Aet 545 tutorial rosa williams


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UOP AET 545 Tutorial

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Aet 545 tutorial rosa williams

  1. 1. Welcome to the Child Care Data Tracker software tutorial! After viewing this tutorial, you will beable to enter your program data into theTracker software and generate an ACF- 700 report.
  2. 2. The same word is used for both the Username and Password for the software - Tribe.After entering “Tribe” in both fields, you must click the “OK” button to access thesoftware. Tribe Tribe
  3. 3. This is the Main Menu of the Tracker Software.You enter information about the providers who serve your families in the ProviderInformation module, family information in the Applicant information module,information about services in the service authorization module, and you track paymentinformation in the Payment authorization module.
  4. 4. After reviewing this section, users will be able to enter information on their Providers into the Tracker software 95% of the time.
  5. 5. The user can generate the ACF-700 report as well as other reports through the Reportsmenu.You can use the Application Maintenance module to set up the Tracker to fit youradministrative needs and you can generate documents that may be useful for yourprogram through the Administrative Documents module.We will look at the Provider Information module first.
  6. 6. From the Provider Menu you can add provider information, edit information on aprovider already entered in the provider or return to the main menu. To add informationabout a provider, you click the button next to Add Provider Information.
  7. 7. Throughout the Tracker, the Yellow Fields are Required because this is informationnecessary to calculate the ACF-700 report. All other fields are optional. If you do notenter information in a yellow fields you will not be able to move forward.
  8. 8. You must enter information in the Provider Name field, select a setting from the drop-down list, and indicate whether the provider is licensed or not by selecting theappropriate radio button. You can enter additional information in other fields asappropriate.
  9. 9. You must also select the provider’s status from the drop-down list. After the appropriateinformation is entered, click the Save button.Then click the Close button to return to the Provider Information menu.Click the Main Menu button to return the Main Menu.
  10. 10. After reviewing this section, users will be able to enter their families and children into the Tracker software 95% of the time.
  11. 11. From the Main Menu, click the button beside Client Information to enter informationabout your families, including the applicant and the children receiving services.
  12. 12. From the Client Information Menu you have the option of adding new information orediting information previously entered into the Tracker.Click the button next to the Add Client Information to enter information about thefamilies and children receiving services.
  13. 13. Again the yellow fields are the ones that are required. You must enter information aboutthe person who is applying for services, which is usually the parent or guardian.
  14. 14. Enter information about the applicant including the applicants first and last name, thestate in which they live, the family size used for determining eligibility, and the reasonthe family is receiving a subsidy should be selected from the drop-down list.Click the Save Applicant Info button to save the information. You can now click theEligibility/Financial Info button, which prior to saving is deactivated. You will also see aFamily Member Information tab.
  15. 15. Click the Eligibility/Financial Info button and use the drop-down lists to enter theclient’s eligibility period.Enter the client’s income and indicate if it is counted towards eligibility.
  16. 16. After entering all income sources, click the Calculate Income/Co-payment button andsave the information. Then click the Return button to go back to the Client Informationsub-menu.
  17. 17. From the Client Information screen, click the Family Member Information tab. Enterinformation about family members on this tab. For children receiving child care services,be sure to indicate that “Yes” they receive a CCDF Subsidy (use drop-down).
  18. 18. On the family member tab, select the relationship of the family member you are enteringto the client. Then enter information including the name, date of birth, and indicate thatthe child receives a subsidy.Click the Save Member Info button. If you need to add another family member, clickNew Family Member button.
  19. 19. After reviewing this section, users will be able to enter service authorization into the Tracker software 95% of the time.
  20. 20. After returning to the Main Menu, click the Service Authorization button to establish therelationships between the providers and the children that they serve.
  21. 21. From the Service Authorization Menu, you can add or edit a service authorization. Youcan only remove one if you have not associated any payments with it.Click the Add Service Authorization button to add a service authorization.
  22. 22. Select the child’s name from the drop-down list and the provider’s name from the dropdown list. The family’s current eligibility period will show up. (You previouslyestablished the eligibility period in the Client Information module.)
  23. 23. Continue entering information, including whether the care is provided by a relative ornot, the number of hours the child could receive, the CCDF subsidy payment theprogram can pay and select the payment type from the drop-down list.Click the Save button and then click the Close button
  24. 24. After reviewing this section, users will be able to enter information about payments into the Tracker software 95% of the time.
  25. 25. In the Payment Authorization module, you will track the payments that have been madeon behalf of your families and children.From the Main Menu, click the Payment Authorization button.
  26. 26. Here you have the option of authorizing payments that are current or in the past.You can also View any payments whether past, current, or future.Click the Authorize Payments button to authorize payments. Only authorized paymentswill be counted towards the ACF-700 report. You want to make sure that you indicate allpayments that have been made for your families.
  27. 27. Enter a date in the Payment Date field to authorize a payment. You should modify the hours andpayment as appropriate depending upon the number of hours of care the child received and theassociated CCDF payment.
  28. 28. After a Payment record has a date in the payment date column, the Authorized columnwill read Yes. After you authorize all payments your program made during the year, youcan generate a report based on that information for the fiscal year.After authorizing all payments, click the Close button and then click the Main Menubutton.
  29. 29. After you have entered all payments, you can generate the ACF-700 report.From the main menu, click the Reports button to access the Reports menu.
  30. 30. After reviewing this section, users will be able to generate an ACF-700 report 100% of the time.
  31. 31. The first option on the Reports menu is to generate the ACF-700 report.Click the button to access the ACF-700 report.
  32. 32. Select the ACF-700 Report, the fiscal year or desired period and View/Print to Open theACF-700 report.
  33. 33. Your ACF-700 report will look similar to the report below when it is generated.