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A review2011

  1. 1. THELEPROSYMISSION2011-2012Annual Review leprosymission. org.uk charity no: 1050327
  2. 2. Welcome A devastating 2010 What is What happens Leprosy starts by damaging the condition statistics small nerves in the skin’s surface. Leprosy can also damage nerves in The first outward sign is usually the face. The eyes will not blink South East patches with no feeling. If treated at automatically because leprosy Asia leprosy? this early stage there is unlikely to be damages the eye nerves so that the 156,254 further damage or disability. If left eyelid muscles stop working. The down untreated, leprosy goes on to eyes then become easily damaged 9,861 Having joined The Leprosy supporters through promoting advocacy amongst damage the large nerves in the as they are not protected by the elbow, wrist, knee and ankle. The blinking mechanism which Africa Mission England & Wales university students and exploring how to effectively resulting damage can lead to loss of eventually leads to blindness. 25,345 early in 2011, this was my reach young people with the message of sensation in the hands and feet and Leprosy can also damage the bones down first year as National The Leprosy Mission. The vital role advocacy plays muscle paralysis, which causes of the nose. In time this causes the 3,590 CONTENTS clawed fingers and drop foot. Loss of nose to collapse and flatten. Peter Walker Director and I have been in changing the lives of people affected by leprosy sensation in the hands and feet Americas 3 Welcome visits Anandaban Hospital, Nepal. greatly encouraged by the means it has become an area of growth for the means that everyday activities are 37,740 Introduction from The Leprosy Missions new National Director Peter Walker successes and changes organisation. As well as our continuing concern for fraught with danger – burns go down unrecognised and stones in shoes Treatment 2,734 4 Change I have witnessed in that time. As part of its early detection and care for individuals with unnoticed so ulcers develop, which Leprosy is a disease of our time - a are difficult to heal and may result in Medical and lifestyle interventions W. Pacific Where we work and how commitment to influencing long-term change, The leprosy-associated needs such as reconstructive The Leprosy Mission is evolving disease of poverty caused by a bacillus shortened digits. are essential to prevent disability 5,055 Leprosy Mission has spent the year forging new surgery and ulcer care, we recognise the invaluable called Mycobacterium Leprae (a distant and blindness. Leprosy is curable down 6 Connections partnerships and working on new initiatives that role that advocacy plays in changing the lives of with multidrug therapy but millions 188 The media, providing education relative of the TB bacillus). Most people of people have visible impairments and working with governments promote an holistic way of targeting the sometimes people affected by leprosy. are naturally immune but the majority and many people affected by leprosy horrendous consequences of leprosy. New cases have irreversible disabilities. In 8 Communities Tackling stigma and increasing social Looking to the year ahead, I am excited by what it of people affected by leprosy live in In 2010 there were 228,474 new 2010 there were 13,000 new cases integration cases of leprosy diagnosed – around Whether that means working with mainstream may have in store for us. Late in 2011 it was decided developing countries where resources of leprosy diagnosed where East one every two minutes. 59 per cent irreversible disabilities were Mediterranean 10 Where we work disabled people’s organisations to break down the that our work would focus on 12 key partner are scarce and poverty is widespread, of these were found in India. detected. The 12 countries in which The Leprosy 4,080 stigma surrounding leprosy-affected people, countries. This will enable us to have strong which leads to reduced life expectancy. up 51 Mission England & Wales works empowering communities to speak out against relationships with those partners and makes it 12 Champion discriminatory laws or working with governments easier to monitor progress and overall impact. As Advocacy and challenging discrimination on new solutions, I am confident that progress has we continue to work in these countries in 2012, I Increases in countries 14 Contribute been made and that lives have been changed. look forward to the positive change this will have The supporters making The Leprosy reporting more than Missions work possible for both individuals and communities. Ethiopia Sri Lanka Sudan 1,000 new cases Mozambique Philippines 16 Challenges 2011 was not without challenges and like many during 2010 4,430 1,207 2,041 2,027 2,394 Obstacles and looking ahead other organisations The Leprosy Mission has been (2009: 4,417) (2009: 1,191) (2009: 1,795) (2009: 1,875) (2009: 2,100) impacted by the difficult economic climate at home 18 2011 Finances and abroad. But at the same time we began to Income, expenditure, financial Peter Walker statement and balance sheet reach out to a new generation of potential National Director2 leprosy mission.org.uk The above statistics are based on records for 2010 released by the World Health Organisation on 2 September 2011. leprosy mission.org.uk 3
