La leggenda di romolo e remo prima parte


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La leggenda di romolo e remo prima parte

  1. 1. The legend of Romefrom ENEA to Romulus and Remus
  2. 2. The journey of Aeneas, from the flames of Troy to the waters of the TiberIl viaggio di Enea, dalle fiamme di Troia alle acque del Tevere
  3. 3. Troia è in fiamme Troy is burningEnea scappa con il padre Anchise e il figlio AscanioAeneas flees with his father Anchises and his son Ascanius
  4. 4. Enea va in Tracia dove regna Polimestore. Aeneas goesinto Thrace where there Polymestor
  5. 5. Aeneas sees the shadow of Polydorus, sent by his father with thetreasure of Troy. The king has killed Polydorus and took thetreasure.
  6. 6. Aeneas goes to Delos oracle. The oracle tells him to find their former homeland Enea think it is Crete, and leaves.
  7. 7. Aeneas dreams of the Penates (familiar spirits) who tell him to go toItaly. Juno ago set off a storm and take refuge on the islandsStrofades.
  8. 8. The Harpies are birds with the face of a woman with sharpclaws. Steal whatever they find and what they can not getdirty.
  9. 9. Aeneas goes in Epirus. Follows the advice of Cassandra andgoes to Sicily. In Sicily, his father died. Aeneas takes the trip to Italy. A terrible storm pushes off thecoast of Africa.
  10. 10. Meet the shadow of his mother Aphrodite, who advises him to go to Dido, Queen of Carthage.Dido welcomes Aeneas.The two fall in love.
  11. 11. Govern together for a year. One day Jupiter sends Mercury andorders him to leave. After the departure of Aeneas, Dido, forthe pain, kills himself. Aeneas starts and reaches the coast ofLazio.
  12. 12. There is a prodigy. Theships turn into nymphs. Aeneas knew that the journey was over. Enea is welcomed by the king of the city of Latin Laurento. The king offers him his daughter Lavinia in marriage.
  13. 13. Lavinia had a suitor, Turnus king of Rutili that offends.Aeneas kills roundwith the help ofthe gods.
  14. 14. Aeneas and Lavinia marry.
  15. 15. ……………. Years went by and the kings. Two brothers: Numitor and Amulius …….
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