The crystal gateway june newletter & calendar


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The crystal gateway june newletter & calendar

  1. 1. The Crystal Gateway June Newsletter & Calendar
  2. 2. Namaste Lightworker Family Dear Friends, May has sure been trials & tribulations which has come to an end thank goodness. I am sure many of you will agree as I know the changes that have taken place within as well as around us . Many are reviewing their relationships ,all relationships as well as with yourself, the most important one of all as your inner guide & intuition should be your best friend. As long as Joy is being experienced in every moment then you know you are surrounded by the right people otherwise move on or out and find the Joy you so need to live this ascending life. I have noticed more & more awareness of signs & messages are being a 24/7 occurrence so float with the changes without resistance and all will unfold as it does in divine timing. From now on till our house sells and we are moving into our Gypsy lifestyle I will be busy packing, sorting & selling off stuff that no longer serves us, a great feeling to feel the load lifted ..............however my work continues with one day W/Shops, Readings & Healing so be sure to let me know if you need an appointment personally or online.. I will notify you on the changes as they happen and will be taking a 2 week vacation when we start out on our travels I will never be far away no matter where I am, Love & Blessings, Rosalie xo
  3. 3. Workshops/Healing/Readings.. One Day Workshops available are; Reiki (all levels) in person or Online. Seichem in person or Online Gematria (Ancient Egyptian Numerology) Personal Consultations- The Journey Kinesiology Past Life Regression (Gestational Integration) Psychic Channeled Readings. Reiki treatments Seichem treatments Iris Analysis –Spiritual Iridology. Meditation on Wednesdays @ 4.30 @ Runawaybay Meditation on Skype Free Tuesday mornings @ 9am Spiritual Counseling Let me know of your interest for a booking
  4. 4. Isis shares for June.......... Beloved Children of the Light, There are so many Universal Mothers overlooking you all at present ,even more so as the Divine feminine energy has poured upon your Planet as many of you have experienced such a change in your energies. So much awareness coming to the fore giving you the abilities to totally take control of your life & your mission becomes clearer to you like never before. Reach out your hand to those who feel lost & honour their journeys as you know the trials & discombobulating you had to go through to be yourself ,to know who you truly are............ We are all just a call away to be there for you, its not a shame to ask for guidance, how do you think many have got through it all? Simply by asking and then when you do ask it is always given however remember all the answers are inside yourselves and sometimes they are hidden and need some encouragement to be in touch with the God within. Gratitude this month is of great importance as you become grateful to all that is around you ,it leaves room for more abundance to flow in. Please do not be caught up in any fear based happenings for when there is fear , Love takes second place, love for self, nurturing self ,it is your God given right to have all you desire coming from a place of Love & Light. Love is in the air at present so reach out with both hands & rejoice in the knowing that Love is available to all who seek & believe that you are worthy of it.
  5. 5. Isis continues............ As the reach into your divine femininity you will start to remember all those dreams aspirations you have had in your mind to do are start over the last year or two and begin bringing your dreams into fruition as this IS the time to see what you have been manifesting for so long. Stop searching.......... Allow it to become your reality! Allow my nurturing as you proceed through the ascension process, call upon me ,I am here for you with pride of the light so many of you are shining to make a difference! During your ascension you need to flow through the 4th and then the fifth will be in alignment to Divine structure where your path is set in Divine timing to complete your ascension fully within the Divine ego state knowing all will happen smoothly without any effort on your part except for the path of Love. Each day say a little prayer of gratitude for all you have and visualise a pink rosebud within your heart allowing the petals to slowly open to full bloom, this may take a few days or weeks however if you truly focus on the light energy of your heart & feel your heart connecting to the pulse of my heart .you will sure feel my presence and be in Love with your open Heart that will shine out to all you meet. You are all realising who you truly are; the divine light being who is protected and ready for the exciting moments of the multi-dimensional Ascended Master. Namaste, I Am Isis this day 29th May2012
  6. 6. I open my arms and embrace your spirit. May your light andlove radiatetoday like a lighthouse on a hill!! Namaste