  3. 3. Change The Leprosy Mission works in 26 leprosy-endemic Saving sight of disabled people’s organisations. Please donate £35 to restore someones eyesight through our Gifts for Life scheme at www.leprosymission.org.uk/ countries globally. In 2011 it was decided The Leprosy Mission is committed to With a broader disability-focused donate/gfl that The Leprosy Mission England & Wales would using its expertise to help general approach, The Leprosy Mission in focus its efforts on 12 countries chosen because of our patients experiencing poverty as well Myanmar is breaking down exclusion existing partnerships there, high levels of poverty and as those affected by leprosy. Our while providing a far more accessible the number of new cases of leprosy being diagnosed hospitals frequently hold eye camps, and available service for people every year. This tighter focus enables clearer where large numbers of people from affected by leprosy. monitoring of projects, and a better overall impact. rural communities come to receive One new focus of our work in surgery for conditions like cataracts Myanmar is training other and glaucoma. In rural areas where Non-Government Organisations HIGHLIGHTS This year, we have worked to there are few public services and (NGOs) on the issue of disability. 1,449 people with become more effective influencers farming and manual labour are the This is helping to raise disabilities and affected of holistic change rather than simply main livelihoods, loss of vision is awareness of leprosy by leprosy were served by Disability Resource delivering services. Through particularly devastating. Without The and promotes social Centres in Myanmar advocating for the inclusion of Leprosy Mission’s work, marginalised inclusion. 4,543 patients people affected by leprosy and people would have no access to the affected by leprosy and disability in government treatment they need and many 8,031 general patients were admitted to programmes and mainstream would be left, at best, with limited The Leprosy Mission development, we can have a greater sight or could lose their sight forever. supported hospitals in India for treatment impact on their lives, reach more 2,875 patients in people and help them to be A disability-focused approach India received eye empowered to change their own Mainstreaming leprosy as a disability surgery communities. issue helps to break down stigma. In the past some countries have not allowed people with leprosy-related disabilities to become members4 leprosy mission.org.uk
  4. 4. ConnectionsAs part of its commitment to ensure its work is Equipping the Through school sponsorship programmes The Leprosy raising awareness about Mission is enablingdriven by the needs of people affected by leprosy, next generation leprosy through Twitter,The Leprosy Mission has increased its support for Through school 779 children to go Facebook and thethe Association for Leprosy Affected People in sponsorship to school leprosyvoice blog. InMozambique (ALEMO). Moving from being programmes, The March 2011 the award-‘implementers’ to becoming ‘influencers’, we are Leprosy Mission is enabling winning Channel 4 currentalso working to support governments to develop children to go to school, affairs series ‘Unreported World’their leprosy control programmes and partnering paying for essentials such as focused on leprosy, featuring Nainiwith like-minded organisations such as the uniforms, books and stationery. In hospital in India. This was anSalvation Army in Bangladesh. countries where poverty forces HIGHLIGHTS excellent opportunity for the public 708 students families to stop sending their children received vocational to learn more about leprosy and why to school, this has a long-term training at five centres our work matters. Choice, dignity the needs of people affected by impact. The Leprosy Mission also in India and integration leprosy in these communities. supports vocational training centres 234 children from a leprosy colony in Our Choice, Dignity and Integration The Leprosy Mission is supporting which are connected to local Nigeria are now project covering 378 villages is members of the project’s 428 self- businesses for work placements. As a accommodated in new classrooms part-funded by the European help groups into independence result of finishing their education, the 521 children in Commission and works with through literacy training and young people are better placed to India received school Learn how your donation of 5,780 of the most marginalised connecting them to banks to support find work, earn money and achieve sponsorship through people in Indian society. The income generation. Part