Cr Presentation Lrg Aug 24 2011 Final


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London Revenues Group Presentation

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Cr Presentation Lrg Aug 24 2011 Final

  1. 1. What’s really going on? Rose Collin & Carl McGrath CR Market Research 24 August 2011Insight through vision
  2. 2. Agenda• Background to CR• What’s really going on?• The Tower Hamlets experienceInsight through vision
  3. 3. Background to CR• Privately owned full service market research company• Specialising in the public sector• Over 49 different local authority and housing organisation clients, - 9 councils in London• Many longitudinal and additional projectsInsight through vision
  4. 4. Pressure• Everyone wants more from less – Giving better quality from fewer resources – Improving standards at a time of flux – Increasing demands with less time to complete them – You’re asked to deliver more value from anything you spend on• CR will help you deliver on thisInsight through vision
  5. 5. Statistics are brilliant……Call centres can easily measureIncoming call volumes  Question:Abandoned calls  So do you knowCall answering times  what’s happening?ResolutionMonitoring Insight through vision
  6. 6. But what’s really going on?What do they say?How do they say it?How do they deal with people?Do they go through the right process?How do people feel?How happy are customers?Insight through vision
  7. 7. But what’s really going on?Existing techniques:• Mystery shopping … but  Credit/debit cards X  Confidential information X  Real names and addresses X  Council tax/benefits references X  Internal resources required X Satisfaction surveys … but  Self selection X  Staff selection X  Human interaction X  Delayed completion X  Varied expectations X  Varied perceptions XInsight through vision
  8. 8. So what’s the answer?“Call analysis“ Uses ‘Real’ recorded calls with genuine people/issues Recorded calls are securely uploaded onto our systems Random selection of calls Analysed by our highly experienced assessors Flexible assessment process  Our own established system, or  Your own system flows• Requires that you have internal call recording• Successfully completed multiple waves at Tower HamletsInsight through vision
  9. 9. Call AnalysisWhat reports are provided• In-depth reports akin to mystery shopping• Individual call assessments – Name, Date and Time• Top and Bottom 10 calls• Key issues• Issues to Action• Our clients are able to use the results for: • Identifying beacons of excellence • Praise where its due • Staff training needs • AppraisalsInsight through vision
  10. 10. The Tower Hamlets experience• 100/250 calls every six months• Comprehensive reporting• Performance standards to include: – Basic Call Handling – Physical Call Handling – Dealing with the Question – Testing processes• CompetenciesInsight through vision
  11. 11. The Tower Hamlets experience• Report of individual calls assessments• Top and bottom ten calls• Key issues• Issues to action/recommendations• Feedback results and key action points to staffInsight through vision
  12. 12. The Tower Hamlets experiencePhysical Call HandlingInsight through vision
  13. 13. The Tower Hamlets experienceDealing with the QuestionInsight through vision
  14. 14. The Tower Hamlets experienceCompetenciesInsight through vision
  15. 15. The Tower Hamlets experienceSubject breakdownInsight through vision
  16. 16. Insight through vision
  17. 17. Insight through vision
  18. 18. Tower Hamlets - Revs and BensBasic Call HandlingInsight through vision
  19. 19. Tower Hamlets - Revs and BensPhysical Call HandlingInsight through vision
  20. 20. Tower Hamlets - Revs and BensDealing with the questionInsight through vision
  21. 21. Tower Hamlets - Revs and BensCompetenciesInsight through vision
  22. 22. Tower Hamlets - Revs and BensPerformance Competency SummaryInsight through vision
  23. 23. Any questions?Insight through vision