Chakra : The Anatomy of Personal Evolution


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Chakra : The Anatomy of Personal Evolution

  1. 1. Chakra <br />Yoga and The Anatomy of Personal Evolution<br />
  2. 2. Introduction<br />A chakra is a plexus of Pranic energy in the body that expresses our individual consciousness and energy in particular ways distinctive of our individuality. We are familiar withexpressions such as a ‘gut feeling,’ an ‘open heart,’ ‘fire in the belly’ and so on, all of which are colloquial expressions of the energy of the chakras.<br />Our expressions also reflect our recognition that these energies can be ‘open’ – expansive, expressive, inclusive – or ‘closed’ – tight, narrow, self-absorbed. Our maturity and evolution as individuals and as spiritual beings depends upon how much these energies are ‘opened’ as we progress through life, bringing us into higher levels of harmony with the generous, inclusive and expansive energy of the universe, the creative Shakti.<br />Doug Keller, Refining The Breath<br />
  3. 3. 7 Sahasrara + Crown<br /> Top of the Head<br />6 Ajna + Brow + Thought<br /> Forehead Center<br />5 Vishuddha + Throat<br /> Mid-Throat<br />4 Anahata + Heart <br /> Chest Center<br />3 Manipura + Solar Plexus<br /> Upper Stomach<br />2 Svadhisthana + Spleen<br /> 2 – 3 inches below stomach<br />1 Muladhara + Perineum<br /> Base of the Spine <br />
  4. 4. Crown Chakra<br />Compassion, at-oneness, seeing self in others, harmonious, peaceful, non-attachment, love, nonreactive; Spirit: Love<br />Brow Chakra<br />Overview, Visualizing, Clarity, Psychic / Subtle awareness of self in others; Spirit: Service<br />Throat Chakra<br />Open, clear communication; Creative; Speaking up; Releasing; Breathing life-force, Spirit: Healing<br />Heart Chakra<br />Harmony, trust, loving, gentle w/ self and others. Give and receive w/o condition. Flexible w/ loss; Spirit: Balance<br />Mental Energy<br /> Will/power/control over self vs. others, beliefs, details, constructive vs. critical. Spirit: Thought Clarity<br />Emotional Energy<br />Emotionally open to new people, ideas & growth. Needs: Boundaries, Trust, Comfort, Intimacy, attachment. Spirit: Begin / End<br />Physical Energy<br />Physical & Financial Needs: Safety, Sexuality. Action Center. Spirit: Grounded-ness <br />Mental - Emotional Strengths /Blocks of Each Chakra<br />
  5. 5. Crown Chakra<br /> Pineal Gland; Hair, Top of Head, CNS (Nerve System)<br />Brow Chakra<br />Pituitary and Hypothalamus; eyes, Autonomic Nerve System<br />Throat Chakra<br />Thyroid, parathyroid, neck ears, atlas Respiratory System; Colds, sinus allergies<br />Heart Chakra<br />Thymus, Heart, Breathing Allergies, Lungs, Blood Pressure, Lymph, Immunity System<br />Solar Plexus Chakra<br />Pancreas, Stomach, Liver, Small Intestine, Blood Sugar, Digestion<br />Spleen Chakra <br />Blood Sugar; Spleen, Ovaries, Urinary Tract, Uterus; Kidney, Adrenals<br />Base Root Chakra<br />Lower Sex / Reproductive System, Tailbone, Legs, Feet.<br />Physical Areas and Glands <br />
  6. 6. MULADHARACHAKRA<br />1st Energy Center – “Action, Speed Chakra”<br />Anatomy: Perineum, Base of the spine<br />Color: Red<br />Element: Earth<br />Symbol: Square / Cube<br />Polarity: ( — )<br />Sound: “LAM”<br />Instrument: Drum<br />Sense: Smell<br />Sense Reception: External Visual Movement<br />Food: Proteins, Beans, Nuts<br />Open and Clear:<br />Physically strong. Healthy sex drive. Grounded wellbeing.<br />Closed or Clouded:<br />Base emotions such as anger, resentment, jealousness. Sex w/ personal pleasure as focus. Ungrounded.<br />