of the their dreams. In addition, education The Leprosy Mission £40 will fund a month’s Leprosy Mission is working with project also involves working to was improved for 234 children in a 2,854 self help worth of vocational training several women’s rights groups foster acceptance and tolerance, leprosy colony in Nigeria when The group members in the helping someone to find a Choice Dignity and to help those who wish to come out which one day will lead to full Leprosy Mission built new Integration project job. Visit www. of the devadasi (temple prostitution) community integration. classrooms. received training in leprosymission.org.uk/ rights and system and change their lives. In 2011 also saw The Leprosy Mission entitlements, book donate/gfl the process, it also addresses partner with the media in new ways, keeping and literacy leprosy mission.org.uk 7
  5. 5. Communities Social integration is a key issue for The Leprosy Mission. One of the main challenges Why not give a community gift that lasts a lifetime? £800 will buy a new house. Visit www. faced by people affected by leprosy is stigma. Often manifested in rejection by family or the local community, it has a huge impact on people’s lives. This is why we take a leprosymission.org.uk/ community-based approach to tackling stigma - promoting friendship, donate/gfl support and integration through self-care and self-help groups. HIGHLIGHTS Leprosy-affected communities also together to improve lives makes 466 people affected tend to struggle with extreme these groups invaluable. They are by leprosy or disability poverty and related problems such also actively educating their in the Gaibanda district of Bangladesh started as poor housing and sanitation, as community on leprosy, to promote their own businesses well as other health issues such early diagnosis and treatment. 248 people as HIV/AIDS. Many of our projects accessed savings and work to address these issues, New livelihoods credit in Nigeria ensuring an impact that really In Bangladesh, the Food Security for 715 people received self-care training in changes lives. the Ultra Poor project is helping Mozambique people to earn a living and feed their Transformation families. Through funding to start through self-care their own businesses, 466 people Ranking a very low 184 out of 187 on now have a regular source of the United Nations’ International income. The Leprosy Mission’s Human Development Index, Members of self-care groups are in intervention in a leprosy colony in Mozambique is a challenging place no doubt about the value of learning Nigeria has meant a savings co- to live, particularly for more how to take care of wounds and operative has been established. vulnerable members of society such prevent further injury. The friendship, Members can now save money and as women, disabled or older people. support and chance to work take out loans to start income generation activities.8 leprosy mission.org.uk
  6. 6. 1 NIGER Communities in Danja are receiving vocational training, literacy classes and education in farming techniques to improve their 7 MOZAMBIQUE Ahiena was diagnosed with leprosy five years ago. After undergoing treatment she is now a member of a group that teaches livelihoods. self-care and owns a plot of land for farming vegetables. 2 NIGERIA Ishola is part of a savings co-operative and has purchased a motorcycle which he uses to provide a passenger taxi 8 INDIA These women have been supported in setting up a milk collection enterprise where they sell milk produced by their buffaloes to service. He can now support his a local dairy. They have been family and send his daughter to delighted with the increase in income. school. 3 NORTH SUDAN Our work in Khartoum State sees communities benefiting 9 NEPAL Seikh has had successful reconstructive surgery on his hand. It was clawed and paralysed but now he can use it again and from better medical care and increased awareness of disability return to school. issues. . 4 SOUTH SUDAN We are hoping to develop new projects in South Sudan during 10 BANGLADESH Parvin attended a tailoring course and was provided with a sewing machine. The clothes she now makes are in high demand the course of the next 12 months. and Parvin earns enough to provide Where for her family. 5 ETHIOPIA Communities are benefiting from improved access to sanitation and safe drinking water, as well as receiving help in developing 11 MYANMAR Mytin is taking medication to cure his leprosy and is also having physiotherapy. In the future we work sustainable livelihoods. he will be supported in finding employment or starting his own business. 6 DR CONGO Children in West Kasai province receive support enabling them to go to school. 12 SRI LANKA Families affected by leprosy, disability and poverty are benefiting from Our 12 countries of focus healthcare, education and training. Awareness-raising helps to reduce discrimination against them.10 leprosy mission.org.uk leprosy mission.org.uk 11
