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Tapping into the biggest technology trend of the last ten years, creating massive wealth and leapfrogging the entire marketing community in the process!

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The death of_email_marketing

  1. 1. The Death of Email Marketing Tapping into the Biggest Technology Trend in the last Ten Years, Creating Massive Wealth & Leapfrogging The Entire Internet Marketing Community in the Process!Income DisclaimerThis document contains business strategies, marketing methods and other business advice that,regardless of my own results and experience, may not produce the same results (or any results)for you. I make absolutely no guarantee, expressed or implied, that by following the advicebelow you will make any money, as there are several factors and variables that come into playregarding any given business primarily, getting off your butt and putting in the work necessary togenerate the potential income. As with any business endeavour, you assume all risk related toinvestment and money based on your own discretion and at your own potential expense.Liability DisclaimerBy reading this document, you assume all risks associated with using the advice given below,with a full understanding that you, solely, are responsible for anything that may occur as a resultof putting this information into action in any way, and regardless of your interpretation of theadvice. You further agree to hold harmless both jointly and severally Scott Boulch and/or hisaffiliates, partners, corporations, suppliers and representatives. It is your responsibility to conductyour own due diligence regarding the safe and successful operation of your business if you intendto apply any of our information in any way to your business operations.“Lack of ability to use English properly, and strange sense of humour” Disclaimer:This document is meant to be the closest thing I can have to a conversation with you, it is notintended to be a grammatically correct, error free, politically correct stuffy white paper. Pleaseread this for content and not context. If there are any die-hard grade school teacher types outthere that feel the need to email me and point out every little mistake, please don’t bother! Iknow it makes me look stupid but being grammatically correct never made me one dime! Besidesit’s a FREE report and I hope that if you get just one good insight from it then it will be worthyour time reading it, errors and all! Hey have you heard the one about the Editor that made amillion dollars? No? Me either!This report is brought to you by:Name: Brendan KellyPhone: (917) -338-2527Skype: iZigniteEmail: © 2012 Scott Boulch Your next step is to visit this site: Brendan Kelly - Phone: (917) 338-2527 - Email address:
  2. 2. I know You… You are sick and tired of chasing income and wondering afterso many months or years and so many dollars spent, why you are still notprofitable.I know You… You are tired of all those awesome looking pre-launch videosthat seem to get magically promoted simultaneously then all lead to adisappointing $2,000 dollar price tag during video number four!I know You… You can tell that something is amiss and just doesn’t feel rightabout seemingly perfectly timed and coordinated product launches and promisesof a new and better way to earn income online.I know You… Your credit card balance is ten times as large as the biggestsingle month of earnings you have made online.I know You… You get conflicting advice from every single Guru and thenscratch your head when they promote each other’s conflicting products andtrainings.I know You… At the end of the day you just can’t seem to decide what niche,or market to follow and worse have no idea how to create a compelling producteven if you do decide!I know You… Along each step of the way, you become more cynical and lesshopeful, less inspired and less able to afford the next bright shiny object that’son the syndicate’s launch calendar!I know You… The “Hail Mary” pass that could save it all and turn it all aroundhas come and gone and still, no long term wealth, no free time, less time spentdoing the important things in life that don’t involve chasing money.I know You… because I am you, and I know how gut wrenching it can be tochase your dreams at the expense of personal relationships, marriages, health,and bottom line happiness!I know You… In spite of the fact that some of you have gone on to create truewealth, the majority of you have not, and you are struggling.Struggling to pay the mortgage, to keep the family afloat, to spend time with theones you love and maybe even carve out some personal time for yourself allwhile trying to win at this money game. Your next step is to visit this site: Brendan Kelly - Phone: (917) 338-2527 - Email address:
  3. 3. So what does this have to do with The Death Of Email Marketing?Nothing, and as you will soon see, everything!In September of 2006 I wrote a free report called “The Death Of AdSense”.In just three short weeks that report generated a list of over 35,000 people whowere all thinking the same thing, that AdSense was dead; it’s just that nobodyhad the guts to come out and say it.I released it just as one method of earning income online was dying, and anotherwas about to take its place. Some that took advantage of that massive change inonline income generation made fortunes and others sat and watched as theirAdSense incomes dried up to a fraction of what they once were.Since then and over two million dollars in online earnings later, I have had thegood fortune to play in the Internet Marketing game.I’ve played the game as a business builder creating some massive incomesonline, as a consumer spending thousands of dollars on trainings, seminars,software, and as a seller of how to products and software.During the few years since I released “The Death of AdSense” I realized thatmost of us face very similar challenges that keep us from making the income wewant online and starting our own business.On a daily basis we deal with Guru Confusion, Email Inundation, Multiple NightlyWebinars, Teleconferences, Weekly Launches and Pre Launch videos to watch.We have the courses we purchased last week to consume and wait… here comesanother one this week that we “Must” have according to the person that sold ustheir course last week.Our credit cards are maxed, our eyes are tired and Dammit where is thatvacation to the beach that we should be on by now, or better yet why aren’t weliving on the beach and working that highly outsourced 4 hour work week!In this report I will be making some bold and unpopular predictions. But just as Idid back in 2006, I have looked at the writing on the wall, and if you look closelyyou will see massive opportunity as one marketing method dies out and anothertakes it’s place… and it’s hiding in plain sight! Your next step is to visit this site: Brendan Kelly - Phone: (917) 338-2527 - Email address:
