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  • 1. Ibqqz!Ofx!Zfbs Kbovbsz!Dbmfoebs!! Ofxtmfuufs
  • 2. Obnbtuf!nz!Gsjfoet• Namaste, It is with great pleasure to welcome in the New Year, this is the year we have been waiting for..............• I know it has been an incredible journey to reach this year , having withstood many life challenges to bring us to this stage of our life.• However it is now time to bring all our visions and dreams to fruition, how exciting !• Our intent this year must be of a positive intent from the heart leaving our mind in neutral so that the gears of our emotions are versatile in being of a positive nature.• Many changes will occur whether it be your profession, relationship or of a geographical change to where you need to live to be in your highest potential.......you will know when this time comes for all occasions as your heart will lead the way.• I see a world where we understand fully the connection between our physical bodies and our Chakras and work effortlessly to keep them clear, bright and healthy, and this is reflected in our outer shell.• Our minds will be looking to expand our knowledge as we progress not only within ourselves but with those around us because knowledge is power........... An empowerment to create our lives into how we have in the past had as just a dream, a vision of hope .• This will come to fruition on a large scale all over the globe as well as in our personal fields.• Take my hand dear Friends and lets walk softly but purposefully into out Creation of a happy, peaceful fulfilled Life in Joy.• I f you need any assistance ,I am just a phone call or a click away, Love & Blessings, Rosalie xo
  • 3. Calendar for January.Sunday-1-New Years Day.Monday-2-Time Out with Family.Tuesday- 3-Private Consultation for Healing & Readings.Wednesday-4-Private Consultations for Healing or Readings.Thursday-5- Sacred Circle Online via Ventrilo-9am-10.30-11am-Readings or Healing.Friday-6-Private Consultations for Healing & Readings.Saturday-7-9.30am Meditation @ Runawaybay to 11am-12noon-Readings or Healing.Sunday-8-Time Out.Monday-9-Private Consultations for Healing or Readings.Tuesday-10-Free Meditation Online @ Scibblar - Classroom-Link- 9am Aussie time, please check world clock for time conversion http://www.scribblar.com/?r=q2rkxs7Wednesday-11-My Writing dayThursday-12-Sacred Circle Online via Ventrilo-9am-10.30-11am-RSVP for Crystal Awareness.Friday-13-Private Consultations & Readings.Saturday-14-9.30- Meditation @ Runawaybay to 11am-12noon-Healing or Readings.Sunday-15-Time Out.Monday-16-Private Consultations for Healing or Readings.Tuesday-17-9am-Free Meditation Online via Scribblar Classroom, see link above.Wednesday-18- My Writing Day.Thursday-19-Sacred Circle via Ventrilo-9am-10.30-11am-Readings or Healing.Friday-20-RSVP for Opening to Channel Course starting-25th JanuarySaturday-21 -9.30- Meditation @ Runawaybay- 11am RSVP for Awareness & Enlightenment starting 27th January, see details on Site Calendar & Events on Facebook.
  • 4. Dbmfoebs!dpoujovfe/////• Saturday-21-9am-Meditation @ Runawaybay -11am 12 noon- Enroll today for Spiritual Iridology Course- Details & Requirements on the next Page.• Sunday-22-Time Out.• Monday-23rd-Private Consultations-Healing or Readings.• Tuesday-24- 10am-1pm Aussie Day & Time- Crystal Awareness & Healing Workshop- see Details onSite Calendar or Facebook under Events.• Wednesday-25th-Open to Channel Course starts today from 10am-1pm-please see Details on Site Calendar or Facebook under Events.• Thursday-26-9am-10.30am- Sacred Circle via Ventrilo -12noon-Readings or Healing.• Friday-27-Awareness & Enlightenment Course starts today on Scribblar Classroom.• Saturday-28-9am-3.30pm-4pm-Spiritual Iridology Course starts today @ Runawaybay, Gold Coast-Details on next page.• Sunday-29- Time Out.• Monday-30-Private Consultations-Healing or Readings.• Tuesday-31-9am-Free Meditation via Scribblar Classroom-see link on previous page.• All Readings & Healing by appointment only & payment via Paypal before appointment to rosalie_dehmuir@hotmail.com• Looking forward to connecting, Namaste Rosalie
  • 5. Tqjsjuvbm!Jsjepmphz!//////// • Spiritual Iridology • The eyes are the windows to the Soul • To learn Spiritual Iridology you will be required to commit for 16 weeks, one day per week starting Saturday 28th January. • You will be on a Journey of self discovery and healing as you learn according to Chinese Psychology. • The Eyes show everything emotionally, physically & spiritually that is within your body and also whether the dis-ease is in the past, present or future. • If it is in the present or future you have the opportunity of turning it around. • All the organs in your physical body have a Spiritual Purpose as well as Emotional and to heal holistically all aspects must be considered. • There are many natural healing modalities for you to learn for yourself and others throughout the Course. • Spiritual Iridology is an important tool not only for yourself and your family but can compliment any other healing service you may offer. • You will have your eyes photographed before and after the Course so that you are able to see the amazing differences. • Also you will need a professional magnifying glass for studying the eyes which I can purchase at a reasonable price by buying for the whole class. • You will receive a Certificate on completion. • Continued next page please......
  • 6. Tqjsjuvbm!Jsjepmphz!Sfrvjsfnfout!///////• Requirements• Ring Folder with lots of plastic inserts for your notes.• Pen & notebook.• Magnifying glass.• Colour pencils.• Iris photo taken in class ,aprox cost $25.• $60 per week for 16 weeks.• Last two classes paid for as deposit before beginning course=$120• Willingness to heal & learn.• Water bottle & plate to share for lunch.• Morning tea provided coffee/tea/natural teas etc.)• Learning will be in a very relaxed personal environment.• If Paying in full you will receive one free class.• Venue is 30 Runawybay Ave, Runawaybay.• Times-9.am- 3.30-4pm• Enrolment needs to be a couple of weeks ahead so I can order your magnifying glass.• Enrol 21st January @ the latest.• Cost of professional magnifying glass is aprox $80-$90• All notes are included.• Please e-mail me back or message me on Facebook or Rosalie@thecrystalgateway.org for more information and securing your place as 8 is the maximum I take in a class and the class will not start unless we have a minimum of 6 as you need that many to learn from.• Ph. 0755005570• Look forward to hearing from you, Love & Blessings,• Rosalie Muir
  • 7. #Jo!Mbl(fti B!Mb!L(jo#/• J pqfo!nz!bsnt!boe!fncsbdf!zpvs! tqjsju/!Nbz!zpvs!mjhiu!boe!mpwf! sbejbuf• upebz!mjlf!b!mjhiuipvtf!po!b!ijmm""• Xjtijoh!zpv!bmm!b!Xpoespvt!Zfbs-!Mpwf!!Cmfttjoht-! Sptbmjf!• J!nbef!b!Zpvuvcf up!ifmq!cbmbodf!uif!ifbsu!diblsb!dbmmfe! Sptf!Rvbsu{!Nfejubujpo- the link is http://www.youtube.com/user/roseashm?feat ure=mhw4 Enjoy !•