The crystal gateway. calendar & newsetter for november ppt


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The crystal gateway. calendar & newsetter for november ppt

  1. 1. The Crystal Gateway November Calendar & Newsletter
  2. 2. Blessings my Friends, Wow another month gone & what a month it has been with all the changes , the energies and of course Sandy ,East Coast of US. Personally the biggest change for us is that we are no longer selling our house for approximately 2 years as the market is very low at present & obviously I am not meant to go just yet. I am quite settled about this now and will continue to share while I am here . My heart & Prayers go out to all that have had a hard time with the energies & of course for those who have been affected by Sandy. We had a lovely time with family in Tasmania and was thrilled to celebrate Ashley’s Mothers 92nd Birthday with her even though Tassie temperatures was not to my liking. For those who know our family I will link the video that was taken of the party we gave her with Ashley singing to his Mum, she loved it as we all did. My lovely Sister, Michelle took care of our Buddha & Angel while we were away & will be staying with us for a while which is lovely. I am sure you have all noticed the changes within you with the energies giving us a much stronger connection to our Guides & Angels as well as the synchronicities that are happening in our lives. Trust that all is happening is in divine time and allow what is happening instead of going against the current, once you resist it will become harder to cope with. Please stay within your heart space in all that you do & you can’t go wrong as there is no room for 3D worries in the new Earth, this month is the shift into the 4 th Dimension as well as well as the 5th so enjoy the vibrations & higher frequencies you are experiencing. Take care and know with trust you are being divinely guided. I hope you enjoy the 1st Live channeled message from Isis this month as it is the beginning of more to come instead of reading it, Love to you all, Rosalie xo
  3. 3. Isis Message via Rosalie Muir 26-10-12 _zps98e72cb5.mp4.html The above link is for the video of Isis message. _zps98e72cb5.mp4.html This above link is with the family for Mum’s 92 nd Birthday. Enjoy, Love & Blessings, Rosalie xo
  4. 4. Message from Isis Live for the 1sttime........... 26-10-12 _zpsd3acdbce.mp4.html This message from Isis via myself is the first time I have had it in a video format as I thought it may be more personal and it is the 1st time I have seen myself channeling so it’s a first all round. I hope you enjoy, I find it amazing that the messages that were given connected so quickly to all that is happening for us around the globe, not that I haven’t believed in what she says ,it is the most timely message she has given as far as dates are. I am always humbled and blessed by her presence and always feel such love and affection from her, our beautiful Universal Mother . I love her so much, Love & Blessings, Rosalie xo
  5. 5. Calendar for November Wednesday 2nd –Sacred Circle- Channeling, Meditation -10am-1pm. Saturday 3rd – Healing or Readings Monday 5th – Healing or Readings Tuesday 6th -Free Meditation on Skype 9am, Please add me if you wish to join , my skypename is “roseashm” Wednesday 7th –Healing or Readings Meditation @ 4.30 pm-5.30 All welcome Thursday 8th – Healing or Readings Friday 9th – Sacred Circle 10am-1pm Saturday 10th – Gematria (Ancient Egyptian Numerology) 9.30am – 4pm Please book. Monday 12th –Gematria Online which will go over 3 weeks @ aprox 2 hours per week. Tuesday 13th – 9am Free Meditation on Skype. Wednesday -14th –Healing & Readings Meditation @ 4.30 pm All welcome. Thursday 15th –Healing & Readings Friday 16th – 10am -Sacred Circle Saturday 17th –Spiritual Iridology Class 1 if enough Students to start as it is for 16 weeks with a break over Christmas ,please call me or e-mail if you wish to be in it. Monday 19th – Gematria Online Class 2 (Aussie day & time, Us is Sunday evenings. Tuesday 20th – 9am -Free Meditation on Skype Wednesday 21st –Healing & Readings Meditation @ 4.30 All welcome Thursday 22nd - Healing & Readings Friday 23rd – 10am -1pm - Sacred Circle Saturday 24th – Spiritual Iridology Class 2 Monday 26th – 10am -Gematria Online Class 3 Tuesday 27th – 9am Free Meditation on Skype Wednesday 28th – Healing & Readings
  6. 6. Bookings for Classes If you wish to book a Class for Reiki.Karuna or Seichem, all levels, please note that on the days I have Healing & Readings, if I am not booked out on those days I can hold a one day Class so let me know if you do with plenty of notice, Thank you Spiritual Iridology Students need to enroll asap so I can order the magnifying glasses in time for Class, each class is $60 per day with 2 weeks deposit at time of enrolment which will pay for the last two classes. All info about this Class can be found on Facebook under events on The Crystal Gateway page or on site under Workshops @ . Spiritual Iridology Online is 24 weeks @ 4 hours per session with a minimum of 4 Students in the same place. Gematria can be done on other days besides Saturday as long as there is a minimum of 4 Students. I will be starting Opening to Channel Course Online as soon as I have a minimum of 4 Students so please let me know if you are wishing to attend . Namaste Rosalie
  7. 7. Namaste,