The crystal gateway newsletter & calendar august


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The crystal gateway newsletter & calendar august

  1. 1. The Crystal Gateway August Newsletter & Calendar
  2. 2. Namaste my Friends............ My dear Friends, Again I am going to say WoW! What a month July has been, there is not one person I talk to that isn’t feeling the latest energies in a huge way affecting energy levels. The more I ask within & added to what others are experiencing makes total sense that if our DNA is changing to a higher vibration we are releasing a large part of our old selves which needs acknowledgement and natural grieving of that part of our self that no longer serves us and realise it is time to step up to this new part of us that will grow stronger because of the releases. As this year progresses we will have many moments like these however we will be better equipped to handle them remembering what it was like before and not be upset or angry with those feelings , we need to love and accept that it is part of our growth leading to our ascension to the higher realms. We have much to look forward to so please don’t give up on your Journey which would seem the easy way in the moment but if you can keep the bigger picture in your vision of living and thinking in a higher vibration so you will not feel so hopeless or helpless. We are all in this together so let us pool our resources and aid each other in this powerful transition towards ascension so we can together look back on these times and help those who are just waking up. Love & Blessings Always, Rosalie Muir
  3. 3. Classes/Workshops ........... Local Classes @ Runawaybay Online via Skype August 1st- Gematria (Ancient Egyptian Numerology) 9.3.30-4pm Local 3rd- Sacred Circle- Meditation, Chanting/Channeling 4th Reiki 1 Attunement /Healing Class -9.30-4pm Local 6th Gematria Workshop Online 10am(Aussie time) 7th FREE Meditation on Skype, my skypename is “roseashm” 8th Reiki 1 Attunement/Healing Class 9.30-4pm Local 10th Sacred Circle-Meditation, Chanting/Channeling 11th Reiki 11 Attunements & Healing Class Local 13th Gematria Online Class 2 14th FREE Meditation on Skype 15th Gematria (Ancient Egyptian Numerology) Local 17th Sacred Circle-Meditation, Chanting/ Channeling Local 18th Face Reading Workshop”, learn about a person before they speak, Local 20th Gematria Online Class 3 21st FREE Meditation Online via Skype 24th Sacred Circle, Meditation,Chanting/Channeling Local 31st Sacred Circle, Meditation, Chanting/Channeling Local Contact
  4. 4. Healing & Readings Available Channelled Psychic Readings Reiki/Seichem/Karuna Healing Kinesiology The Journey by Brandon Bays Spiritual Counseling Past Life Vows Removal Past Life Regression Psychic Parties Local @ Runawaybay- Hostess receives a Free Reading Soul Retrieval Session Iris Analysis Contac Or 0755005570 For further details Namaste
  5. 5. I open my arms and embrace your spirit. May your light and loveradiatetoday like a lighthouse on a hill!!