Grade 3 Open House International School of Tanganyika


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Grade 3 Open House International School of Tanganyika

  1. 1. Welcome to Grade 3 The International School of Tanganyika
  2. 2. Grade 3 Has Four Classes • 3R: Ms. Rorey (Team Leader) and Ms. Irene • 3B: Ms. Joyce and Ms. Aida • 3W: Ms. Melanie and Mr. Stephen • 3McP: Mr. John and Ms. Mariam
  3. 3. Communication • You can reach us by email at... • Rorey Risdon: • Joyce Bolyard: • John McPherson: • Melanie Wipf:
  4. 4. Within the PYP Famework these are the Curriculum Resources We Use... • Units of Inquiry • Everyday Math • Sitton Spelling • The 6+1 Writing Traits • Nelson Handwriting
  5. 5. PYP Units of Inquiry • Who We Are- Our Body Systems • How We Organize Ourselves- Marketing • How We Express Ourselves- Seeing Is Believing • Where We Are In Place and Time- Heroes • Sharing the Planet- Cold And Here, Hot And Gone • How The World Works- Plantastic
  6. 6. Expert Parent Visitors?? • If you have a specific expertise related to one of our units we would love to have you come in and present your knowledge to our students. • Please sign up on the back sheet before you leave.
  7. 7. Differentiation Happens • Across all subjects for all students as needed • Adapts the classroom curriculum to meet the needs of the child but does not change the grade three learning objectives • In the homework process as needed • Students are encouraged to bring in independent items/projects that they have done outside of school to share and show action and connections to learning occurring in school
  8. 8. Assessment and Reports • Assessment is ongoing and involves both summative and formative assessment. • Reports are written based on assessments, anecdotal notes and individual student continuums. • Conferences occur twice per year on October 3rd (parent teacher) and March 13th (student led), but if at any time you would like to discuss student performance and progress toward benchmarks, please make an appointment with your child’s teacher. • For more information please see the Parent Handbook.
  9. 9. Technology In Grade 3 • Each classroom has three student computers for daily use • ICT integration occurs within the technology labs across all subjects • Grade level teachers work with ICT teachers to teach collaboratively • Grade level teachers encourage the use of technology (cameras, computers, personal devices) at home • Some websites for students to practice skills are found on the IST Grade 3 Blog which can be found at
  10. 10. Technology Continued • Typing will be assigned occasionally for homework • PYP Technology Strands: create, investigate, collaborate, communicate, organize and responsible digital citizenship • There are a few grade 3 teachers that have individual classroom blogs. These are not an expectation from the school, just personal projects • ****If you are getting email from the Grade 2 blog, please “unsubscribe” from the email
  11. 11. Special Days • Interhouse Competitions occur about 4 times throughout the year. If you would like to volunteer to help, talk to Ms. Straight • Assemblies occur about once per month. Grade 3 will perform at two assemblies this year, in addition to the musical mornings scheduled by the music department
  12. 12. Being Prepared for School • Students are expected to: • Wear the IST uniform (PE uniform on PE days) • Bring a hat to school each day for outside play; “No Hat, No Play” • Bring a water bottle with them each day • Prepare their homework accordingly • Be at school and ready to learn by 7:10 • Get a good nights sleep (8-10 hours) • Leave toys, electronics and cell phones at home • Come to school healthy and remain home if they are unwell • Bring a healthy snack and lunch to school • Make sure everything brought to school is labeled
  13. 13. Meals at School • Food sent from home should be nutritious and healthy • Chocolate, biscuits, candy and soda pop are not permitted • Nutrition was taught last year in grade 2 and the students should be practicing a healthy lifestyle by eating nutritious snacks and lunch • Please send enough food for both a snack and lunch and an additional snack on ASA days
  14. 14. Homework... • Will be assigned weekly and typically involve open ended tasks for math, language and/or unit. • Students should be reading 20 minutes a day. Please help them set up a reading routine at home. • The grade team teachers will plan homework together but however at times, homework may vary depending on classroom need. • We encourage students to take action with their learning at home and share their learning or independent projects with the class.
  15. 15. Homework Pointers • Should be done in a quiet space away from distractions such as the TV, computer or siblings who are playing • Should be made into a routine to complete every night • Students should have available to them any materials they may need (pencils, paper, rulers, ect.) • If a child needs assistance, try to help guide them to the right answer, call the homework buddy, write a note in the Linkbook or have the child come to the teacher the following morning
  16. 16. To Offer Support... • Check and sign the linkbook each night • Sit down and offer support while you child completes homework • Come into the classroom and spend time looking with your child at their portfolio • Play an educational game with your child • Check the blog often with your child • Discuss the current Unit of Inquiry (UOI) and make connections from the UOI to family life • Encourage students to take action based on their learning • Use PYP vocabulary when discussing issues with your child…
  17. 17. Responsible Third Graders • Are learning independence with many tasks at school and at home. Guide them, but please don’t do tasks for them. • Are learning how to be kind, generous, thoughtful, helpful and.... Expect this behavior to carry on into the home as well.
  18. 18. In Closing… • If you have further questions: • Check the IST Parent Handbook • Email the teacher • Thanks so much for coming!!!! We are looking forward to having a fantastic year!