  7. 7. SVADDHISANA CHAKRA<br />2nd Energy Center – “Feeling and Empathy”<br />Anatomy: Spleen 2 -3 inches below navel<br />Color: Orange<br />Element: Water<br />Symbol: Circle or sphere<br />Polarity: ( + )<br />Sound: “VAM” <br />Instrument: String instruments<br />Sense: Taste <br />Sense reception: Feelings, Kinesthetic <br />Food: Water, Juice, TEA<br />Healthy, Open, Clear<br />Emotionally energetic, passionate and warm. Caring with out need for attachment.<br />Unhealthy, closed or clouded<br />Emotions such as fear, anxiety manifest as attachment addictions and distrust.<br />
  8. 8. MANIPURA CHAKRA <br />3rd Energy Center - “Thought, Logic” Chakra<br />Color - Yellow<br />Anatomy - Solar Plexus (upper stomach)<br />Element - Fire<br />Symbol - Pyramid or Triangle <br />Polarity - ( — )<br />Instrument - “RAM” (horn / reed) <br />Sense - Sight <br />Receptive Mode - Auditory/digital (hands on)<br />Food - Complex Carbohydrates, Grains<br />Healthy & Open<br />Calm, Clear, confident, flexible<br />Unhealthy & Closed<br />Excessive worry, obsessive actions, easily irritated and often complaining<br />
  9. 9. ANAHATA CHAKRA<br />4th Energy Center – “Care and Compassion” Chakra<br />Anatomy - Heart (center of chest)<br />Color - Green<br />Element - Air <br />Polarity - ( + )<br />Symbol - Cross<br />Note - “YAM” (flute or wind)<br />Sense - Touch<br />Reception - Internal Visual<br />Food - Dark, Leafy, Green Vegetables <br />Healthy & Open<br />Calm, trusting, loving, centered, giving, capable of giving and receiving<br />Unhealthy & Closed<br />Distrust, closed, guarded, unable to give or receive. Possible resentment.<br />
  10. 10. VISHUDDHACHAKRA<br />5th Energy Center – “Communicate, Create Chakra”<br />Anatomy: Mid-Throat, Nose, Mouth, Sinus<br />Color: Blue<br />Element: Aether<br />Symbol: Cup / Chalice<br />Note: “HAM”<br />Instrument: Voice<br />Sense: Hearing<br />Sense Reception: Audio w/ minor Visual<br />Food: Raw Fruit (Blue or Black) <br />Healthy and Open<br />Clear and capable communication, assertive, creative verbally<br />Unhealthy and Closed<br />Lacks ability to express. Guarded. Hesitant to express emotions. Frustrated easily<br />
  11. 11. AJNACHAKRA<br />6th Energy Center – “Overview, Community” Chakra<br />Anatomy: 3rd Eye<br />Element: Thought<br />Symbol: Star of David<br />Polarity ( + )<br />Note: “OM”<br />Instrument: Creative Vibration, Spanda*<br />Sense: Intuition<br />Sense Reception: Overview<br />Food: Breath, Air, Chlorophyll <br />Healthy & Open<br />Mental clarity and insightful. Manifesting intention and desires comes easily<br />Unhealthy & Closed<br />Disharmony. Mental fluctuations. Difficult meditating. Muted intuitively. Lacking in Compassion<br />
  12. 12. SAHASRARACHAKRA<br />7th Energy Center - “Inner Knowledge, Service” Chakra<br />Color: Violet<br />Anatomy: Crown<br />Element: Light<br />Symbol: Lotus<br />Note: Silence<br />Instrument: none<br />Sense: Oneness<br />Sense Reception: Knowingness<br />Food: Sunshine, Juice, Fasting<br />Healthy & Open<br />Inner knowingness, serenity, enjoys selfless service.<br />Unhealthy & Closed<br />Lacks larger perspective. Lacks Intuition. Unable to care or be compassionate.<br />