmanda Mumbray*GOLD & SILVER*I have been making cakes since my kids werevery small, but only very amateur cakes for theirbirthdays, as most Mums do. I started seriouslyjust over two years ago when I made cupcakesfor my husband’s birthday and got a quip fromhim “they’re good, but not as good as a lady atwork”. I was quite cross, but when I saw hers, Iwas amazed at the endless possibilities thatcupcakes could offer, and how detailed I wasprepared to go with them. A few months later, Istarted on the cake side and it has blossomedfrom there. I have had no formal training, apartfrom a modeling course at Slattery’s, makinghuman figures.The design inspiration for my entry at CI was apair of rockabilly shoes I saw on line. I wanted tomake something less traditional and moreyouthful. I based the handbag cake on a bag byIrregular Choice, but changed bits on it to matchthe shoes. I had a big gap on the board, sodecided to make a set of sugar keys modelled onmy own. The cake took about 6 hours to make,including the decorations. The shoes also tookabout 6 hours. It was my first carved cake, and Ihad a few sleepless nights about how I was goingto do it, but it was pretty easy once I had madethe templates. The biggest challenge was liftingthe decorated cake on to the cake board!It was first time visiting and entering CakeInternational, and I was absolutely delighted tohave won Gold.My daughter also entered. She was 9 at the timeof the show (she has just turned 10 – yesterday!).Her cake was a dummy, which she iced herselfand made all the decorations for. She has beenmaking a few bits and pieces from sugar forabout a year, and is very creative. Her cake tookabout 4 hours. She won a silver medal.
  10. 10. 10ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012FeatureNuthouse BakeryTwo years ago I walked awayfrom my international career andspent the following 6 monthsprepping to set up my own cakebusiness. In October 2011 Istarted making cakes and taughtmy first class and from there mybusiness has grown. I enteredmy first competition in May thisyear, Telford British Sugar CraftShow and got a Bronze. Thisyear I decided to enter CakeInternational and came homewith 2 bronzes and a silver, Icould not have been happier!Nuthouse BakeryLaura Nolan*BRONZE & SILVER*I was born in Temple Cloud on the outskirts of Bristol, where Ilived with my parents up to the age of 18. From there I movedto Doncaster to pursue my career in the Health & Safetyenvironment, over the next 10 years I worked for 2 companiesas their H&S and Environmental Officers. Baking has alwaysbeen a strong passion of mine, whether it was helpingalongside my mother or in my spare time to provide anarrangement of food for friends and family for specialoccasions. During my tenure as an H&S Officer I enrolled ontoa course at Doncaster College during the summer of 2011,successfully completing with a distinction in Sugar Craft in myfirst year. I am now well into my second year and continuallyimproving my skills each step of the way. I was recently maderedundant unexpectedly from my employer; this has amplifiedmy drive and determination to start my own business. Thebusiness is now in the early stages of development, with theever-increasing demand for ‘Miss Abe’s Cakes’ customers keepcoming back.Miss Abes CakesAbigail Webb*SILVER*e’Miss Abe’s Cakes
  11. 11. 11ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012FeatureLady B’s CupcakeryLady Bs CupcakeryJune Brett*GOLD*Im a mum of two, wife, part time accountant andcake artist. I started playing in the world of sugarafter my son was born last year, just for my sisterswedding and then a few friends birthday cakes andthen the obsession took over.Im dizzy, full of crazy ideas, very forgetful, but areally good friend :-)B’I started my cake journey in May 2011 when Imade my first cake for my daughter’sbirthday. It went down really well and soonpeople at work started to ask me to makecupcakes. This is where my desire andpassion for all things cake grew.Very quickly I reached a point where I had tochoose between work and my passion. I tookthe plunge and Lady B’s Cupcakery wasborn in December 1st 2011.I have had an incredible year and I cant waitto see what the next 12 months brings.Cakes by HeatherHeather Bicknell*BRONZE*Cakes by Heather JaneKathryns Homemade CakesKathryn Matthews*SILVER*I was persuaded to enter by a fellow tweeter Julie Gibson (@icemaidencakes) anddidnt really know what to expect. I have never entered a competition with my cakesbefore and am completely self taught, so had serious doubts about my abilities and ifit would be worthy of a merit certificate.As the results took so long to come out on the saturday, I initially thought I hadntreceived anything for it and was a bit down in the dumps. My friend Julie texted me apicture and it was the longest few seconds ever as I waited for it to download!!!I won a silver!!!!!! I have never been so shocked!Kathryn’s Homemade Cakesn’
  12. 12. 12ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012W!h L!tChristmasFrom left to right:Prestige sharp top edger £7.99, Non Pareils - Christmas Assortment £1.50,The FULL Sugarflair gel food colouring set of 36 £52.75,Reindeer and Christmas pudding transfer sheet £2.99, Patterned Hearts Mould £6.95 High strength natural flavours - Citruscollection £24.00
  13. 13. 13ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012From left to right:Earlene Ruth by Silicone Plastique £13.99, Patchwork Robbin cutter £2.75 Cupcake Lace Mats £17.50, Springerle Cookie Mould£24.95, 32 piece flower making set with book £12.99, Batifolage Print Chocolate Transfer Sheet £2.99
  14. 14. 14ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012Gingerbread Sn w GlobeFeatureWhen we first saw thisexcellent gingerbreadcreation, we thought thatit was a neon edible imageof a church that had beenstuck on the front of thesnow globe. Upon closerexamination, we wereastounded to find thatinside the hollowgingerbread snow globewas a gingerbread house!Exclusive to Cake Mastersreaders, we caught upwith Kathy Boynton thearchitect of this amazinggingerbread creation.Q:Tell us a little bit about youI married my Junior High Schoolsweetheart 40 years ago today, December8th. We had two beautiful children, Sandywho is married to Bobby with two childrenof her own - Taylor 15, and Austin age 11.Our late son Gary Joseph gave us awonderful grandson Gary Tyler who is 13.My family is my life and grandchildren arethe icing on the cake.My family and I moved to Fawn Grove,Pennsylvania from Baltimore, Maryland in1990. Along with the move came a newjob for me. After answering an ad in thenewspaper for a cake decorating positionat Kleins Family Market I got an interviewwith Mrs. Klein. I took pictures of mywork to the interview and was hired on thespot.I was an electrical drafts person prior toour move to Pennsylvania. The only cakedecorating experience I had was makingcakes for my family and friends.Im still at that job and still love what I do. Iam truly blessed to work for the Kleins.They allow me to be creative and in turn Ihave very loyal customers. In fact Im nowmaking their grandchildrens specialtycakes. It is very rewarding to know yourhard work is giving people joy. Time justflies when youre having fun.My sister Bette and I took a 6 week cakedecorating course together at The CakeCottage in Fulerton, Maryland back in1986. My initial intent behind taking thatsix week cake decorating course was toget good enough to make my owndaughters wedding cake. That dream >>Kathy with her husband Garywho is her biggest fan!
