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  • Good morning. Thank you for choosing our consulting group to prepare your business research.I would like to introduce you my consulting team member.We have be consulting various internationally recognized companies in different industries.Nestle,t-mobile, Panasonic, AIG life insurance etc.According to what we have discussed previously, I would like to present you “The most creative and innovative business models”.
  • First of all, we would like to give you the definition of creativity and innovationin order to give you a clear eye sight on the following information.Then we will provide you the information about the awards and certificate that a telecommunication Thirdly, we have identified 3 most creative and innovative companies from wine, beverage and technology industry to evaluate their specific success criteria.In addition, the most significant future risk they may face to sustain innovationAnd finally, recommendation for your company in future growth.
  • individuals or teams have made a difference to the business or a specific aspect of the business
  • Requirements for specialized service functions such as installation and engineering
  • Thank you once again for choosing Swiss Consulting Group.This is the end of our presentation.May I know do you have any further enquiry?
  • Creative and Innovative

    1. 1. Creative and Innovative Business Models<br />Elmand Chan Wai Hang<br />Charles Lai Cheuk Lam<br />Rosa Lee Ling Yi<br />TapiwaMako-Mushiniga<br />Swiss Consulting Group AG. <br />
    2. 2. Agenda<br />Definition of Creativity and Innovation<br />Awards and Certificate in Telecommunication Industry<br />Most Creative and Innovative Companies from Wine, Beverage and Technology Industry <br />Recommendation for Future Growth<br />2<br />Swiss Consulting Group AG. <br />
    3. 3. Creativity Definition<br />3<br />Swiss Consulting Group AG. <br />
    4. 4. 4<br />Innovation Definition<br />. <br />Swiss Consulting Group AG. <br />
    5. 5. Awards and Certificate<br />IndustryTelecommunication <br />
    6. 6. World Communication Awards<br />Best Brand Award<br />Criteria• Rationale behind choice of media, company or service name/ slogan, etc• Scope and target audience• Stated business objectives• Raised brand awareness and positive impact on market share, valuation or bottom line<br />6<br />Source: World Communication Awards <br />Swiss Consulting Group AG. <br />
    7. 7. World Communication Awards<br />Best Change-Maker<br />demonstrable innovation, creativity and outstanding effort in developing new contracts, partnerships or product/service rollout provider<br />Criteria• the partners involved• objectives• how they were managed and monitored• outcome • evidence of original or innovative approach by individual or team.<br />7<br />Source: World Communication Awards <br />Swiss Consulting Group AG. <br />
    8. 8. Telecom Asia Awards<br />Best Telecom Innovation<br />Criteria- Pioneering work undertaken in the industry- differentiate from the traditional player- create a new, unparalleled service to market<br />8<br />Source: Telecom Asia Net<br />Swiss Consulting Group AG. <br />
    9. 9. 9<br />TL 9000 Certificate <br />Criteria<br />Two-part Quality Management System<br />Telecom industry&apos;s unique extension to ISO 9001:2000<br />Performance measurements based on reliability of product<br />Software development and life-cycle management<br />Requirements for specialized service functions<br />Reporting of quality measurement data to a central repository<br />Source: Telecom Quality Management System Organiztion<br />Swiss Consulting Group AG. <br />
    10. 10. Nintendo<br />IndustryVideo Game<br />OriginJapan<br />
    11. 11. Nintendo Co., Ltd.<br />Founded in 1889<br />Kyoto, Japan<br />Man proposes, God disposes<br />Video Game<br />11<br />Source: Nintendo Official Website<br />Swiss Consulting Group AG. <br />
