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  • The crystal gateway november calendar & newsletter

    1. 1. November Newsletter & Calendar
    2. 2.          Dear Friends, Hello to November and I am sure it is good to see October to be behind us as a relief to many including myself as I found it quite a struggle to keep on top in the emotion department more than I have in any other month. I wasn’t depressed but found it just wasn’t an easy ask to be in a positive state of mind like I usually do and I know with the energies of the retrograde , the full moon, all the downloads that we were receiving which were wonderful but it was all so much in the month it had me spinning. I was receiving many lessons from above as well, good lessons that I will be passing on in my Teachings in 2014 which will be exciting , so I had to concentrate on these as well so mind was so full of ideas it was difficult to sleep and get enough rest with all this happening. Many of you will be receiving instruction now so it is very important to keep a journal beside your bed to write down whatever you are receiving even if it doesn’t make sense at first, you will be able to put it all together when the right time comes. If you are unsure of your purpose in the coming year , as you get ready to sleep, meditate briefly and ask your guides for your purpose and trust the answer will come ,not necessarily straight away and not in the way you may expect, just know it will be shown to you . You will need to be even more in your heart through November and be balanced while we go through another energy gateway & retrograde, so we have come through October with flying colours so lets just calmly float along this month knowing we can do it and reach out to give a hand to those who may find it harder to cope. As Lightworkers , we shine our light and be the light and love for each other as we approach the New Earth as One praying for Peace on Earth, Love & Blessings to All, May you each have a wonderful month of November, Love & Blessings, Rosalie Muir xo
    3. 3.     11th November – Opening to Channel- Online via Skype Details Saturdays – Every Week Meditation @ Runawaybay – All Welcome –Time 9.30 . Please E-Mail by 6pm Friday if attending. 22nd November - Master Karuna Reiki – Runaway bay Details  Spiritual Iridology by Correspondance which can be started at any time you are ready- details are –  Readings are available by appointment either in person or online via skype , my skype name is roseashm.    Healing also is available by appointment by many modalities listed on the list of “What is available on the Gold Coast & Online.” Namaste
    4. 4.                  All the Courses available online are of course are available in person plus more…………. These are………… Awareness & Enlightenment for those who are starting out on their Spiritual Journey, a very good foundation Course over 9 weeks of self discovery and awakening. Seichem (Spiritual Surgery) & Alignment to your High Priestess & Spiritual Surgeon I teach this including all levels to those who already have been attuned to Master Reiki level only. Lifetimes Kinesiology taught over 2 days All Levels of Reiki at a reasonable investment . Karuna Reiki an advanced Reiki style of healing. Atlantean Healing a course which was channelled to me and is a 16 week course of hands on healing , Initiations & Remembrances, a lot of fun. Spiritual Iridology a 16 week course which is a powerful self discovery journey as well as a wonderful tool to help others as an extra modality in a healing practice. I also am available to do “The Journey” as a healing . Past Life Regression. Gestational Regression. Soul Retrieval. Kinesiology for emotional healing. Readings of different stylesNumerology- Psychic-Palmistry-Medium. Iris Analysis – Spiritual Iridology .