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  • The crystal gateway december calendar calendar & newsletter

    1. 1. Newsletter & Calendar
    2. 2.               Dear Friends, Well it has been an exciting month with portals opening with Comet Ison 1 degree close to the sun. The brightest Comet this century and closets to Earth at Christmas, can be seen by the naked eye now, but more visible from Northern Hemisphere. One of the reasons we have been feeling so tired, slow, and not with it a lot of the time is Ison’s presence as it blasts past us and has been prominent in our energy fields from October. Lighting the way for us to be who we truly are, another sign in the heavens and shower bearer of cosmic energies to accelerate our molecules being rearranged even more as we let go, surrender into ourself and allow the transformation to take place. Our cellular structure and nuclei is ready to receive the higher light octaves. There is even more excitement to come on 12 12 13 ; 12 DECEMBER 12-12-13 The number twelve as a temporary vibration means a change of view and waiting period. Where you realise your self imposed limitations and negative thoughts and what they have created and by awareness can set yourself free. You centre into the stillness more. Last year was the day of all the 12 numbers 12-12-12 that rebooted the crystal matrixes that are opening to new Light codings. In the 12th December 1994 the Gateways of Freedom opened, this created a paradigm shift at that time, look at what was happening in your life then? At 12 minutes to 12, to 12 minutes past, noon and midnight are good times to connect. What doorway do you need to open now to be the free being who your truly are? This year is the Nineteenth year since the doorway opened, so you will be onto a new way of expressing your being as you would have freed limitations in the last nineteen years, so new adventures in the book of life come in a more loving, unified way. My wishes for you are the wishes you have for yourself that you have the happiest Christmas and New Year with your Family enjoying all that life has to offer you and more, with Love, Light & Peace to you & Yours, ,Rosalie xoxoxoox
    3. 3.         December 9th – Gematria - Online Every Monday till 23rd December Open to Channel Online. Readings & Healings Online & In Person by Appointment only Contact by e-mail Rosalie Meditation – Saturday Mornings 9.30 All welcome contact first. Free Meditation via Skype Tuesdays 9.30 am contact first New Courses will be available starting in January –stay tuned next page –The Courses available –
    4. 4.                  All the Courses available online are of course are available in person plus more…………. These are………… Awareness & Enlightenment for those who are starting out on their Spiritual Journey, a very good foundation Course over 9 weeks of self discovery and awakening. Seichem (Spiritual Surgery) & Alignment to your High Priestess & Spiritual Surgeon I teach this including all levels to those who already have been attuned to Master Reiki level only. Lifetimes Kinesiology taught over 2 days All Levels of Reiki at a reasonable investment . Karuna Reiki an advanced Reiki style of healing. Atlantean Healing a course which was channelled to me and is a 16 week course of hands on healing , Initiations & Remembrances, a lot of fun. Spiritual Iridology a 16 week course which is a powerful self discovery journey as well as a wonderful tool to help others as an extra modality in a healing practice. I also am available to do “The Journey” as a healing . Past Life Regression. Gestational Regression. Soul Retrieval. Kinesiology for emotional healing. Readings of different stylesNumerology- Psychic-Palmistry-Medium. Iris Analysis – Spiritual Iridology .
    5. 5. I wish to thank you all for the love & support you have given me throughout 2013, and I hope to see you all in 2014 when we have some more exciting classes to share, Namaste