The Silencer Free Chapter


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The Silencer Free Chapter,Tempest Beach Origins The Silencer

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The Silencer Free Chapter

  1. 1. Tempest Beach Origins Short Story Series The Silencer Kathrine Emrick COPYRIGHT First published by South Coast Publishing in Australia in 2012 Copyright © Kathrine Emrick 2012All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced,stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by anymeans without the prior permission in writing of the publisher, norbe circulated in writing of any publisher, nor be otherwisecirculated in any form of binding or cover other than that in whichit is published without a similar condition including this condition,being imposed on the subsequent purchaser.
  2. 2. Chapter OneTommy Marconi doubled back and hid between the buildings. That was too close.The cops had been quick this time and hed nearly been caught. He didnt have agood reason to be here, so it would have been difficult to explain why he was.Getting caught wouldnt be the best way to begin the new year. The beginning ofthe 1960s was also supposed to be the beginning of Tommys new life.He took several deep breaths trying to try and calm himself down. He must begetting old. He couldnt run like he used to do. At the ripe old age of 27 he feltlike he was over the hill. The boss had a couple of younger guys coming upthrough the ranks pretty quickly, which had been making it increasingly harder forhim to keep up with this life.It had taken a lot of work to earn the name The Silencer. He had once beenproud of his accomplishments but that was back in his early days. These days theyounger guys didnt respect him. They even thought that it was stupid to have aspecial name. A fat lot they knew. He used to be able to bring a man to his kneesjust by saying his name. People used to be scared of him. Not any more though.Things were different now. Tommy had seen the writing on the wall andrequested to get out of the business. Getting out was usually impossible. The onlyway you could leave was in a pine box. The boss wasnt too happy with therequest but because Tommy had been loyal to the family for so long he hadreluctantly granted it, with one proviso. One last, very important job.Hed promised the boss this one last job and hed kept his promise. Hedcompleted it successfully so now it was time to get out of town. The hit-manbusiness was a young guys game and had gotten way too hot recently. He couldfeel the heat getting turned way up on him and he wasnt sticking around to getburned. He had everything in place for a quick getaway, all he needed was thedestination.He wiped the sweat from his face with the sleeve of his jacket. His breathing wasnow under control so he figured it would be safe to casually enter the street anddisappear.…................Back at his flat he grabbed a beer from the fridge and sculled it quickly. Hegrabbed another and sat down. His debt to his boss was now paid. It was time tobecome someone else, live somewhere else.He had a couple of places picked out but hadnt decided for sure where to go. Heliked the sound of Tempest Beach. He thought it suited his brooding personality.
  3. 3. What did it matter where he settled down? One place was as good as another. Hehad plenty of cash so he didnt need to get a job straight away. He could evenafford to buy a small house there.He finished his beer and he looked at the bottle thoughtfully. He wondered howhard it was going to be to put his life of crime to one side and start living like anordinary person. He got up and threw the empty bottle in the bin. He walked overto the bed and flipped the mattress.Tommy took a knife from the sheath at his waist and slashed the mattress. A largeenvelope fell out. Hed stashed it in the mattress months ago in preparation forthis day.He slit it open and pulled out the documents from inside. On these papers werethe details of his new identity. He read them slowly taking it all in. As he read thename of his new persona he breathed a sigh of relief. He got to keep the nameTom. He was glad. Hed been worried that with a new name he might screw upbut this was so much easier, thank you boss.He grabbed his already packed bag and stuffed the documents inside. He lookedaround his dingy flat. He would not miss this place one bit. It was time to go andstart his new life.….................Lightning split the sky above as the thunder boomed all around. The wild windslapped Elizabeth Harrisons long, luscious auburn hair around her face, stingingher skin. It was dark. So dark that she could hardly see a thing. The surf waswhipped to a frenzy as the waves crashed to the shore in a deafening roar.She could hear the men in the distance calling for her. The terror she felt at theprospect of them catching her made her feel like she was going to vomit. Howhad it come to this? She wasnt too sure. She hadnt done anything wrong but themen were convinced she was to blame. Sebastian had seen to that.If they caught her she would be dead, for sure. Either literally or figuratively.There was no doubting that. Surely Sebastian wouldnt follow through with histhreat, would he? She wished that she had someone that could help her. But shehad no family left, no husband, no one. She was all alone in the world.She could hear the men getting closer to where she was hiding amongst the sanddunes. She felt the first drops of rain hit her. Big fat drops. This was going to be ahuge downpour, she just knew it. But before she could move and find sheltersomewhere the rain came down in buckets. She could hear the men cursing justup the beach a little way.She had to stay put. If she moved now they would surely see her. She knew shecould never outrun them. They were too big and powerful. As they got closer to
  4. 4. where she was hiding she hunkered down further so that they couldnt see her.She watched as they passed her hiding spot. Sebastians thug Tyrone was leadingthe pack. She shivered at the thought of him getting a hold of her. As they gotdown the beach further away from her she breathed a sigh of relief.Just then a hand slapped across her mouth and she was hauled backwards. Sheslammed into a hard surface. Beth realised that she was being held tight against amans chest. She was unable to scream or move. She tried to squirm out of thefirm hold only to be held tighter.She wriggled trying to find some part of her assailants body to bite, pinch, kick,scratch or punch, if she was able.“Stay still woman, Im trying to help you,” a deep masculine voice rumbled in herear. She shivered. The voice was like pure granite, strong and hard. She stoppedstruggling. Maybe this was the help shed prayed for. The man dragged herbackwards and dropped them both down behind some bushes that were growinghaphazardly among the sand dunes.The blinding rain had drenched the pair of them but there was nothing they coulddo about that right now. They just had to sit it out until the opportunity arose forthem to make their escape.When the men were even further down the beach, her captor said, “If I let you goare you going to scream? I mean you no harm. I just want to help.”He slowly loosened his hold on her. She turned her head to look at him. Herbreath hitched when she looked into his eyes. She was stunned motionless by thedeep brown of his eyes. A strange feeling swept through her. What washappening?…...................................Would you like to read the rest of this FREE book? You can get The Silencerabsolutely free from KathrineEmrick.comThe Silencer: When Tommy decides hes had enough of being a hit man heassumes a new identity and heads to Tempest Beach to begin his new life. Therethings take a turn for the interesting when he meets a woman on the beach whois in dire need of his help.This short story is NOT available anywhere else. Go to….....................................More Books In The Tempest Beach Series:Book One - MissingDirect Link to Amazon:
  5. 5. Soon to be Released:Book Two – ObsessionBook Three – RevelationsVisit the authors website to get updates and extra information about theTempest Beach Series of