How much does a website cost
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How much does a website cost



What determine the cost of website.

What determine the cost of website.



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How much does a website cost How much does a website cost Presentation Transcript

  • How much does a website cost? Every website is different in layout, design, number of pages, features and so on. This makes it impossible to give a fix price for any particular site. Therefore, all web developers use different ways to determine the cost for web design.
  • What determines the cost
    • In the next slide, all these hours and work have to be calculated to quote the exact hours spend on each task.
    • Therefore,it's impossible for a web developer to give you an exact cost for a website price
    • Only rough estimation will be given on a web development cost.
    • No matter you choose a lower or higher priced cost, all these are calculated on hourly rate of man work to determine the cost of a website price.
    • Know exactly what you want, the more you want, the more expensive it'll be, the lesser you need, the lower priced a website cost.
    • General
    • I have an existing web site. (0 Hours)
    • I need a basic blog site. (3 Hours)
    • I need a basic, off the shelf, template based type site set up (6 Hours)
    • I need a completely custom site. (15 Hours)
    • Site Layout Design
    • I do not need any unique graphics designed for this project. (0 Hours)
    • I have all my graphics but they need to be integrated. (3 Hours)
    • I have a template but it needs minor customization. (6 Hours)
    • I have a template but it needs with major customization. (10 Hours)
    • I would like a custom design created for my site. (20 Hours)
    • Other Graphic Features
    • I need some custom graphics made. (4 Hours)
    • I need graphic mouse-over buttons. (4 Hours)
    • I need a few stock photographs integrated. (4 Hours)
    • I need a several stock photographs integrated. (9 Hours)
    • Flash
    • I need a flash menu. (6 Hours)
    • I need a short custom Flash animation (3 Hours)
    • I want my site in Flash a total of pages (5 Hours per Page)
    • I need a Flash banner (4 Hours)
    • Content
    • I will add my content with a content manager (0 Hours)
    • I will supply pages of content in MS Word or other electronic media (3 Hours per Page)
    • I need pages of copywriting done for my content (5 Hours per Page)
    • Public Features
    • Member Registration (6 Hours)
    • Discussion Forums (5 Hours)
    • Auction Interface (8 Hours)
    • RSS News Feeds (5 Hours)
    • Classifieds (6 Hours)
    • Contact Form (3 Hours)
    • Links Page (3 Hours)
    • Site Search (4 Hours)
    • Email Auto-responders (2 Hours)
    • File Uploads (8 Hours)
    • Google Adsense Integration (2 Hours)
    • Ecommerce
    • Simple shopping cart (5 Hours)
    • Database shopping cart (10 Hours)
    • Credit Card Processing (4 Hours)
    • PayPal Processing (3 Hours)
    • Admin Features
    • Off the shelf site Blog (3 Hours)
    • Custom Site Blog (6 Hours)
    • Custom Content Manager (6 Hours)
    • Off the shelf Content Manager (2 Hours)
    • Photo Gallery (6 Hours)
    • Member Administration (5 Hours)
    • Database Reports (5 Hours)
    • Traffic Statistic Reports (1 Hours)
    • SEO
    • MetaTag Keyword Optimization (5 Hours)
    • Search Engine Submission (3 Hours)
    • Minor Link Building (6 Hours)
    • Major Link Building (12 Hours)
    • Press Release Submission (1 Hours)
    • Press Release Writing (4 Hours)
  • 4 Common Web Design Pricing
    • There are four common types of web design pricing used in the industry today.
    • Hourly Rate
    • Project Price
    • Package Rates
    • Per Page Cost
  • Charging Hourly
    • Hourly rate is a very common way for web designers to charge their client.
    • At the end of the day, you really “get what you pay for”
  • Average Hourly Rate
    • Student/Offshore RM15 - RM30/hour
    • Freelancer/Company RM25 - RM75
    • Expert Consultant RM50 - RM250
    • Professional Firm RM75 - RM200
  • Per Project Rate
    • Many web design company will give you a set of package price to choose from. Make sure it's what you want before you proceed on with it. For eg:
    • Number of pages you'll need, text, photos, videos and etc
    • Adding page, editing. Any extra charges for addings and so on
    • Maintenance Fees, Hosting, Domains, Yearly Fees
    • Make sure you have a thorough and complete requirements list before you begin the project. A good design firm will break out each section with a list of features, specification and assumptions for each section of your website. Make sure you get it in writing so you both have clear expectations.
  • Package Rates
    • Many web designers will have pre-made packages that are usually cheaper than a complete custom design website. The drawback with packages is that they are probably going to try and fit your business into a pre-made website that might not have all the bells and whistles a custom site has. Most designers will have a flat package rate then allow you to request customization at an additional charge.
  • Per Page Pricing
    • Some web designers will charge a flat rate per page, this can be as low as RM50 although most experienced designers in the will charge RM100 - RM200 per page.
    • This pricing is usually for basic static brochure web sites that do not require a lot of custom features. The per page price may go down (with a bulk discount) depending on the number of pages you need.
    • Note: For static websites, any editing, adding pages or links or photos in the future will be calculated by hourly rate or per task. It may be lower in cost initially but higher in cost in maintenance in the future.
  • Yearly Fees & Maintenance Fees
    • When budgeting for your site, don't forget to add the yearly cost of :-
    • Domain
    • Hosting
    • Maintenance Fees
  • Average Cost Guide
    • Logo Design:
    • RM100 - RM250+ (Student or Offshore)
    • RM250 - RM1000+ (Professional Designer)
    • Basic Brochure Website:
    • RM500 - RM1000+ (Student / Offshore)
    • RM1500 - RM5000+ (Professional Designer)
    • E-Commerce Website:
    • RM1000 - RM5,000+ (Outsourced Offshore)
    • RM2000 - RM10,000+ (Experienced Developer)
    • Custom Database / Interactive Website:
    • RM1500 - RM15,000+ (Offshore)
    • RM2500 - RM25,000+ (Experienced Developer)
  • Special Thanks
    • Aileenwo from for compiling this slides as well as adding on additional points