  4. 4. Email is Dead!Or at least terminally ill!And in that statement there is a fortune to be made!And yes YOU can make that fortune if you recognize it, take action onit and yes god forbid go to work!Here is the “Big Promise” of The Death Of Email Marketing. Tapping into the Biggest Technology Trend in the last Ten Years,Creating Massive Wealth & Leapfrogging The Entire Internet Marketing Community in the Process!Sounds like a bold claim doesn’t it?Well consider this…What if….What if you could tap into a technology that everyone in every civilized nation inthe world uses, that is superior in quality, and lower in price, and that virtuallynobody is offering to millions of customers… YET?Do you think you could carve out a small percentage of a market so massive thatliterally everyone you talk to is a potential customer?This is truly a game changing moment for you if you grasp the concepts andspecific action plan laid out in this report.The world is changing, and changing at such an accelerated pace thatopportunity presents itself on a daily basis. There are now so many opportunitiesand ways to create wealth that we actually get paralyzed by indecision!However, once every few years an opportunity presents itself that is so massivein its scale that entire new industries are born and fortunes are made.Right now is one of those times! Your next step is to visit this site: Brendan Kelly - Phone: (917) 338-2527 - Email address:
  5. 5. So what can you expect from the few minutes you are going to spend finishingthis report?Contained in the rest of this report you are about to find:A way to create an immediate residual income based on a new technology.A way to separate yourself from the generation of that income.A way to lock in that income for life, or until the next major technology shiftthis huge occurs again…A way to apply the leverage of the internet to acquire that income.A way to tap into the social media marketing craze without ever sending atweet or logging into Facebook or any other social media site!A way to tap into the outsourcing craze without ever hiring one employee,virtual assistant or overseas worker!A way to tap into the local and small business marketing craze withoutever having to become an expert in SEO, PPC, Or Social Media!A way to leapfrog the rest of the internet marketing community who arejust now starting to explore this massive trend.A way to unplug yourself from the constant ringing of voices demanding yourtime and attention and money.A way to focus on one, massive, universal, global, wave of behaviorthe likes of which we have never seen and may never see again.A way to market a technology that you don’t have to create, that is priced ator below the market, that fits in every business in every industry and in thehands of every entrepreneur everywhere.A way to market a technology that is more addictive than cigarettes,that is growing faster than the population of the earth and that manyrisk their very lives for on a daily basis!And maybe the best part, you can start today with a total cost of lessthan $100 per year!So how’s that for Bold Claims? Your next step is to visit this site: Brendan Kelly - Phone: (917) 338-2527 - Email address:
  6. 6. O.K. now that we have the “I don’t have the money to participate” issue out ofthe way you can relax and focus on the message of “The Death of EmailMarketing” Knowing that there is no $2,000 gotcha at the end!Before we get into the specifics of The Death of Email Marketing, there is onevery general problem that needs to be addressed and will be solved in thisreport.The Myth of False Momentum…Here is the bottom line. You cannot learn your way to financial success or onlineincome.If you have been around the internet marketing community for more than 24hours you know that literally every single day we are being fed a glut of musthave products that claim to be the missing link in our income.They claim that if only we scrape together another $2,000 and run up our creditcards one more time, then this will be the one that gets us over the top…(Flat Out Lies!)No course, no training, no seminar, no software, technique or strategy will evermake you a dime.What we end up with when we buy (and sometimes even consume) a new musthave training course is simply more information and a false sense ofmomentum!The truth is we are no closer to achieving our goal after we buy and sometimesconsume the latest bright shiny object than we were before we bought it.It’s not until we do something that there is any potential for generatingincome and it’s not until we take action that we are in any way closer to ourgoal!The problem with the never ending stream of education and how-to courses isthat we get so caught up learning that there is no time left for doing anythingbut learning!False Momentum is the feeling we get by buying more stuff that promises to leadus to income. It’s not truly moving us forward; it’s actually crippling our chancesof success by distracting us from the real issue… Generating Income! Your next step is to visit this site: Brendan Kelly - Phone: (917) 338-2527 - Email address:
