December newsletter & calendar


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December newsletter & calendar

  1. 1. The Crystal Gateway Newsletter
  2. 2. Dear Friends,Wow ! What a month we have all endured through good ole Mercury retrograde.I certainly had many moments of frustrations mainly with 3D stuff, any thing thatcould go wrong with machines, money,technical,etc, it did, so I am so glad it isover.As we have decided to stay where we are now , we have been very busyunpacking 3 years of packing,lol.We are quite settled about the decision now as I know with faith everythinghappens for a reason so Runawaybay remains our home for now which is whatmy Mothers intentions were for us so she is smiling down upon us I know.The veil is so very thin at present so I am finding that our awareness of allthings are stronger than ever so keep your mind as empty as possible as oftenas possible to hear spirit whispering to you.guiding you & healing you.We have all done the hard work on ourselves so its time to reap the rewards ofmore awareness of having our answers and abunddance as we need it all indivine timing.
  3. 3. I hope all of you that have been past & present Students will join us @Runawaybay for our Christmas Party as a social get together and celebrate ourFriendship in Love & Light, Love to you all, Blessings,Rosalie xoxoTo all that distance prevents us being physically together ,may your Christmas &New Year brings much happiness, good health and much Love, Blessings toyou & your Family,Love always, Rosalie & Ashley xoxox 
  4. 4. Sacred Circle 16-11-12
  5. 5. December Calendar1st -Saturday- Opening to Channel Online Class 2 on Skype3rd- Monday- Readings & Healings by Appointment4th-Tuesday- 9am Meditation @ 9am on Skype free, all welcome....5th- Wednesday- Healing & Readings6th- Thursday- Sacred Circle 9am-10am on Healing & Readings.7th- Friday- Sared Circle @ Runawaybay 10am-1pm All Welcome.....
  6. 6. December Calendar8th- Satruday Opening to Channel Class 3 on Skype10th- Monday - Healing & Readings by appointment11th- Tuesday Meditation on Skype Free on Skype @ 10am12th- Wednesday - Readings & Healing13th- Thursday - Sacred Circle on @ 9am14th- Friday - Sacred Circle @ Runaway Bay 10am- 1pm15th- Saturday - Opening to Channel Class 4
  7. 7. December Calendar17th -Monday - Readings & Healings18th -Tuesday - Meditation on Skype Free on Skype @ 10am19th -Wednesday - Readings & Healing20th – Thursday - Sacred Circle @ 10am21st – Friday- Sacred Circle @ Runawaybay 10am -1pm22nd – Saturday - Open to Channel Class 5
  8. 8. December Calendar22nd Saturday - Opening to Channel Class23rd Sunday – Christmas Party BYO plate of Food, Bottle, $5 SecretRunaway Bay from 3pm santa Gift, Swimmers & TowelAll Present & Past Students welcome& Family xoxoxo
  9. 9. Merry Christmas