Self-service B.I.


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  • Point of slide: ToCreate, analyze, and share the information you need to make agile decisions quickly and with confidence. Create reports to share with colleagues seamlessly, make rich digital dashboards across a variety of topics easily, and analyze information to identify business opportunities and respond to market drivers—all with one-click access to the information you need using only a browser. New self-service capabilities enable the users to find and create the information they need and empower IT to centrally manage the system. Report Builder 3.0. Accelerates report creation, collaboration, and consistency by enabling users to create and share reusable report elements in a Shared Component Library. Shared components make it quick and easy to assemble comprehensive business reports in a professional-looking format.PowerPivot for Excel 2010. Users can quickly transform huge quantities of data into meaningful information using familiar Excel software. Excel provides users with flexible layout options, allows them to create pivots, graphs, and add custom headers. It also allows users to share their workbooks using SharePoint.
  • Self-service B.I.

    1. 1. Metro Atlanta Chamber Oct. 18, 2012Microsoft Self ServiceBusiness Intelligence
    2. 2. What’s The Problem Every smart business owner I know says that reporting and data driven insight into their business operations are critical, but they have lots of data and no useable information. | 2
    3. 3. What’s “An” Answer Self-Service Business Intelligence  how you can acquire this new capability  how you can empower the people in your business to use it. Access multiple data sources in your business Bring them all together for analysis Provide insight leading to action | 3
    4. 4. Real World Examples Professional Services Firm  Time & Billing  Real cost vs Reported cost  Improved forecasting Multi-location “franchise-like” entity  Corporate financial system  Local management & control systems  Need for uniform oversight Contoso | 4
    5. 5. An Answer for Contoso Profit % by Category Sales by Channel Year over Year Comparisons | 5
    6. 6. Some Examples for Contoso Tutorial Save 9 Tutorial Save 11 | 6
    7. 7. Business Intelligence StackGet more out of products you already own Familiar User Experience Business User Experience Self-service Access and Insight Data Exploration and Analysis Predictive Analysis Data Visualization Contextual Visualization Integrated Content and Collaboration Business Collaboration Platform Thin Clients Dashboards BI Search Content Management Compositions Data Infrastructure and BI Platform Data Infrastructure and BI Platform Analysis Services Reporting Services Integration Services Master Data Data Mining Services Data Warehousing | 7
    8. 8. Managed Self Service | 8
    9. 9. Self-Service Business IntelligenceGet more out of products you already own Business User Experience Familiar User Experience Self-service Access and Insight Data Exploration and Analysis Predictive Analysis Data Visualization Contextual Visualization | 9
    10. 10. Powerful Personal Analysis ToolsDrive personal productivity and insight Easier navigation with Slicers Improved formatting and charts Microsoft Confidential, Prototype Only | 10
    11. 11. Self-service ReportingEmpower end users to author reportsProvide highly flexible layout options Report Builder 3.0 • Familiar Microsoft Office interface • Intuitive report wizards and reusable report components • Powerful query designer • Flexible layout options with rich visualizations • Support of all data sources, including SharePoint lists and PowerPivot 11 | 11
    12. 12. Rich Visualizations + Power ViewDeliver more insight with geospatial mapping of BI dataChoose the right graphic to illuminate answers and trends Maps Sparklines and Graphs  Mapping, routing, and Databars custom shapes  Integration with Bing Maps  Visualize data within a single cell  Dynamically segment and filter data  Display data using interactive and dynamic PivotChart 12 | 12
    13. 13. What Does It All Mean Empower End User Provide Personal Analysis Tools Rich Visualizations Maps Sparklines Graphs | 13
    14. 14. A Desktop Tool SQL Server Power Pivot for Excel A free add-in for Excel 2010 – operates inside an Excel workbook. Looks like Excel – uses Excel pivot table interface - but is not Excel. Puts a database inside of Excel. Adds a new language for writing “Excel” formulas. Can handle millions of rows and multiple data sources concurrently. Results are shown in pivot tables - pivot charts – dashboards. Size of the workbook is limited by workstation memory. Performs like Microsoft SQL Server based high end analytical tools. Designed for the “power user” – there is a significant learning curve.
    15. 15. Power Pivot Window | 15
    16. 16. Topics to Cover Add data to a Power Pivot Model Create relationships between Tables Create a Calculated Column Create a Hierarchy in a Table Create a PivotTable Create a PivotChart Add Slicers to Pivot Tables & Pivot Charts Create a Measure & KPI Create a Perspective | 16
    17. 17. Demonstration Begin building a solution for ContosoThis would involve loading the model with the tables needed for final production 15 – 20 minutes | 17
    18. 18. Questions & Next Session Discuss “Topics to Cover” More Insight to Contoso Examples | 18
    19. 19. Metro Atlanta Chamber Oct. 18, 2012Microsoft Self ServiceBusiness Intelligence
    20. 20. RoseBud TechnologiesFamily owned business since 1995Serve clients in Atlanta and SoutheastMicrosoft Partner since 2005Microsoft GM Partner of the Year – East Region | 20