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  • 1. Company ProfileRedesign Your Business. Be Social! June 2012 OPENKNOWLEDGE MILANO  LONDON  SYDNEY  SHANGHAI
  • 2. 1. OpenKnowledge: who we are 2. Credentials and experiences 3. The engagement framework[2]
  • 3. Our mission:Bring the Web 2.0 paradigm and technologies inside the organization We improve business through: employee empowerment customer engagement collaborative innovation
  • 4. Social Business Offering and Practices Employee empowerment Customer engagement Collaborative Innovation • Organizational • Social Customer • Innovation audit Network Analysis Insights • Innovation lab • Networked • Social Media • Idea and Competences and Strategy innovation Performance • Brand Community management Evaluation • Social media • Prediction markets • Social learning marketing • Knowledge • Intranet 2.0 • Social Support creation • Community • Social Sales management management • Workshops & • Social Innovation • Sales Community Training Internal External Eco-system[4]
  • 5. [2010][2009][2007 e 2010][2011] Social Business Forum 4° edition | 1.000+ delegates | 40+ speakers | 30+ case studies International visibility, connections with leading Universities, strong competencies.
  • 6. Our process: end-to-end people-centric projects Business requirements Strategic planning Communication requirements Governance (Formal & Informal Network Analysis & Gap Analysis integration) Benchmarking ROI & KPI Social Media Monitoring/Social Social Network Design Intelligence Project management Communication (2.0) Content implementation Training Software selection Go Live System configuration and Community management integration Social Media Marketing On boarding Pilot Evaluation and tuning Business Case[6]
  • 7. Some of our clientsManufacturingServicesFinancePublic Admin. Comune di Venezia [7]
  • 8. 1. OpenKnowledge: who we are 2. Credentials and experiences 3. The engagement framework[8]
  • 9. Oil&Gas / Knowledge Network Analysis Support processes Daily interaction Personale AFC Direzione Altre (IT, Approvv., ...)PRELIMINARY Results: Efficiency: focus on critical points Knowledge management: top 20 SME unveiled People management: “what if” analysis Performance improvement: the ego-net correlated with best performance Area pozzo Client quote: “You took Core processes Esplorazione Geologia/ Construction Produzione Giacimenti e Downstream e 3 months to understand Ingegneria idrocarburi Geofisica Realizz. Opere petrolifera Resevoir Chimica what I did not in 3 years” Manutenzione HSE •650 respondents /2.000 nodes Unvealing the hidden power of organizational networks: •15 different locations communities, informal collaboration, •3 months project connections-driven results. [9]
  • 10. Intranet 2.0: communication+participation Content Communication •Document and •Company to Employee knowledge mngt Intranet as a business tool Activities Collaboration •self service tools and •Collective intelligence applications Bringing all in one: Intranet 2.0 as enabler for the new organization model and support for different branches integration[10]
  • 11. Bticino LeGrand / Sales Community salespeople salespeopl e Salespeople as a Community of Practice… salespeople Targets:1. Improving communication and support to salespeople 2. Fostering listening to salespeople 3. Develop sharing and mutual support …an open platform shared with other offices [11]
  • 12. Bticino LeGrand / Sales Community From Push to Pull: the proper governance framework The results: Shares growth: 88% in 3 weeks Daily community access via web and mobile devices E-mail usage reduction: 40% 75% of content is UGC after the first year 94% of active users after the first year Key support in integration of newly added sales forces[12]
  • 13. Scottish Water / Collaborative Innovation Employees publish ideas on the social network. Ideas are rated, commented and endorsed by colleagues Challenge: How to produce good ideas and improve service/product[13]
  • 14. Scottish Water / Collaborative Innovation From ideas to action: proposals grow through a funnel supported by experts’ team Best ideas emerge quickly. As do most active and popular employees.[14]
  • 15. [15]
  • 16. A bottom-up catalogue and customer care Goal: promoting the brand through the creation of a new conversational channel, and involving customers on themes related to design and innovation Solution: stimulating and intercepting product related experiences (issues, questions, improvements, suggestions, expectations), conve rsations about different ways of configuring Lago’s furniture, values shared with their target and with resellers Outcome: achieved a larger number of customers at lower costs; collected feedback and ideas for improving product/services; improved the quality of the service and reduced the costs of customer service; stimulated word of mouth[16]
  • 17. Behind the brand community: working with people for people Social Media Marketing is effective and sustainable if integrated with Enterprise 2.0 models [17]
  • 18. Engaging inside in order to engage outsideSustaining the growth of external communities on Open Platforms (Linkedin, Facebook)and engaging the company in the conversations. Define a new marketing model for lead generation, now extended to other communities in EMEA. [18]
  • 19. Engaging inside in order to engage outside Generating creative discussion triggers, increasing vitality and amplification. EMEA and beyond.[19]
  • 20. Participation and business metrics Visibility Engagement Reputation/Influence Action • Traffic from Google • Number of comments • Endorsement and • New leads • Awareness • Subscriptions/Followers recommendations • Participation in the • Share of voice • Ratio post/comments • Reactive posts/retweet events • Sentiment analysis and brand reputation[20]
  • 21. From Listening to Engagement Listen React Engage Listening is the Acting upon Design pro-active starting point of every conversations by strategies to engage initiative. Capture bringing them inside customers. Connect customer the business to “social” activities to conversations in real identify new business objectives time without opportunities intervening[21]
  • 22. Long-lasting branding Talk ATL Campaign ATL Campaign Share Engage Innovate Listen Trigger Long-lasting branding activity The LABhub – a blog on Toshiba R&D[22]
  • 23. The R&D blog Exposing the R&D department to increase the “leading innovation” tagline awareness.[23]
  • 24. Engagement + advertisingEngaging users on R&D topics, enhancing awareness on the “leading innovation” tagline; Exposing products, linking offline branding advertising with the LABhub environment. [24]
  • 25. Monitoring: Autogrill[25]
  • 26. Listen with semantic focus Focus on Facebook - redundancy Un altro gruppo che ha riscosso un notevole successo nei mesi passati è “No ai licenziamenti in Autogrill” con 1020 iscritti (+116 da ottobre). Nel gruppo si affrontano tematiche sindacali e si usano toni anche molto accesi e forti per contestare licenziamenti e tagli del personali operati da Autogrill. Il sentiment del gruppo è negativo. Di seguito gli utenti più attivi di recente all’interno del gruppo: • Davide Molinari: M / 35 anni - “direttore” Autogrill dal 1996 • Davide Mantovani: M / 35 anni - dipendente di Autogrill • Elena Specchio: F / ca 37 anni - dipendente Autogrill, vive a Rozzano • Sara Strozzi: F / ca 30 anni Monitoring is more than numbers:Listening is not just a tech tool at work, our analysts generate semantic and sociological reports. [26]
  • 27. 1. OpenKnowledge: who we are2. Credentials and experiences3. The engagement framework[27]
  • 28. Workplace is changing: the Hybrid Organization Formal Organization Informal Organization Difficult to see and manage! • Hierarchy • Collaboration • Authority • Reputation and • Top-down trust • Command&Control • Bottom-up • Taylor and Ford • Engagement • Atom • Wenger • Bit & Knowledge[28]
  • 29. Formal & Informal learning First in company effort First in employee experience[29]
  • 30. Sustainable and consistent engagement[30]
  • 31. THANK YOU! Web: Blog: Twitter: @openknow Contact: OPENKNOWLEDGE SRL20123 Milano  Via De Amicis, 53MILANO  LONDON  SYDNEY  SHANGHAI