  15. 15. 15ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012>> came true in 1994. It turned out tobe an ten tier cake with a fountainthat took eleven hours to construct.Every tier was a different variety ofcake.Q: Tell us about your relationshipwith GingerbreadNow gingerbread is a different story.As much as I love cake decoratingand its diversity, I love the challengegingerbread gives me.Everything is from scratch and frommy own imagination, which can bedangerous a times!Gingerbread to me denotes fondmemories of when my Mom wouldtake me to our local bakery as achild. I can still remember ooglingover the decorated gingerbreadpeople she would buy me one everyonce in awhile and would just admirethem for hours.It was in 1987 that a friend of mineinvited me to a free gingerbreadhouse demonstration at ourlocal library. All I can say to that isthat there have been gingerbreadhouses every year since! Ive been ina few contests and won a fewribbons. I even badgered a fewcake decorating co-workers ofmine into joining me in a contest atthe Fawn Grove Fire Stations AnnualCraft Show one year. We all chosedifferent themes on purpose toreduce the competitive edge and tomake it more fun. Let me see now,we had a church, a barn, a bakery, aHansel and Gretel house and theLittle Old Lady that lived in a shoehouse. The shoe house was my sonsgirlfriend, Chellis ingenious idea.Chelli was the only one who wasnt acake decorator by trade. They allturned out gorgeous. We wowed thisquaint little town with our talent thatyear. Great times and greatmemories.Q: Where does your inspirationcome from?Pinterest is my new addiction.I can surf till my hearts contentand my eyes start burning.That is where Im alwayslooking for inspirationand that is where Ifound a similargingerbread globe thatstarted my imaginationrunning for my own version ofa Christmas globe.Follow Kathy on PinterestQ: Tell us about the globe and howyou made itMy search started for 3-D roundbaking pans for the globe. The onlything my search came up with wasWiltons 3-D Sports Ball Pan Set. Itwas only 6" in diameter and I reallywanted an 8" round globe but had tosettle for the 6"pans. I greased theoutside of the pans and draped mycookie dough over the top gingerly(no pun intended!). I then trimmedthe dough a little above the bottom ofthe pans to leave room for it tospread while it baked. I thenused a circle cookie cutterand cut a 1/2 circle fromwhat would be the frontof the globe. Once Idetermined how muchheight I had to workwith inside Idesigned myminiaturechurch.I started with asmall matchbox and builtaround it. It workedperfectly. My personalpreference for shingleson a gingerbread househas always been Neco wafers.To emulate those wafers for myminiature church I found thatsome egg shaped pastelquins, used as sprinkleson cupcakes, fit forthe exact ratio forwhat I wanted for mychurch roof. Thestained glass windowswere cut from whitefondant with a flower cutter I havefrom a Wilton flower making set Ipurchased years ago. I trimmed themdown to size and after they were dry Idrew on the colors of the stainedglass with Wilton edible markers. Thetiny trees around the church weremade from green fondant stuffed upinside a #4 pastry tip. They turnedout to be the perfect size that Ineeded. After they dried I wet themdown and rolled them in Christmascolored nonpareils. The tiny starsatop the trees are also quins.I always wanted to make amini at gingerbread housevillage but couldnever come upwith theperfect>>The wedding cake!
  16. 16. 16ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012>> format to display it. I think Iachieved that with the globe this year.Q: How did you assemble thesnowglobe?So at this point I had 2 half sphereswith a circle cut out of the front. I icedthe inside of both spheres with royalicing to preserve their roundnessfrom the humidity factor and to makethe globe sturdier. The 4" round flatinterior base got iced underneath toofor stability and to keep it fromwarping. Now the tricky part. How tocover the inside seam of the ball soits not so evident there is it two halfsphere when people pier in at thechurch. I wanted a finished lookingbackground for the church. I learneda new trick this year from a webinarclass I watched online. Sheila Milleruses a Dremel tool to sand down theedges of her gingerbread to makethem fit perfectly. So I decided to try itand I loved the results! Even driedroyal icing can be safely sanded withthe Dremel tool. It is now my newfavorite tool for gingerbread. Thespheres fit together well but notperfect enough for me. I decided toadd some snowflake wafers to thebottom half of the globe on the seamedge but I attached them higher thanthe sides so that when the top part ofthe globe was attached the seamwouldnt be obvious to the nakedeye. I then finished decorating the4" inner base with the completedchurch and trees. I sanded offtwo openings on the base to allowthe LED lights to shine through toilluminate the inside of the globeand make the church scene glow.Next, I decorated the outside of thebottom sphere with the scroll workbefore I finished off the inside onlybecause it was just easier to workwith that way. After that all dried Iglued the top sphere to the bottomwith royal icing, the outer seam wasthen covered using a #16 star tip in azig zag design and poinsettias andholly leaves made from gumpastewere used to adorn the globe. Theoutside platform the globe is restingon was made from gingerbreadcookie dough draped over a smallCorelle bowl and baked. It requiredsupport putting the completed globeon it so I filled the inner gap withstacked cookies iced with royal icingfor stability. Ask me how I know to dothis?...Yup, I had to make two.“My first attempt cavedit. The only good thingabout that is you get toeat your mistakes!”I like the look of scroll work ongingerbread. The final touch was myfavorite candy, a Reesey cup on topwith a stringed piece of gumpastestuck in the top to make the globeresemble a Christmas ball.Q: How long did it take?A common question that is hard todetermine. I did try to log my timespent this year but its still only anestimate. Approximately 40hrs wasspent from the designing, the mixing,the rolling, the assembling and thedecorating. All a labor of love,sponsored by my employer KleinsShopRite and donated to TheChesapeake Cancer Alliance for theirannual fund raiser.Q: Did you win a prize for yourcreation?The globe didnt win any ribbons thisyear. Im not sure why. But I got mythanks when the person who won thesilent auction for my church globecame specifically to my store to tellme how much she and hergrandaughter absolutely loved thehouse. It made my day and remindedme of what it is truly all about.
