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The crystal gateway february newsletter & calendar

  1. 1.  New Course Available this month ; “Lifetime’s Kinesiology” This is a 2 Day Course as shown on the Calendar over 2 Saturdays Kinesiology is quite an ancient healing method for uncovering core issues that the client is unable to recognize themselves and is not apparent in a normal healing consultation. It goes back as far as Atlantis although this is not officially stated it certainly corresponds with the way Atlanteans healed without a word being spoken but by just allowing the body to speak through muscle testing. Kinesiology is the process through which discovering information that is held in the subconscious. Muscle talking is a way the information comes to us as we respond to the body as to what the main concern may be within. There are many Kinesiology courses available and what I am attempting to through my own personal experience is to simplify the process to be an added tool for you to work with. This method that I am sharing is not to replace the expertise of those who have done years of training but to give you a tool to add to your other modalities. If you wish to go and do a more intensive Course the choice is always yours, it’s just I have found the simplistic way of using this Modality.
  2. 2.  Spiritual Iridology The eyes are the windows to the Soul To learn Spiritual Iridology you will be required to commit for 16 weeks, one day per week either on Saturday 16th or Tuesday 19th if suits all better . You will be on a Journey of self discovery and healing as you learn according to Chinese Psychology. The Eyes show everything emotionally, physically & spiritually that is within your body and also whether the dis-ease is in the past, present or future. If it is in the present or future you have the opportunity of turning it around. All the organs in your physical body have a Spiritual Purpose as well as Emotional and to heal holistically all aspects must be considered. There are many natural healing modalities for you to learn for yourself and others throughout the Course. Spiritual Iridology is an important tool not only for yourself and your family but can compliment any other healing service you may offer. You will have your eyes photographed before and after the Course so that you are able to see the amazing differences. Also you will need a professional magnifying glass for studying the eyes which I can purchase at a reasonable price by buying for the whole class. You will receive a Certificate on completion. Requirements Ring Folder with lots of plastic inserts for your notes. Pen & notebook. Magnifying glass. Colour pencils. Iris photo taken in class ,aprox cost $15. $60 per week for 16 weeks. Last two classes paid for as deposit 1 week before beginning course. Willingness to heal & learn. Water bottle & plate to share for lunch. Morning tea provided (coffee/tea/natural teas etc.) Learning will be in a very relaxed personal environment. Venue is 30 Runawybay Ave, Runawaybay, Gold Coast Times-9.30am- 4pm. Enrolment needs to be a couple of weeks ahead which needs to be done in the next week or so .so I can order your magnifying glass. Cost of professional magnifying glass is aprox $80 unless you have one or you can order one yourself. All notes are included. Please e-mail me back or message me on Facebook for more information and securing your place as 8 is the maximum I take in a class and the class will not start unless we have a minimum of 4 as you need that many to learn from. Look forward to hearing from you, Love & Blessings, Rosalie Muir
  3. 3.  Well here we are in the in to the second month of the year and already much has happened as Mother Earth has shown us just how much we are As One what that truly means lol, she is a rockin’& a Rollin just like the emotions of many at present however hang on dear ones as it can only get better. As many have said at present we are coming out of a time of apathy of feeling like its just all too hard to be bothered. Please lets not get too bogged down with this feeling, if we all give in to it then where would we all be, you know some mornings when I wake up and think do I really want to be bothered with doing anything today, it only takes me a minute to think , well, if I don’t & everyone else thinks this and doesn’t , wow! What a mess we would all be in . Come on we all need to pull together even more at this time to gather the courage and strength to help not only each other but also those who are confused, lost and even fearful in these times. The sadness of all the disasters that have happened in QLD of late and other parts of Australia with the fires is enough to send out fears and feelings of lack of survival security with many losing all that they own which I send out Love, Light & Healing constantly as this would be the hardest thing to do , starting all over again especially with children. I am sure there is no need for me to ask to join me on this quest however it would be nice if we made a time especially when we could all make an intent say at 8pm every Friday evening all at the same time to make the prayer of healing more in tense with a group focus, just a thought………. I know it is not only Australia having troubles with climate issues and unrest in Egypt & other countries so we can add them to our prayers of Healing as well, Thank you in advance for those who participate. I would like to mention here again as well about our room we have on The Crystal Gateway which really isn’t being used too much so we are going to start a series of talks , the first one we are going to speak on will be on coping with chronic pin whether it be physical or emotional so please watch the Calendar on site for times and dates & come along if this interests you or you may like to contribute to a in helping in some way please let us know. There will be many Course available this year so look forward to sharing with you in Love & Light, Blessings, Rosalie xooxo
  4. 4. February 2013 Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun28 29 30 31 1 2 3 Sacred Circle Readings 10am-1pm Healings4 5 6 7 8 Sacred Circle 9 10 Meditation Sacred Circle 10am 10am-1pm Lifetime’s Gematria Online via Skype Online Via Skype Healing & Kinesiology 1 Online 9.30am 9.30am Readings11 12 13 14 15 16 17 Gematria 2 Sacred Circle 10am Sacred Circle Enrol –Spiritual Healing & Lifetime’s Online via Skype 10am-1pm Iridology Course Readings Kinesiology 218 19 20 Sacred Circle 21 22 23 24 Gematria 3 Online via Skype Healings & Spiritual Iridology 10am Readings Sacred Circle 10am- Reiki Attunements Class 1 1pm levels ?25 26 27 28 1 2 3 Sacred Circle 10am Healings &Healings & Spiritual Iridology Online via Skype ReadingsReadings Class 2 Healings & Readings at all times by Appointment Only Namaste