The crystal gateway january newsletter & calendar 2013


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Newsletter, Channelled message , Calendar for January

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The crystal gateway january newsletter & calendar 2013

  1. 1. Newsletter and Calendar
  2. 2.  Dear Friends, Happy New Year , I am sure you will all agree it is so nice to say goodbye to 2012 even though so many wonderful things happened last year ,there was also so much speculation on what may happen ……. I personally have felt the new energies that have been downloaded in a very positive way and even a new Healing modality has been channelled to me from above which I am very excited about and when I have the complete knowing of all the benefits I will be able to share with all as I do. I believe this year is going to be a brilliant year of more growth within for us all and look forward to sharing the excitement of this with you. So please stay in touch and I wish you and your family, Love, Peace and Happiness in 2013 , Love & Blessings, Rosalie xoxo E-Mail
  3. 3.  Spiritual Iridology Course Starting this Month 25th January Please Enrol ASAP Eyes, the windows to your soul. Gold Coast, QLD Australia Spiritual Iridology. "The Eyes are the Windows to the Soul" showing Past, Present, & Future issues that can be addressed & changed if you so desire. Firstly what is the difference to Iridology & Spiritual Iridology? The main difference is ; Firstly Spiritual Iridology is based on Chinese Psychology so you will be learning how to Counsel people according to Chinese Psychology weekly you will be doing an analysis on the eyes of a partner after learning the Spiritual, Emotional & Physical reasons for each of the markings. I find this very valuable as by covering the three aspects, you are treating a person holistically. There are specific markings in the eyes showing what you have bought in from past lives to this life to work on which can be released more quickly with this knowledge and understanding . After learning about the markings you will be learning about the Spiritual purpose to each of the organs, no part of the body is missed as the eyes are the window to the Soul which explains perfectly that there is a Spiritual reason for every part of you. You will be on a powerful Healing Journey yourself throughout the Course and then be able to guide your family or Clients if you wish to add this tool to your healing practice, something I use on a daily basis with all the Spiritual work I do. You will also be able to see if there is disharmony in the past, present or future and in which case you are able to deal with it more easily with the necessary tools, becoming preventive medicine. You will be also performing many Healing Modalities along the way for yourself & future Clients or Family. I myself am very passionate about this Course as I healed in an incredible way that cannot be explained by mainstream medicine. I share & Teach by example by showing you that knowledge = power=empowerment=bliss. In conclusion Spiritual Iridology adds another aspect to the wonderful tool of Iridology. Commitment.- 16weeks @ 1 Day per week, Investment -$60 per day 2 weeks deposit which pays for your last 2
  4. 4.  CALENDAR - All Readings & Healing by appointment only . Monday 7th- Readings & Healings -9am-4pm Tuesday-8th- 9am-Free Meditation via Skype ,please add me if you wish to join ,my skype name is roseashm & when you ask, please head it “Meditation” 10am- Healing & Readings Wednesday-9th- Healing & Readings Thursday-10th – 10am- Healing & Readings Friday-11th- 10am- Sacred Circle – Channelled messages, Meditation, Spiritual exercises, Chanting & more, all welcome, lunch to share,-1pm Saturday-12th- Opening to Channel Class 6 9.30am-1pm Monday-14th – Healing & Readings Tuesday -15th- 9am- Free Meditation via Skype – 11am- Healing & Readings Wednesday- 16th -Healing & Readings Thursday -17th -10am- Healing & Readings Friday-18th- Sacred Circle 10am – 1pm Saturday- 19th- Opening to Channel – Graduation Day Class- 9.30 -1pm Saturday 19th- 1.30pm Enrolment for Spiritual Iridology Course Monday 21st- Healing & Readings Tuesday-22nd- 9.30 - Free Meditation via Skype Wednesday-23rd- Healing & Readings Thursday- 24th-10am- Healing & Readings Friday- 25th-10am-Sacred Circle-1pm Saturday-26th- 9.30-Spiritual Iridology 1 Reiki/ Seichem –All Levels to be achieved by appointment .
  5. 5.  Dear Lightworker Family, Many messages have been coming to me from Ra & Isis of late so I will share some with you and hope you enjoy. Firstly Isis, I wanted to share her message verbally with you on audio however her voice was too soft for you to hear so here I go with the words as close as I can remember…….Isis says that we will notice now that we have shifted largely into fifth dimension that many friends & even family may drift away from us ,even surprisingly as there is too much difference between the dimension vibrations to be able to resonate with each other so this we need to understand and not to take it too personally especially if one is very third dimensional minded and you are not. The other thing that may be happening at present which is certainly happening with me personally is that a lot of third dimensional machines equipment etc. is breaking down, same thing, our vibrations are not matching. Isis says it because we have one foot in third dimension and one in fifth and even higher, so please be careful driving or operating machinery, please make sure you are grounding yourself thoroughly. There are many who believe there will be another planet we go to , no, another dimension is what we will be going to however at present we are multidimensional ,in practice you might say until we are ready to be totally in the fifth and higher if you wish, it will be your choice, so do not concern yourself if you have a partner who you dearly love and know he or she is not ready and you do not wish to leave, yes, you have a choice and you will know what to do. Another interesting message she gave us was that there is going to be an unexpected laying down of arms which was all she said so I am no sure whether it maybe the gun laws or peace talks to do with the unrest in Iran or Egypt but whatever or wherever it will be some relief always when there is a laying down of arms. You need to be more accepting and ready for them to show themselves more and less threatened as well as many threats are in place from Humans as you may well know.Ra spoke very intently also about Being instead of Doing as well, balancing our lives for more inner peace. Ra also spoke of learning to centre more and not be distracted whilst you are focusing on meditation so that while you are receiving information or Healing for another you are able to be 100% for the them is of great importance which needs a lot of practice .Ra also sent a gold Ray of Light to all who need Healing and to call upon him at any time as he is watching over many at present. Blessings of Love & Light to All, Rosalie xoxo
  6. 6.  We do not heal the past by dwelling there…….. We heal the past by fully living in the present ….. Only this now moment can set you free ….. As there will never be another moment like this one So make it the best moment of your life. Fill it with Love, Light & Laughter so this Can be your be your creation of life to be. And so it is Namaste Rosalie Muir By Rosalie Muir