  17. 17. 17ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012www.cakeinternational.co.ukwww.cakemasters.co.ukStarGuestswww.babycakesandrosescakecraft.co.ukClick herefor info
  18. 18. 18ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012Tutorial from Charmainefrom By CharmaineTuto"alChristmas Bauble
  19. 19. 19ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012You  will  need:2  mini  ball  halves  (I  use  the  Wilton  Mini  Ball  pan  and  a  Madeira  cake  recipe)50g  buttercreamSharp  knifePastry  cutter400g  blue  coloured  fondantSpacers2  smoothersPearl  and  Ice  Blue  Luster  DustSmall  bowl  and  large  brush  for  dustingChristmas Bauble TutorialStep  1Trim  the  ball  halves  using  the  top  of  the  baking   pan   as   a   leveller.     Stick   the  two  halves   together   using   some   of   your  buttercream,  use  the  remainder  to  crumb  coat   the   entire   ball   and   place   in   the  fridge  overnight.  Colour   your   fondant  and   wrap   in   cling-­‐film,  place  in  an  airtight  container  or  bag  to  stop  it  drying  out.Step  2Once   your   crumb   coating   is   hard   use  your  spacers  to  roll  out  a  circle  of  fondant  5mm  thick,  lay  over  the  top  of  your  ball.Tutorial from Charmainefrom By Charmaine
  20. 20. 20ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012Christmas Bauble TutorialStep  3Use  the  palms  of  your  hands  to  smooth  the  fondant  around  the  ball,  use  upward  strokes  to  prevent  gathering  creases  at  the  base.    If  you  do  get  creases  then  gently  lift  the  fondant  *do  not  pull*  and  level  out  before  smoothing  back  onto  the  cake.Step  5Use   the   palms   of   your   hands   and   then  the   2   smoothers   to   remove   any   lumps,  bumps  and  creases.     The   weight  of   the  cake   will   create   a   flat   bottom;   help   to  prevent  this  by  placing  the  ball  on  a  soft,  foam  drying   pad   and  moulding   the  very  bottom   edge   under   the   ball   with   your  fingertips.Step  4Gather   the   fondant   at   the   base   of   your  ball   and   use   your   pastry   cutter   to   cut  away  the  excess.Tutorial from Charmainefrom By Charmaine
  21. 21. 21ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012Christmas Bauble TutorialStep  6Mix  up  some  pearl  and  ice  blue  luster  dust  in  a   small  bowl  and  use   a   large   brush   applicator   (I  use   a   clean   make-­‐up   brush)   to  apply  all  over  the  ball  in  circular  movements.Step  7Take   a   small   piece   of   the   fondant   and   roll   into   a  sausage   1.5cm  long,  bend  in   the  middle,  level  off  the  bottom  ends  and  set  aside  to  dry.Roll  the   remaining   fondant  into   a   short,  fat  sausage  and   flatten   both   ends.     Use   the   other   end   of   your  paintbrush  or  a  palette  knife  to  score  lines  around  the  outside   of  the   sausage  then  press   your  ball   tool   into  the   top   to   make   an   indent.     Glue  the   smaller   bent  piece  into  the  indent  to  make  the  hanging  piece.    Mix  a   small   amount   of   gold   luster   dust  and   rejuvenator  spirit  to  make  paint  and  use  the  brush  to  colour  it  all  gold  –  leave  to  dry.To   make   the   bauble   cap  you  will  need:Large   marble   size   piece   of  white  fondant.Gold  Luster  dustRejuvenator  spiritPaint  brushLarge  ball  toolEdible  glue  and  brushPalette  knife  (optional)Tutorial from Charmainefrom By Charmaine
  22. 22. 22ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012Christmas Bauble TutorialStep  8Roll  out  the   florist  paste   on   your  board  and  cut  4   icicles,  use  the  glue  and  brush  to   stick   these   into   position   on   your  bauble   before   they   harden.     Using   a  touch   of   glue   position   your   white   non-­‐pareils  around  the  icicles.    Mix  up  a  pearl  luster   paint   using   the   rejuvenator   spirit  and  paint  the  icicles  to  give  them  a  shine.    Attached  your  dry  bauble  cap  to  the  top  of  the  cake.Step  8Step   back   and   admire   your   finished  creation!Tutorial from Charmainefrom By Charmaine
  23. 23. 23ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012Cookie TutorialsTutorial fromGlorious TreatsTutorial fromBubble and SweetTutorial fromSweetopia
  24. 24. 24ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012Cake NewsShare your news with us!magazine@cakemasters.co.ukOur lovely helper Clare fromMiss Fitz Cakery has abrother in the awesomeband “The Robbie BoydBand”.She got to make somecupcakes with the band’slogo on it and naturally theywere taken with the bandonto the set of ThisMorning! The fabulous GinoD’Acampo and PhillipSchofield ate her cakes andsaid how delicious the cakeswere! Way to go Clare!Some words from Robbie“We made our televisiondebut playing I Wont LetYou Go live on ITVs ThisMorning just before we wenton tour to Argentina, so thatwas an amazing week forus. It was really great tomeet Holly and Phil, and wemet Michael Parkinson too,which was awesome!Apparently 1.3 millionpeople were watching usperform, so for an unsignedband that was prettyincredible exposure! WeGinowithClare’scupcake!The Robbie Boyd Band on This MorningMy name is Deborah Harris from Lincoln, aged 49.Married with 2 children, Liam aged 26 and Danielleaged 23. Grandma to 2 wonderful children - Williamand George.I dont have a cake business as such, but have alwaysbeen interested in making cake and eating them ofcourse!My son Liam, has Cystic Fibrosis. Although Liam hasthis disease, it has never stopped him doing anything.He is married to Nicola and they have a lovely little boyWilliam who will be 3 in January. Liam lives life to thefull, he works full time, plays snooker every week, goesto football matches and in his spare time has done allthe work in his own home mainly on his own, thisincludes, plumbing a new bathroom in, fitting a kitchen,tiling, laying floors and decorating. Liam always givesmore than 100% in everything he does.He has now decided