  7. 7. "The Leprosy Mission is the Champion facilitator but it is HIGHLIGHTS people affected by leprosy The Challenging Anti-Leprosy Legislation project in India has made who have to stand in 1,532 people aware of their rights and front and raise entitlements. 565 of these are now accessing benefits such as pensions the flag." and ration cards In 2011 we launched the Leprosy Out Loud! campaign, Increased engagement from UK MPs on leprosy issues through the All Party piloted amongst university students. It highlights the Parliamentary Group for Malaria and human rights abuses faced by people affected by leprosy Neglected Tropical Disease both in the UK and overseas. Leprosy Out Loud! calls Discriminatory legislation (1898 Lepers Act) repealed in Bangladesh people to engage with these issues and speak out. One piece of legislation in the UK with connotations of being Mr Inglay, one community leader which discriminates against people untouchable and dirty. When its who is working with us to mobilise affected by leprosy is included in UK use has been noted in the media, communities to challenge immigration guidelines. The we have contacted the parties discrimination, says, “If you want your guidelines recommend that people responsible to explain our position, rights you have to speak out. The affected by leprosy are refused entry asking them to refrain from using Leprosy Mission is the facilitator but it to the country. The Leprosy Mission it in future. is people affected by leprosy who have has met with MPs to discuss this and to stand in front and raise the flag.” is also part of the All-Party Challenging discrimination Group on Malaria and The Challenging Anti-Leprosy Victory in Bangladesh Neglected Tropical Diseases. Legislation project in India is One example of advocacy having working to advocate against a positive impact in 2011 was the Don’t Call Me A Leper discriminatory laws and empower repeal of the 1898 Lepers Act in Sign up online to the charter and support Our ‘Don’t Call Me a Leper’ leprosy-affected people to speak out Bangladesh. This law had confined our cause at www.leprosyoutloud.org.uk. campaign is encouraging against them. In India, leprosy is people affected by leprosy to You can also ‘like’ us on Facebook by people to be careful with grounds for divorce and having state-run institutions. Now, they searching for Leprosy Out Loud!, their language. The word leprosy can mean people are denied will be able to integrate better ‘leper’ is offensive to a driving licence or prevented from into society and access their rights or follow us on Twitter @H_R_Defender people affected by leprosy, travelling on trains. and entitlements.12 leprosy mission.org.uk
  8. 8. Order your copy of ContributeBlisters and Blessingstoday from TLM Trading NatalieLimited priced at £6. Call0845 166 2253 or visit challenged herselfwww.tlmtrading.com for to change thefurther details. In 2011 we were grateful for the support of the Natalie’s walk of hope world for 1,000 Department for International Development (DFID) for On 30 June 2011, The Leprosy people affected by the Challenging Anti-Leprosy Legislation project in Missions Area Co-ordinator for the leprosy India and like-minded organisations such as South West, Natalie Husk and her Tearfund who funded projects in Myanmar. Likewise dog Toby completed an epic two- our ongoing thanks go to Guernsey and Jersey month sponsored walk covering 630 Overseas Aid Commissions which have supported miles along the length of the South our leprosy work for 25 years. In 2011, they funded West Coast Path. HIGHLIGHTS projects in Bangladesh, Nepal, Niger, and Nigeria. Natalie challenged herself to Over £20,000 change the world for 1,000 people generated through the South West Coast Trust and foundation affected by leprosy by raising money Path Walk partnerships continue to for specially adapted shoes and £92,479 donation make an important prostheses. She was inspired to do from Guernsey contribution to The this after meeting people affected Overseas Aid Commission for Leprosy Missions work and by leprosy at The Leprosy Mission’s three projects, the in 2011 our projects have hospitals in India in 2009. largest ever donation we have received benefited from the Her target was £10,000 – to date from them generosity of, among she has raised more than £20,000. Tearfund funded others, the Vitol Charitable She has also raised awareness about emergency relief Foundation, R Care leprosy as her story was covered in to leprosy-affected communities (Midlands) Limited, and The numerous articles and broadcasts following the Eastern Military & Hospitaller Order including a mention on Radio 2. Shan Earthquake of Saint Lazarus of Natalie kept a diary of her in Myanmar Jerusalem. We look experiences on the walk, and her forward to continuing these writings have been published as partnerships in 2012. a book, Blisters and Blessings. leprosy mission.org.uk 15
