Blooms Taxonomy & Planning Cognition In Clil


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Blooms Taxonomy & Planning Cognition In Clil

  1. 1. Bloom’s Taxonomy   & Planning Cogni2on   in clil lessons  © Rosamaria Felip Falcó 2010
  2. 2. Bloom’s Taxonomy  Evalua2 Higher order thinking skills  Crea2ng  on  (HOTS)  Synthesis  Evalua2ng  Analysis  Analysing  Applica2on  Applying  Comprehension  Understanding  Knowledge  Remembering  1956  Lower order thinking skills  2000 Revised by  (LOTS)  Anderson & Krathwohl 
  3. 3. Remembering  Retrieving, recognizing and recalling relevant  knowledge  Describe Locate Distinguish Match Draw Name Find Read Identify Recognize Label Record List Retrieve
  4. 4. Understanding  Understanding informa2on and construc2ng  meaning  Classify Group Compare Infer Demonstrate Interprete Differentiate Outline Exemplify Paraphrase Explain Predict Fill in Represent Find Summarize
  5. 5. Applying  Using knowledge in new situa2ons  Carry out Execute Convert Experiment Demonstrate Implement Differentiate between Prepare Discover Produce Discuss Record Examine Use
  6. 6. Analysing  Breaking material into cons2tuent parts,determining  how the parts relate to one another and to an overall  structure or purpose  Analyze structure Find Attribute Form generalizations Categorize Illustrate Classify Integrate Compare Organise Deconstruct Outline Determine Select Discriminate Structure Evaluate relevancy Transform
  7. 7. Evalua2ng  Making judgments based on criteria and standards  through checking and cri2quing  Accept Hypothesize Argue Interpret Award Judge Check Measure Critique Monitor Defend Reject Detect Test Experiment Verify
  8. 8. Crea2ng  PuVng elements together or reorganizing  them to form something new  Arrange Make  Blend Organize Create Plan Construct Present Deduce Produce Design Rearrange Devise Rewrite Invent Synthesize
  9. 9. Bloom’s taxonomy in the Digital Era 
  10. 10. Programming, filming, animating, videocasting, podcasting, mixing, Crea2ng  producing, publishing, video Blog & videoblog commenting and blogging, wikiing reflecting, posting, moderating, collaborating, networking, testing Evalua2ng  apps & tools Analysing  Mashing, linking, tagging, validating Running and opperating programs and apps, playing, uploading Applying  and sharing, editing Refined searching, blog journaling, twittering, Understanding  categorizing, subscribing, Highlighting, bookmarking, commenting on pages social networking, social Remembering  bookmarking, google-searching Bloom’s taxonomy in the Digital Era 
  11. 11. Bloom’s Taxonomy   & Planning Cogni2on   in clil lessons  © Rosamaria Felip Falcó 2010