it is his turn to raise much neededfunds for Cystic Fibrosis. Along with a friend with CF,Liam is arranging a Charity Valentines Ball on 9th Feb2013 for Cystic Fibrosis. He is aiming to raise severalthousands of pounds during this evening fromsponsorships, auction prizes and raffle prizes.My part - I have volunteered to make approximately350 cupcakes as a thank you gift for everyone on thenight. In order for me to do this, and in order that wespend as little as possible and raise as much money aspossible, I am asking if there are any kind people outthere that may be able to help with the donation of afew things. I need large cupcake cases (red/pink/silver- to keep in with valentine/CF colours), clear individualcupcake pods to present the cakes in and to enablepeople to take them home undamaged and also thinred ribbon to attach the gift tags to the pods, also anyingredients to make the vanilla/choc cupcakes. Ifanyone has any oddments or spare items they arewilling to donate, that would be fantastic, it doesntmatter how many, any amount would be very muchappreciated.Requestfor help!Liam is also looking for sponsorship for the evening, in theform of event sponsorship, individual table sponsorship, wineand photographer sponsorship. He is also looking for auctionprizes and raffle prizes for the evening.If anyone can help with any of the above requests, or requiresany further info please contact me on 07904 868974 or emailme at deborahharris100@hotmail.comThanks!Deborah and herdaughter DanielleLiam, wife Nicola,son WilliamLiam with hisnephew George
  25. 25. 25ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012NewsThe  Exple)ves  Of  A  Stressed  Out  MumOk,  I  do  cakes  for  people  now  and  then,  and  I’ve  got  4  kids,  yes  it’s  my  own  fault,  I  know.    On  both  counts!  Perhaps  this  piece  should  be  called,  “Just  Say  No!”And  we  tend  to  put  kids  and  cakes  together  in  the  same  head  space  automatically,  mainly  I  guess  because  we’re  usually  making  a  cake  for  a  kid.    But  in  reality,  they  just  don’t  go  together  at  all…well  not  in  my  house.Let  me  explain.Despite  my  best  efforts  to  get  cake  work  done  during  school  hours,  somehow  time  always  beats  me.  “Get  ahead”  I  always  say.  Get  all  the  flowers,  figures  and  other  paraphernalia  that  goes  on  top,  done  and  dusted  in  advance  so  it  has  time  to  dry  out…right?  Yeah.  Right.  But  something  always  crops  up  and  that  usually  means    that  they’re  still  “in  progress”,  and  worst  of  all,  on  display,  when  the  kids  come  in.  Not  good  news.  At  the  crack  of  4pm,  they’re  stampeding  through  the  kitchen  like  migrating  wildebeest,  the  fridge  is  opening  and  closing  like  the  dunnie  door  in  a  high  wind,  there  are  drinks  on  the  go,  they’re  stealing  biscuits,  the  dinner’s  cooking,  the  littlest  is  charging  round  on  his  car  and  in  the  midst  of  all  this,  I  can’t  help  myself!  The  sane  person  would  give  up  and  pack  up.  But  no,  I  have  to  try  to  get  the  decorations  finished!  Lunacy!  So  you  know  what’s  coming,  my  patience  is  tested  to  breaking  point  and  what  goes  on  in  my  head,  most  definitely  cannot  come  out  of  my  mouth.  It’s  a  struggle  sometimes!  This  was  the  chain  of  events  whilst  making  cupcake  toppers  for  my  mum’s  80th.7  year  old  Child:  “Mummy,  can  I  help?”  Me:  (in  my  head)  “You  have  GOT  to  be  kidding”  (out  loud)  “No  that’s  alright  darling,  I’m  just  about  finished  anyway…”  (in  my  head)  “Now  s**  off  and  leave  me  alone  I’m  probably  going  to  be  here  all  night”.  The  first  child  leaves  and  the  next  arrives.4  year  old  Child:  “Playdoh!  I  want  to  do  it”  …(jumps  up  on  a  step  stool  and  grabs  the  nearest  cutter)Me:  (in  my  head)  “No  No  NO!  Get  out  of  it!  …”  (out  loud)    “Here  you  have  this  bit  –  over  there”  (in  my  head)  “and  don’t  you  DARE  come  near  mine!”(Five  minutes  of  tense  peace  til  littl’un  gets  bored  and  trots  off.)7  year  old  Child  (back  again):  “Oooh  that  looks  lovely”…  (fingers  go  straight  into  what  was  perfect  icing.)Me:  (in  my  head)  “The  next  time  you  touch  that  I’m  taking  your  finger  off  with  my  craft  knife”…(out  loud  and  through  gritted  teeth)  “Please-­‐Don’t-­‐Touch!”  (child  leaves  room  on  verge  of  tears  at  this  point)(Distant  snivelling….then  the  arrival  of  the  next  visitor).11  year  old  Child  (boy):  “Mum,  what  are  you  doing?”  There  are  about  40  moulded  flowers  drying  on  the  foam  mat.  Me:  (in  my  head)  “I’m  painting  a  bl***dy  wall,  what  does  it  look  like?”  (out  loud)  “Flowers!?”He  sneezes  over  the  whole  lot,  three  times.Me:  (in  my  head)  “F***  a  doodle  do!  They’re  going  in  the  bin  then,  make  that  another  3  am  finish”  …(out  loud)  “OMG….GET  OUUUUT!”    (Yet  again  child  runs  from  the  room  crying…oooh  nasty  mummy!)I  love  my  children  more  than  anything  in  the  world,  but  kids  and  cakes?….hmm!It’s  taken  a  bit  of  work  to  train  them,  but  they  know  better  now.  Shame  one  of  them  is  missing  a  finger  on  the  right  hand,  but  hey  he  didn’t  want  to  play  piano  anyway.  (Joking!)Michaela  Harris  (Saunders)  is  a  40  something  mother  of  4,  freelance  broadcaster  and  cake  maker.    She’s  spent  the  last  20+  years  working  as  an  announcer/presenter  on  BBC  TV  and  Radio,  as  well  as  voicing  trails,  advertisements  and  corporate  videos.    Originally  trained  as  a  musician  she  plays  piano  and  sings,  currently  appearing  in  a  local  choir,  The  College  Singers.    She  launched  her  new  venture  Michaela’s  Cakes  at  the  beginning  of  the  year.    In  her  spare  time(!)  she  loves  to  garden  and  has  recently  been  dragged  into  a  punishing  fitness  regime  by  her  neighbour.    Favourite  things:    Thai  food,  fast  cars  and  beautiful  shoes,  but  she  never  has  enough  money  for  any  of  these  anymore!NB.  Michaela’s  children  do  still  have  all  their  fingers.Connect  on  FacebookWebsite~  Michaela  Saunders