    12. 12. History<br />Card Company<br />Hanafuda Cards<br />1969 Games Department<br />1975 Video Game with Mitsubishi<br />1983 Famicom<br />Gameboy, N64, NDS<br />2006 launched Wii<br />12<br />Source: Nintendo Official Website<br />Swiss Consulting Group AG. <br />
    13. 13. Wii – New generation of video game<br />1st interaction video game<br />Customers’ sensation<br />Highlight the customers<br />Buck the console trend<br />High involvement<br />13<br />Source: Nintendo Official Website<br />Swiss Consulting Group AG. <br />
    14. 14. Source: Edge Online 2008<br />
    15. 15. Market share after launched<br />15<br />Source: Gamasutra 2008<br />
    16. 16. Risks & Challenges<br />Internal Factors<br />Game design<br />Brain Drain<br />16<br />Source: Nintendo Official Website<br />Swiss Consulting Group AG. <br />
    17. 17. Red Bull<br />IndustryEnergy Drink<br />OriginThailand<br />
    18. 18. Energy Drink<br />Original from: Thailand<br />Original name: KratingDaeng<br />Original Funder : Chaleoyoovidhya<br />Red Bull GmbH owners : Dietrich Mateschitz and chaleoyoovidhya<br />Launch: 1987 officially in Austria market 1992 Germany and Hungary 1995 U.K. 1998 California and U.S.Today more than 100 countries<br />Swiss Consulting Group AG. <br />
    19. 19. Energy Drink Market<br /><ul><li>Today:
    20. 20. Red Bull boasts at least 70% of every national market
    21. 21. 2004 --- red bull sold 1.935 Billion cans
    22. 22. sales rose by 32.3% From 1.261 -1.668 billion Euros.
    23. 23. 50% in USA
    24. 24. 43% in Middle East
    25. 25. 40% in Austrian
    26. 26. 30% Eastern Europe
    27. 27. new subsidiaries in Canada, Turkey, Russia and Romania.</li></ul>Swiss Consulting Group AG. <br />
    28. 28. Swiss Consulting Group AG. <br />Source: The Top 15 Energy Drink Brands ( The beverage industry’s source for product reviews, new& more)<br />
    29. 29. 21<br />Red Bull<br />Successful factors:<br /><ul><li>Strength of Brand image
    30. 30. Intelligent marketing
    31. 31. Grassroots strategy
    32. 32. Events and sponsorship strategy
    33. 33. Simple and strong position
    34. 34. Student brand managers</li></ul>FELIX BAUMGARTNER / CHANNEL CROSSING <br />MOUNTAINBIKE FREERIDE<br />Swiss Consulting Group AG. <br />
    35. 35. Risks & Challenges<br />External Factor<br />Energy Drinks Ban<br />Potential Entrants<br />22<br />Source: Beverage<br />Swiss Consulting Group AG. <br />
    36. 36. Yellowtail Wine<br />IndustryWine<br />OriginAustralia<br />
    37. 37. “Traditional” Wine <br />Company Strategy<br />Wide variety of wine from single vineyard<br />Deliberately high-end priced <br />High input on Marketing<br />Advertisement focus on prestige<br />24<br />Source: Harvard Business Review<br />Swiss Consulting Group AG. <br />
    38. 38. “Traditional” Wine <br />Consumer Opinion<br />Targeted luxury market<br />Confusing and complex<br />Wine descriptions and terminology<br />The shopping experience<br />Lack of clear guidance on what to buy and drink<br />25<br />Source: Harvard Business Review<br />Swiss Consulting Group AG. <br />
    39. 39. Yellow Tail Strategy<br />26<br />Source: Harvard Business Review<br />Swiss Consulting Group AG. <br />
    40. 40. Internal Factor<br />Concentration on 1 market<br />External Factor<br />Imitative strategy<br />Currently facing price war with imitators- e.g. Bronco Wine Co ,California wines<br />27<br />Risks & Challenges<br />Source: Advertising Club of Saint Louis<br />Swiss Consulting Group AG. <br />
    41. 41. Recommendation<br />28<br />Swiss Consulting Group AG. <br />
    42. 42. Swiss Consulting Group AG.Contact Usoffice: +41-79-2835764<br />Elmand Chan Wai Hang<br />Charles Lai Cheuk Lam<br />Rosa Lee Ling Yi<br />TapiwaMako-Mushiniga<br />Swiss Consulting Group AG. <br />