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  • what a great little snapshot. the item which mentions 'the drug culture' covers quite a bit of what is unhealthy in the community and is a complex and multi-generational issue. It would be interesting to include a Mental Health status piece to the health overview. It would also be interesting to know how many people have health insurance. But all of that is probably another course and YOU are done!!! Congrats.
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  • Click the image to play the closing video. Woodstock a town for all people, hopefully the Spanish speaking residents will move into the circle.
  • Windshield survey woodstock new york

    1. 1. Janine Mower Community Health Nursing Fall 2012
    2. 2.  total population 2010 census- 4851people median age 53 46.7 % male 53.3 % female 91.5 % White 2.1 % Black or African American 4.8 % Hispanic or Latino Other 1. 6 % American Indian, Asian, other
    3. 3. Theatre- Music Performance
    4. 4.  People work in the shops, restaurants and stores, most are open year round. Many full time residents drive to Kingston, about 12 miles one way for employment. Others, drive to Albany or commute to NYC for employment. There are a number of people who work from home.
    5. 5. Model Optics closed in Former Laundromat, now2011 waiting for new use
    6. 6. The former firehouse and It’s taken at least 5 years to begin work on this project due to itstown hall controversial nature
    7. 7. The former Roman Catholic ChapelThe former Comeau residence serves as a community center andserves as town offices senior group meeting place
    8. 8.  Thereis also a 70 acre park near the town office on the Comeau property that is used for soccer, dog walking, hiking, sledding and observing wildlife.
    9. 9. The Playground near the community center There is also a youth center and skate park nearby.
    10. 10. The swimming pool for the summer recreation program The pool was built in the fifties, and is use in July and August for the youth summer recreation program.
    11. 11. The former Methodist Church serves as a movie theatreThroughout the town one finds older school and church buildings now experiencing a new life.
    12. 12. The Woodstock Reformed Church A picture post card scene for over two centuries.
    13. 13. The Shady Methodist Church At one time there were at least 5 Methodist Churches in Woodstock
    14. 14. The Karma Triyana North American monastic seat of His Holiness the Gyalwa Karmapa, the spiritual head of theDharmachakra Monastery Kagyu Lineage of Tibetan Buddhism
    15. 15. Founded in 1986, The Woodstock Jewish Congregation Kehillat Lev Shalem The Rabbi, Jonathan Kligler on the left, uses music to share the message of Judiasm.
    16. 16.  There is also a Roman Catholic and Episcopal Church in Woodstock. The nearest Spanish speaking services are in Kingston, about 12 miles away.
    17. 17. The Shady NY School At one time, there was a one roomschool found in each of the seven the hamlets of Woodstock.
    18. 18. The Woodstock Elementary School The Onteora school district is downsizing due to decrease in enrollment. There is a junior senior high school, and a 4th thru 6th grade building in Boiceville NY, about 15 miles from Woodstock. There is an elementary school in Phoenicia and an elementary school in Woodstock serving grades K – 3 .
    19. 19.  A pre school is located within a mile of the elementary school. Elementary school students walk, are dropped off by parents or arrive by bus. Funding for the crossing guards was cut from town and school budgets. There is little to no graffiti at school.
    20. 20. There is a community built playground at the elementary school.
    21. 21. There is a variety of housing in Woodstock There are about 150 single family homes, built in the 50’s in the Bearsville development. They are considered “ affordable” and currently selling for about $160,000.
    22. 22. There is a popular little league field and playground near by There is also a dog park located to the east of the little league field.
    23. 23. This is an example of a multifamily rental The building is an 18th century single family that has been converted to multi family.
    24. 24. Rental apartments
    25. 25. Homes have also been converted to office space There is a municipal sewer and water district that serves the main part of Woodstock. High speed cable and electric and phone service is readily available in the main part of the village.
    26. 26. All shopping is located in the center of town. There isalso a very popular health food store. One can drive orwalk to a green grocer, about one mile out side of thevillage. There is a Cumberland Farms that advertizesMiller Lite, Budweiser, cigarettes. There are no storesin Woodstock that display signs in any language otherthan English. There is a food pantry and soup kitchenthat is available to all persons in need, no questionsasked.
    27. 27. It has been said, that the funeral home is the most beautiful in the center of town.
    28. 28. Woodstock has three pharmacies This building was the site of a Grand Union Food Store. People must now drive 3 miles to West Hurley to do their food shopping .
    29. 29. Family of Woodstock- any problem under the sun.
    30. 30. Transportation Cars are the most common mode oftransportation. Woodstockers drive onroads maintained by town, county andstate highway departments. State Route212 bisects the town and is a main EastWest state road.
    31. 31. Traffic in Woodstock
    32. 32. The Hurley Ridge Market Located about three miles from the center of Woodstock. This plaza has a bank, liquor store, dry cleaner, grocery store, gas station and there is an optometrist near by.
    33. 33. Many sidewalks are well Caution is required incared for some sidewalk locations
    34. 34.  Bike Racks are located around townThe Ulster County Rural Bicycles are mostTransportation Bus convenient
    35. 35.  Conclusion: Over all, Woodstock has a healthy population. Community health illness is not evident to the casual observer. This is also a relatively safe place, unless one is living on the edge, on the street, and/or the drug culture. The Spanish speaking community is somewhat isolated, therefore are at a different public health risk.
    36. 36.  The town government has yet to think in terms of how to assess or relate to Spanish only speaking residents. It does appear that thought in this direction are occurring within private agencies and local employers.
    37. 37.  References Byrdcliffe KTD Ulster County Area Transit Rural Route Service Woodstock Jewish Congregation Woodstock Playhouse Spanish Family Zip – 2010 census population for Zip code 12498