  26. 26. 26ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012I noticed the otherday, that the baking ingredientisle in my Tesco Extra is startingto look like something out of asugarcraft shop! My local Tesco nowstocks gel colours, lustre dusts, ediblepens, and a fantastic new range ofsprinkles - my favourite has to bethe popping candy, you mustcheck it out!@
  27. 27. 27ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012www.foodieflavours.comwww.sugaricing.comsales@sugaricing.comwww.centreattraction.co.ukcentreattraction@hotmail.co.ukBUY NOW BUY NOWwww.patchworkcutters.co.uk
  28. 28. 28ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012Vintage Bauble Ribbon3m x 6cm£2.99 per reelFrom Floristry WarehouseFinishingTouchesEast of IndiaChristmas Ribbon3m x 1.5cm£2.99 per reelFrom Mollie and FredEDITOR’SPICKPurple and SilversGlitzy RibbonPack of 64m assorted widths£6.99 per reelFrom LakelandGold Ribbon39 different Christmas designs,each reel at a bargain price!3m x 6cmPrices vary £1.35-£1.89From Country BasketsMerry Christmas Ribbon4m x 2cm£2.79From Lakeland
  29. 29. 29ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012BUY NOWBUY NOWBUY NOWwww.thecakedecoratingcompany.co.uk
  30. 30. 30ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012We at Cake Masters have been amazed by some of baking and caking talent outthere and thought that we would end the year in style by awarding severalpeople with awards for their awesomeness.When deciding who was going to win an award, sometimes we found it difficultas there were a few cakes that came to mind, other categories it was easy todecide a clear winner.The awards are our way of recognising great talent and we hope that you join usin congratulating the winners.
  31. 31. 31ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012AwardsCake Pop AwardThere was only one person that stands out from thecrowd when it comes to cake pops...our winner isLou Lou P’s DelightsLou Lou P’s Delights
  32. 32. 32ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012AwardsNovelty Cake AwardA stand out cake of the year for me in terms of howrealistic this cake is. This is one cake that went viralacross the internet getting exposure and recognitionfrom some key players in the cake industry.North Star CakesNorth Star Cakes
  33. 33. 33ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012AwardsWedding Cake AwardThis was a really difficult category tochoose a winner for. We wrestledbetween two other cakes before comingto our decision.After much thought, we had to givethe award to Rosie Cake-Diva.Her cake is simply stunning!RosieCake-DivaRosie Cake-Diva
  34. 34. 34ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012AwardsBest Retailer AwardThere has been one leader out there ingetting new and exciting products intothe cake decorating market.The Cake Decorating Company were thefirst to bring us the fantastic Mat, CakePlay Isomalt and stock great productslike sugarveil, beautiful designermoulds and stencils too.The CakeDecoratingCompanyThe Cake Decorating Company
  35. 35. 35ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012AwardsCupcake AwardA true master of vintage chic designs, the winnercontinues to WOW with beautiful cupcake collectionsfit for a King!Carina’s Cupcakes Carina’s Cupcakes
  36. 36. 36ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012AwardsCreative AwardThere are some bonkers people out there that really testthe boundaries of sugar.However, we were blown away by the creative cakesmade by our winner - not necessary on the outside...buton the inside!One word - FANTASTIC!Cakes and CookiesCupcake WrappersCakes and CookiesCupcake Wrappers
  37. 37. 37ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012AwardsSpecial Mention AwardWe wanted to give a special mention award to NikiTompkinson from Sweet Creations. Her generosity andpure selfless qualities really stood out earlier this year.Niki helped several brides by making wedding cakes forthem with no payment after a company went bankrupt,and all was lost.It is great to know there are some lovely people like youstill about!Sweet CreationsSweet Creations
  38. 38. 38ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012AwardsPersonality AwardThrough Facebook and various blogproviders we have been able to not onlymarvel at your cakes but to also get toknow a fair few of you online.Facebook has become a daily part of lifeand if feels like we meet many of youevery day!We felt that 4 people especially havemade themselves known, not only fortheir cakes, but for their personalities too.Here are our nominations:Allison from Let’s Eat Cupcakesis lovely. We have had theopportunity to meet her severaltimes and she is a bold,passionate, fiery character who isalways smiling.Her style is vintage shabby chicwith twists that keep her designscurrent and fresh. Allison is alovely individual who is selfless inhelping others and does a lot ofthings without commercial gain.Lesley from the Royal Bakery isan online celebrity in my eyes.She has such a great sense ofhumor and not only does shecreate fantastic cakes, she alsoseems to be super at interactingwith every single one of her fans.Lesley has a thriving Facebookpage which continues to growfrom strength to strength.Julie from Kiss Me Cake helpsothers with herYouTube tutorialsfor free. Julie interacts with allher fans and is on hand to helpfellow cakers when in need.Julie has a greatYouTubepersonality and has posted 46tutorials in the past 9 months.Julie’s youtube channel has hadover 125,000 views!Carina from Carina’s Cupcakeshas had a phenomenal year.She is a strong woman whodrives forward withdetermination to achieve what isimportant to her.Carina has expanded herbusiness and stocks a variety ofgoodies for cake decorating.Carina wows with her designsand naturally won gold at CakeInternational at the BirminghamNEC this year.
