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iSource transcription provides cost efficient Radiology transcription services, to Radiologists, Radiology clinics, hospitals,etc (Toll Free 1- 888-571-9069) . Our Radiology transcription services are at incredibly cheap rates, 50% lower than the U.S local markets. We support all kinds of emr dictations. To know more about the quality of our radiology transcription services, make use of our no- obligation 7 day trail offer.

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Radiology transcription services

  1. 1. Radiology transcription services the buzzword in the radiology field. <br />Radiology is a major specialty in medicine, which utilizes the imaging techniques to diagnose as well as treat diseases. The radiologists employ an assortment of imaging technologies such as ultrasound, x-ray radiology, nuclear medicine, computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and positron emission tomography (PET) to diagnose and prepare radiology reports, which are later transcribed by leading radiology transcription services. <br />To provide proper treatment for the patients, the physicians need to receive the radiology reports on time. But whether they receive the reports promptly, is a million dollar question. The clinicians using the service of in-house transcribers were made to wait for long hours to get their reports transcribed. The delays also lead to accumulation of backlogs thereby hampering the documentation workflow of health care providers. All these practical difficulties can be avoided, if one solicits the service of a good transcription service provider.<br />Transcription services save on time and costs.<br />These medical transcription services provide technology enabled transcribing solutions, and deliver error free radiology reports at affordable rates, in a quick turnaround time of 12 hours. This is very much quicker, when compared to the run of the mill services; they deliver the reports after a prolonged wait of 36 hours. <br />The leading medical transcription companies employ adept transcribers on payroll, who are well versed in the nuances of radiology, the lingos, terminologies, etc.These medical transcription experts are very familiar in documenting all types of Radiology emr templates. <br />To streamline the smooth clinical documentation workflow, some of the well-known transcription service provider, integrate their online transcription module with a clinic’s emr. The medical transcription companies depute its team of technical experts, to collaborate with the hospital’s technical team, and establish the VPN (Virtual Private Network) connectivity. This VPN setup facilitates the remote transcribers to log in to the emr and capture the physician dictations, document and place it in the emr for the radiologist’s review. They are also at their own expediency, to e-sign the reports, print or fax it to the patient, referrals or send it for submission to the insurance companies. <br />These transcription services provide HIPAA Compliant radiology transcription servicessolutions at dirt cheap prices. They charge only 10¢ to document a single line of 65 characters. This is in sharp contrast to that of in-house. These mediocre services burden the surgeons with all sorts of miscellaneous expenses and charge a hefty sum of $35 to $ 38 to document a single line of 65 characters. This practical setback made the surgeon to make a beeline to the leading medical transcription service. These companies provide service at reasonable cost thereby minimizing the cost of overheads to a great extent. <br />The foremost services have only transcribers, who have duly signed the HIPAA agreement. The patient clinical information is transferred in their fully secured web systems as HL7 messages. <br />