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  • The crystal gateway august newsletter & calendar

    1. 1. August Newsletter and Calendar
    2. 2.  Greeting Dear Friends,  Well it has been quite a month we have just come through again with so many different energies changes with the vibrations from the Moon and the alignment of the planets .  These changes have affected each of us in a very different way but all is a positive change bringing forth Heaven on Earth which is what we all are waiting for .  I personally find Meditation is the key to any discomfort I find that arises from these changes so that I can allow my life to flow through them without too much disharmony.  For anyone living local to Runawaybay, I do have Meditation at 4.40 on a Wednesday afternoon at 4.40 if you ever wish to join and I will be holding it on a Saturday once a gain later in the month if Spiritual Iridology does not start as this is the last time I will be offering that Course for the year locally.  The other news is that Sacred Circle will now be held once a month on Fridays at 10am-1pm, all are welcome and it is a circle where you can share channelled messages whether you are a beginner or advanced , we love and invite all.  What can expect at this time? We think that the Key word will be “intensity”. Everything will seem very intense to the point of being surreal. In your personal lives, whatever is still remaining of your old third- dimensional consciousness will need to be removed and replaced by something at a higher vibration. This may be difficult if you have an emotional attachment to the old energies. However, if you simply release and allow the changes, then they can be achieved with the minimum of disruption and hardship. The idea is simply to TRUST the PROCESS and allow whatever needs to happen. ~ Arch Angel Michael  Love & Blessings to you all for August , wishing you good health and happiness, Namaste Rosalie xo
    3. 3.  Dear Beloved Ones , I am Isis,  I know you have come through some very tense times and yet you have been working through them in like no other time as this is like no other time there has  been on your earth.  Many memories have been stirred within you from long ago in the Lemurian & Atlantean era s which is why the impact is felt especially on some of you in your  physical bodies.  As your body processes memories of those times which holds fear of destruction and control in some of your cells that need to be removed by replacing them  with Love & Acceptance which brings back Love & Peace within your Heart which in turn will restore peace on earth , yes, as Oneness returns and each does this,  so world peace is possible.  There is so much connection still with your lives in Lemuria and Atlantis where there was fear, control and separation that it needs to be dealt  with by embracing the memories with Love & Acceptance and removing the duality to create Oneness in your Life.  So many are looking for their Light Body however you already have your Light body , you have been asleep to the real you and now is the time to awaken and say "I Am My Light Body"  each day until you no longer feel separate from your true self "Your Light Body "in the now of Divine Energy.  Once you have fully realised this and have felt the truth within there are many levels of activation's and vibrations your body will intuitively will be guided to go through  to go through to each level of awareness with ease and will be an ongoing process of seeing the divinity within and in those around you as you will find those  who have the same vibration and awareness will be the ones who are drawn to be in your company.
    4. 4.  You will also find you will be more a way shower than before as your Light shines brighter it will attract those seeking the same awareness,  a little like a Lighthouse for those who need to find the way, not your way, but their way , always it must be the way their Soul has chosen but just needs a little  guidance on how to re-member to connect with their Soul's purpose.  Some foundation skills as in Meditation, protection and connection to their own Guides is always a good start for anyone seeking who is new on their Spiritual path.  You will all find your body is changing what it wishes to have as far as food choices now as well so please follow intuitively feels right because it knows best  more than any other time.  Dear Ones, I need you to know you are perfect in every way, Divine Beings of Love and we in the Spirit world are with you in every way so at any time know that you  can call to us for guidance or help or to just be there with you and know that we are , right there beside you , Blessings of Love & Light , I am Isis  Channelled via Rosalie Muir 29th July 2013  Please hare with credits included 
    5. 5.  Spiritual Iridology  The eyes are the windows to the Soul  To learn Spiritual Iridology you will be required to commit for 16 weeks, one day per week either on Saturday 17th August .  This will be the last time this Course will be offered this year.  You will be on a Journey of self discovery and healing as you learn according to Chinese Psychology.  The Eyes show everything emotionally, physically & spiritually that is within your body and also whether the dis-ease is in the past, present or future.  If it is in the present or future you have the opportunity of turning it around.  All the organs in your physical body have a Spiritual Purpose as well as Emotional and to heal holistically all aspects must be considered.  There are many natural healing modalities for you to learn for yourself and others throughout the Course.  Spiritual Iridology is an important tool not only for yourself and your family but can compliment any other healing service you may offer.  You will have your eyes photographed before and after the Course so that you are able to see the amazing differences.  Also you will need a professional magnifying glass for studying the eyes which I can purchase at a reasonable price by buying for the whole class.  You will receive a Certificate on completion.  Requirements  Ring Folder with lots of plastic inserts for your notes.  Pen & notebook.  Magnifying glass.  Colour pencils.  Iris photo taken in class ,aprox cost $15.  $60 per week for 16 weeks.  Last two classes paid for as deposit 1 week before beginning course.
    6. 6. SunSatFriThursWedTuesMon August 2013 313029 1313029282726 25242322212019 18171615141312 111098765 4321 Readings & Healings Sacred Circle 10am Readings & Healings Readings & Healings Meditation on Skype Open to Channel Course Readings & Healings Readings & Healings Readings & Healings FREE Open to Channel Course Meditation on Skype Open to Channel Class Readings & Healings Readings & Healings Spiritual Iridology Class 1 FREE Class 1 ? Open to Channel Course Meditation on Skype Open to Channel Class Readings & Healings Readings & Healings Spiritual Iridology Class 2 FREE Open to Channel Course Meditation on Skype Open to Channel Class Readings & Healings Readings & Healings Spiritual Iridology Class 3 FREE
    7. 7.  All the Courses available online are of course are available in person plus more………….  These are…………  Awareness & Enlightenment for those who are starting out on their Spiritual Journey, a very good foundation Course over 9 weeks of self discovery and awakening.  Seichem (Spiritual Surgery) & Alignment to your High Priestess & Spiritual Surgeon I teach this including all levels to those who already have been attuned to Master Reiki level only.  Lifetimes Kinesiology taught over 2 days  All Levels of Reiki at a reasonable investment .  Karuna Reiki an advanced Reiki style of healing.  Atlantean Healing a course which was channelled to me and is a 16 week course of hands on healing , Initiations & Remembrances, a lot of fun.  Spiritual Iridology a 16 week course which is a powerful self discovery journey as well as a wonderful tool to help others as an extra modality in a healing practice.  I also am available to do “The Journey” as a healing .  Past Life Regression.  Gestational Regression.  Soul Retrieval.  Kinesiology for emotional healing.  Readings of different styles-  Numerology- Psychic-Palmistry-Medium.  Iris Analysis – Spiritual Iridology .