  39. 39. 39ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012AwardsPersonality AwardOur four nominations are winners in their own right,but we had to pick one.This lady has an infectious personality and great senseof humour. It is a joy to follow her online and we hopeto get to meet you one day, even though we think wealready know you...that isn’t supposed to sound creepy!The personality award goes to Lesley Wright from theRoyal Bakery - Congratulations!The Royal Bakery
  40. 40. 40ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012FeatureChristmasCakingAroundthe WorldChristmas cake; like the well-knownbrand of yeast spread says, youeither love it or you hate it. And byChristmas cake, lets just be clearwhat we are talking about - this isntthe spongy, delicate confection thatI bake most days for my CakeTails.This isnt something remotely light,that you could happily eat 2 or 3slices of and then go hit the gym. Imean PROPER Christmas Cake inthe truest, British sense - thatdense, dark bake, studded with avariety of dried fruits and nuts,layered up with marzipan and anunflavoured classic icing (eitherrolled or Royal), which if consumedtoo quickly or in too great a quantityleaves you feeling like youveconsumed a years worth of caloriesin 3 bites.But whether you love it (I do -though I didnt always) or hate it(like my friend who actually pales atthe thought of having to eat it - "itsjust so...full of...stuff"), one thing weBritish bakers, agree on - andcelebrate - is the incredible historythat is packed into making aChristmas cake. The currentversion emerged - like so many ofour current Christmas traditions - inthe Victorian era, but the tradition ofa dark, fruity cake stretches back somuch farther, to...the originalChristmas treat: porridge.ORIGINS OFCHRISTMAS CAKEPorridge?Yes, porridge. In the 13th and 14thcentury (and forgive me foreternally feeling excited about beingpart of a written history that spansmore than a thousands of years. Itcomes from growing up in a countrythat has less than 500 years of itsown cultural history!), folks treatedthemselves to plum porridge onChristmas Eve. Gradually, variousspices, dried fruits and honey wereadded to make it a treat instead of adietary staple.In the 1500’s, the traditional recipeevolved further, replacing theoatmeal with cake-type ingredients,which was then boiled up into apudding. However as leaveningwas introduced and familiesacquired wealth – as well as accessto spices - through trade and travel,these cakes became a tasty way toshowcase a family’s riches. Therewas also a practical element to theconstruction of these cakes, in thatthey needed to last without dryingout or spoiling. And of course, manysources point to the addition ofspices symbolising the spices in theNativity story from the Bible.But a minor point was that the cakewas actually eaten on Epiphany, 6January, for Twelfth Night, insteadof Christmas day – that is, until the1830s when the Victorians began toemphasise and celebrate Christmasmore than Epiphany. Bakers quicklyshifted their baking to produce thesame Twelfth Night cakes earlier inthe month, which they rebranded asChristmas cakes, decorated withsugar figures and intricate latticeworkAnd nearly 200 years later, we stilleat the same kind of cake, eventhough there is no “definitive”recipe. There are the standardingredients – dried fruit (or “driedflies” as someone posted in abaking forum), nuts, booze, treacle,marzipan, and icing – but evenwithin Great Britain and theCommonwealth, countries havetheir own tweaks to the “traditional”English version.For example, Scottish folks’Christmas cake is a lighter butboozier version known as theWhisky Dundee. Ditto Wales. Andditto Northern Ireland. Ireland – yes,I know my geography – they’re notpart of Great Britain but they AREour closest neighbours – does thesame but with a distinctive >>By Posey Furnish ~ Cake Tails
  41. 41. 41ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012Feature>> decorative style involving greenand red citron/glace cherries to looklike a holly wreath. South Africa, SriLanka, India – anywhere the BritishEmpire was, a traditional Christmascake still remains. EvenScandinavian countries enjoysimilar versions of the EnglishChristmas cake, with slight tweakslike dates added to the mix.However – going back to what Isaid at the start – I came late toliking Christmas cake, and for that, Iblame the scariest and ickiest cakeof them all – American fruitcake. Ifyou have never faced the horror ofhaving to eat it (or even be in itspresence), let me be honest. Youain’t missing anything. Imagine aChristmas cake reinterpreted as analcoholic chewing gum. No, that’sstill not conveying the true tastelesshorror. Imagine a Christmas cakedehydrated and then rehydratedwith whiskey. Lots of whiskey. Andfrozen and thawed a few times. Andsat on. By an elephant.My grandmother, rest her soul, wasfiercely proud of her Scottish rootsand dutifully made a fruitcake everyyear which nobody, not even myadoring grandfather, could bringhimself to eat. In fact, for manyyears, my father and aunt passedone back and forth as a joke gift. Anunfunny joke gift, that is.So imagine my surprise when Imoved here 15 years ago anddiscovered that Christmas cakewas actually a) edible and b)delicious! Marzipan? Royal icing?What’s not to like?However, it got me thinking, is thiswhat all of us who celebrateChristmas eat in December? Arewe collectively munching our waythrough dried fruits and almondsaround the globe? Or – simply put –if you don’t like Christmas cakes,are there any options?The good news for those of youanti-Christmas-Cakers is, yes.In the Philippines Christmas cakecan be a yellow pound soaked inbrandy or rum, a palm sugar syrupand rosewater or orange