  9. 9. Challenges HIGHLIGHTS Increase in the number of online donations we must E-newsletter coverage to 5,900 people find new ways to Government of India has reach out to younger carried out improvements In keeping with the rest of the world and the Another challenge is the fact that to the drainage systems generations to ensure in a leprosy colony in situation for other charities in 2011, The Leprosy despite our faithful and dedicated Mission England & Wales has had to deal with a drop donor base, we must find new ways the future of the The Chhattisgarh after advocacy efforts in income due to the economic downturn. In order to reach out to younger generations Leprosy Mission to prioritise funds some field programmes have had to ensure the continuation of our to close, although we are confident that our new work in transforming lives. Work has focus on 12 countries will enable us to have a better already been done in 2011 – for impact through our current projects. example through the Leprosy Out Loud! Campaign – and new ways of giving online and by text. We are world and, combined with other harnessing social media tools and problems such as malnutrition and will, in the year ahead, engage discrimination, means there is still further with new audiences to seek much work to be done. donations, prayer support, advocacy Our work in India is increasingly partners and new initiatives. focusing on advocacy and empowerment. This includes Overseas aid supporting people in accessing At present, the issue of providing aid entitlements and benefits from the We invite you to to India is a controversial one and Government, helping them navigate transform a life there is concern that India has the through bureaucracy, enabling local today – donate by resources to tackle many of its issues authorities to improve communities, texting JUMA11 itself. The Leprosy Mission recognises and advocating for greater and £amount to that withdrawing aid to India would investment in leprosy services from 70070. mean the poorest people would the government. This is a different suffer. There is more leprosy in India approach to our work in the past and than in any other country in the is proving to be effective.16 leprosy mission.org.uk
  10. 10. Finances 2011 Statement of financial activities Balance sheet at 31 December 2011 Incoming resources 2011 2010 2011 2010 Incoming resources Voluntary income £5,023,704 £5,762,260 Fixed assets: Tangible assets £791,155 £810,377 from generated funds Government grants £381,090 £281,762 Investment assets - - Investment income £11,915 £9,501 £791,155 £810,377 Other incoming Gains on revaluation/ Current assets: Tangible assets – resources disposal of fixed assets properties for sale £280,000 £280,000 for charity’s own use - £15,965 Debtors £379,630 £547,561 Other income £4,000 £4,000 Investments held £2,823 £2,675 Total incoming resources £5,420,709 £6,073,488 Cash at bank and in hand £385,181 £550,186 Resources expended Costs of generating £1,047,634 £1,380,422 voluntary income £1,057,920 £1,092,923 Liabilities: Creditors: amounts falling Investment management due within one year (£89,504) (£598,108) costs £1,413 £1,127 Net current assets £958,130 £782,314 Charitable activities £4,137,248 £5,178,675 Total assets less current Governance costs £67,682 £82,340 liabilities £1,749,285 £1,592,691 Total resources expended £5,264,263 £6,355,065 The funds of the charity: Net incoming/ (outgoing) Restricted income funds, Unrestricted income funds resources before other recognised gains and losses £156,446 (£281,577) Designated Reserve (inc. Gains/losses on reserve in respect of the investment assets £148 (£34,922) value of the tangible This summary financial information is statements have been audited and given allow for a full understanding of the assets) £1,071,155 £1,090,377 Net movements in funds £156,594 (£316,499) not the statutory accounts but has been an unqualified report. Copies of the full financial affairs of the charity. The full General funds £678,130 £502,314 derived from the audited financial statements have been submitted to the accounts, including the audit report, may Reconciliation of funds Total funds brought forward at 1 January 2011 £1,592,691 £1,909,190 £1,749,285 £1,592,691 statements which were approved by the Charity Commission and the Registrar of be obtained from The Leprosy Mission Trustees on Thursday 17 May 2012 and Companies. This summary may not England, Wales, the Channel Islands Thank you for helping us provide essential services and Total funds carried forward at 31 December 2011 £1,749,285 £1,592,691 other financial information. The full contain sufficient information to and the Isle of Man. support in 2011 for people affected by leprosy.18 leprosy mission.org.uk leprosy mission.org.uk 19
  11. 11. leprosymission.org.uk The Leprosy Mission England & Wales, Goldhay Way, Orton Goldhay, Peterborough, PE2 5GZ Tel: 01733 370505 Fax: 01733 404880 Email: post@TLMEW.org.uk The Leprosy Mission England & Wales @leprosytalk leprosyvoiceReg. charity no: 1050327 A company limitedby guarantee reg. in England and Wales no. 3140347