flowerwater. In Poland they eat piernik, achocolate-coated gingerbread loaf,or makowiec, a poppyseed-stuffedleavened bread. Poppyseedsfeature heavily across Russia, theUkraine and environs as filling foran Eccles cake-like treat.Chocolate features elsewhere, too,in Sachertorte (Vienna) or Buche deNoel (France), which provide furtheropportunities for keen cakedecorators to flex their creativemuscle.But for me, the biggest surprise wasdiscovering Japanese Christmascake. I have a strong affinity forJapanese culture; I adore thequirkier aspects of their art, fashionand entertainment in general. I wastherefore delighted to find out thatonce again, yes, the Japanesehave cornered the market insubverting the Western norm interms of Christmas cake by servinga delicate layered sponge cakepacked with fresh strawberries andwhipped cream. So whilst the restof the world is working to its waythrough the solid goodness of YeOlde Christmas Cake, leave it toJapan to be carefully nibblingsomething light and frothy! (Somefolks also apparently pre-order KFCup to two months ahead for theirmain meal, but let’s not get into thathere.)The bottom line is this – Christmascake is an important part of Britishheritage. So many traditional cakesand baked treats are graduallybeing lost as our culture evolvesand homogenises other countries’ways of eating. Whether or not youpersonally like to indulge in a thickslice, even if only to eat themarzipan or icing (like mystepdaughter does), it is animportant part of our Britishcakemaking heritage, and one thatdeserves to be passed on to futuregenerations. Unlike mygrandmother’s fruitcake (sorry,Grammie King)!Japanese Christmas CakePiernik from Poland
  42. 42. 42ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012Your Local eventsBeaconsfieldHighSchoolThought the Great British Bake Offwas over?Not for students at this school!The  ‘Great   Beaconsfield  High  School  Christmas  Bake-­‐Off’   is  a  hugely   popular   annual  event   where  students  from   the   school   parCcipate   in   entering   their   cakes  to   raise  funds   for   the   school.   The  compeCCon  was  organised  by  local  chef  and  mum  of  a  student  at  the  school  Jo  Ollis,  where  there  were  over  137  cakes  entered  this  year  raising  over  £4,000  for  the  school.The  icing  on  the  cake  was  having  Mary  Berry  at  the  event  to  award  the  prizes  to  the  students  that  won.  The  next  few  pages  will  showcase  some  of  the  winning  designs  and  also  includes  some  words  from  the  winners.If  you  have  a  local  event  that  you  want  to  be  shared  in  this  magazine,  we  would  love  to  hear  from  you!  Email  us  at  magazine@cakemasters.co.uk  
  43. 43. 43ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012GracieOverall winner Year 7-9“I  couldn’t  decide  what  to  do,  so  I  looked  for  ideas  on  the  Internet.  I  decided  to  do  something  with  snowmen  and  the  idea  evolved  along  the  way.  I  really  enjoyed  making  all  the  different  facial  expressions  on  the  snowmen,  making  each  one  special.”“This  summer  we  were  hooked  by  the  Olympics  and  were  thinking  about  how  Christmas  would  be  celebrated  around  the  World  hence  we  created  little  scenes  around  the  cake  from  various  countries,  with  Santa  delivering  present.”Mya & PriyaOverall winner Year 10-13“We  wanted  to  be  inventive  and  creative  and  have  some  lighthearted  fun  so  together  we  came  up  with  idea  of  cute  mice  nibbling  away  at  our  delicious  cake.”Annabelle, Caitlin,Mackenzie and AliaOverall winner Year 10-13Holly & MeganOverall winner Year 9“We  wanted  something  different  and  so  we  created  Santa’s  Workshop.  The  idea  just  came  together  as  we  went  along,  making  all  the  different  parts  using  sweets  and  biscuits  allowed  us  to  get  really  creative.”“I  love  the  idea  of  making  snowmen  and  wanted  to  make  the  cake  colourful  so  decided  to  add  the  roses.”HannahOverall winner Year 11“I  wanted  to  do  something  original  and  that  wouldn’t  take  to  long  to  make.  The  Advent  calendar  was  a  challenge  but  it  was  great  working  on  it.”AngelicaOverall winner Sixth Form
  44. 44. 44ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012Winners with their prizes!Below is Priya and Maya’s cake on display; Mary Berry and Gracie with her prize and competition organiser Jo OllisOther cakes entered into the competition
  45. 45. 45ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012BusinessIn 2010 I returned to work afterthe birth of my fourth child to findmy job role changed from deputymanager to book-keeper and myhours reduced from 30 to 4.Desperate to help my husbandfinancially support our largefamily I took my interest inbaking and started Charmaine’sCupcakes in October 2010. Noformal training or qualificationsand very little experience apartfrom baking for family andfriends meant I spent literally100’s of hours trawling theinternet and watching YouTubevideos to learn the art of bakingand decorating cupcakes whilststill undertaking the roles ofMum and wife!In January 2011 I added GiantCupcakes to our range andtaught myself some sugarcrafting skills, by now I hadstarted to increase my clientbase and was getting more andmore orders. I began attendinglocal events and plucked up thecourage to start taking weddingorders.By June 2011 my confidence inmy products had strengthenedand I felt the need to increasemy client base by finding asuitable method of shippingcupcakes by post – whilstcontemplating this task I cameup with the idea ofdeconstructing a cupcake andreconstructing it in a portablecup with an attached spoon – 2days later the Cup-O-Cake wasborn! After a month of trials wetrademarked it then showcasedthe unique product at a streetfestival where it was very wellreceived, immediatelyafterwards I entered acompetition with Virgin Media totake the Cup-O-Cake to theirVIP Louder Lounge at the VFestival. I overcome my fear ofpublic speaking and travelling onthe underground andsuccessfully pitched to a roomfull of executives winning theopportunity to be part of thefestival.Well the rest is history – sincethat amazing day in July I havere-branded our business to ByCharmaine, been a finalist at theNational CupcakeChampionships in 2011 and2012, had a full page article inthe daily Mirror, met dozens ofcelebrities, journalists and VIP’sand even had a photograph withRupert Grint in OK! Magazine.We have provided our productsand been guests for the VirginMedia Short Film Awardceremony, business festivalsacross the country, the pressevent for 2012 Britain’s GotTalent (Simon Cowell is muchshorter in real life!) and a launchparty for The Only Way Is Essexcast members Sam & BillieFaiers online boutique ‘Minnies’.I’ve personally handed over abox of my cupcakes to the >>We love to know about you andyour business,and to hear howand where you have got to andhow you did.It is amazing how far people havegot with their cake journeys inbusiness and in this issue,Charmaine from By Charmainetells us her story.Charmaine with Alexandra BurkeCharmaine with Rupert GrintSam Faiers with Cup-O-Cake
  46. 46. 46ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012Business>> inspirational Sir RichardBranson and received a kissfrom the man himself! I’ve hadmy products in every majornewspaper and magazine officein London due to a 5th Birthdaypress gift organised with VirginMedia, became a preferredsupplier for them and wasinvited back to the VIP LouderLounge this year to run a tearoom for the guests whichincluded Emma ‘Baby Spice’Bunton, magician Dynamo andKelly Brook, we even got to‘party’ with members of OneDirection on a tour bus andhave a drink with AlexandraBurke in a ‘secret’ bar…….not atypical weekend!The last major event weattended was in Septemberwhere we once again metRichard Branson whilst servingup cakes and sweets at anevent at the Royal Opera Housein Covent Garden.I’ve had an amazing journeyand learnt a great many thingsabout cake making anddecorating as well as workingwith corporate business andgrowing my own business bywatching for new trendsemerging and making my ownmark in the cupcake market.Harry Derbarge with Cup-O-Cake
  47. 47. 47ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012SPECIALCh"#mas CakeShowcasing your Christmas Cakes...Beautifully finished Christmas Cupcakes.There is a delicate nature to designs whichportray true craftsmanship.Carina’s Cupcakes
  48. 48. 48ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012Shereen’s Cakes & BakesFun Christmas designs andloads of tutorials on herfacebook page!
  49. 49. 49ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012Favourite design has to be the snowman,although the sleeping baby is just too cute!Mon Cottage Cupcakes
  50. 50. 50ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012Love the foot prints in the snow!Love is CakeOur front cover stars!Snowmen cupcakesCake by ChantelleCupcake designed by Ella Willow
  51. 51. 51ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012Mulled wine collectionAnother appearance fromShereen’s Cakes and BakesPenguin and Mr & Mrs Claus fromShereen’s Cakes and Bakes
  52. 52. 52ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012Christmas cupcake collection fromVicki’s Cuppa Cakes
  53. 53. 53ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012Beautiful traditional Christmas designsFlutter of FondantFun Rudolph design cupcake fromSift + StirThis design is so cute!Love the sugar ice pieced designedby Sarah Harris
  54. 54. 54ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012Gorgeous decorated cookies fromSweet AmbsRoyal iced snow globesSugar Rush CookiesFlickrWinter scenes fromSmall Things IcedDetailed royal iced embroidery cookiesJulia M UsherJulia  M.  Usher,  Author  of  Cookie  Swap  and  Ul:mate  Cookies
  55. 55. 55ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012Christmas fun from Adore CakeChristmas figuresSweet from ZwolleWe’re walking in the air!Fifi’s CakesChristmas figuresFancy Cakes by LindaChristmas sugar fairyVP Cakes
  56. 56. 56ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012Three tieredChristmas Awesomeness!Let’s Eat Cupcakes
  57. 57. 57ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012Toys at ChristmasCaroline’s Cakes MiddlesexCarol singing snowmen fromVanniny (Spain)
  58. 58. 58ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012T h i s b u s i n e s s h a sawesome designs formacaroons - love theirChristmas offerings!CrumbsMacaroons !Christmas macaroonsBento BakeryWe were fooled by theseones- fake macaroons fordecorations!Pei Li Miniatures
  59. 59. 59ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012White on white classic bauble cakeBebalicious CakesBaubleCollection
  60. 60. 60ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012Christmas Bauble Collectionfrom hobby bakerBrenda Brummitt-BourneChristmas BaublesThe Sweetest Tiers
  61. 61. 61ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012One of my favourites!Elegant design in bold coloursCouture Cakes by Rose
  62. 62. 62ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012Red green and gold Christmas baubleBliss Pastry
  63. 63. 63Beautiful colour combinations finished withsnowflake stencilingFrom hobby baker Sue Wall (McIntyre)ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012
  64. 64. 64ISSUE 4 OCTOBER 2012are you following our boards?Cake Masters Boards