  7. 7. And with the saturation of product launches in the Internet MarketingCommunity, there appears to be something we “Must Learn” about once a week!We are in a state of Education Paralyzation!At some point we actually have to stop learning, and start doing!Before you think that this report falls into that very False Momentum trap, I canassure you that contained in these pages is something you can go doimmediately (without learning anything else) that can create a substantialincome for you.What you need is a viable business model not another how to course, andI promise you by the end of this report you will have in your hands not only aviable business model; but a way to tap into the biggest single shift incommunication we have seen in our lifetime!This report will also be short and to the point.If I do my job correctly, this report will simply expose you to a massive windowof opportunity that has opened, and then show you how to tap into the incomestream it creates.Now you can stop the myth of false momentum and start the generation of asignificant residual income.Just one more word of warning before I get into the details.This massive window of opportunity that has just opened closes a little bit everyday and the unique timing situation you find yourself in should not be takenlightly.A massive change has occurred in the way we communicate with each other, ourfriends, fans, subscribers, business partners and most important our customers!Those that recognize and capitalize on this change early can potentially makemillions of dollars. Even better than the upside potential, the best news that goesalong with the size of this opportunity and the scale of change that is occurring isthe simplicity of turning that change into income!Email Marketing is Dead… On to the proof! Your next step is to visit this site: Brendan Kelly - Phone: (917) 338-2527 - Email address:
  8. 8. You’ve Got Mail! Ah, the good old days! Do you remember when email was something you looked forward to getting? In the early years of “Electronic Mail” we would rush to the computer when the little recorded voice told us “You’ve Got Mail.” Now… Not so much! You know that when Hollywood makes a romantic comedy about a topic that it has in fact become part of our culture. Email has evolved from something we looked forward to, into a time sucking productivity killing pariah. We are now as desensitized to email as we are to car alarms going off in a parking lot! We are in a constant battle to empty our inbox and waste massive amounts ofproductive time dealing with the crap we must wade through every day.The importance we place on email has plummeted and even the most importantemail gets lost in the glut of marketing messages and spam.We no longer look forward to email, we now dread dealing with it.It’s now estimated that 90% of all email goes unread or is spam!An entire industry was born creating products to deal with spam and virusespassed around through email.When I sat down to write this report I was about to dive into massive amountsof research proving how ineffective email is compared to ten years ago. I wasready to bury you with statistics and charts and graphs but then I realized Ididn’t even need to go that far to prove that email is dead.Let me instead just ask you a few simple questions about your own experiencesand see if the “Proof” is not already self evident! Your next step is to visit this site: Brendan Kelly - Phone: (917) 338-2527 - Email address:
  9. 9. Inbox Blindness, Inbox Apathy, and Inbox FrustrationQ: Have you ever received so much email that you got into a near trancedeleting them based on a less than split second decision, only to find out laterthat you deleted something important?You know… when you are burning through your email inbox, click, delete, clickdelete, click delete… whoops!They say that Direct Mail died and that the evidence of that is the fact that nowdays most of us sort our mail over the trash can. Well isn’t it the same thingwhen we burn through emails and delete with extreme prejudice?Q: Have you ever given out one email address to friends and family and anotherto the “outsiders” on the Internet, only to find you get the same spam in bothplaces?I went so far with this strategy a few years ago, that I set up addresses on myown domain like, personal@, work@, affiliates@, newsletters@ in an attempt todeal with the important emails first. I failed miserably!Q: Have you ever sorted your inbox by sender to see who pisses you off themost by sending you too much email then opted out of their list?Q: Have you tried Spam programs in an attempt to deal with all the unsolicitedemail only to find it took more time to make sure “Important” emails weren’tliving in the spam folder?Q: Have you ever set up elaborate systems of rules and folders in your emailprogram to try (in vain) to separate the “Important” email from the clutter?Q: Have you ever lost a hard drive or accidentally deleted an entire inbox, orworse all of your saved email only to feel surprisingly liberated the next day as ifyou had a new start on life?I remember the first time this happened to me and how much better I felt,especially after seeing an empty inbox for the first time in years!I found out that all that email that I thought was so important was actuallyinsignificant; I lived, and anything really important found me anyway! Your next step is to visit this site: Brendan Kelly - Phone: (917) 338-2527 - Email address:
  10. 10. Q: Have you ever intentionally deleted all your email out of sheer frustration andthe desire for a fresh start?Q: Do you feel like your email controls you and that you are the slave to itsdemands on your time?Lets get to the bottom line…Q: When is the last time you looked forward to getting or answering more email,months, years, was AOL still hot then?Bonus Question…Q: Have you ever risked your life to check an email message?For all our sakes, I hope the answer to the last question is no, but I bet theanswers to most or all of the other questions was an exasperated yes.Again, there are tons of statistics that I found researching this report (boring…) Iwill list a few shortly but let’s not waste time on what’s no longer working andmove on to what is working and what you can do to capitalize on it!See, I told you this would be short and to the point!One last question… Would You Risk Your Life just to read an Email? Your next step is to visit this site: Brendan Kelly - Phone: (917) 338-2527 - Email address:
  11. 11. It’s official!Texting and Driving is now proven to be deadlier than drinking and driving! Staywith me here, this epidemic holds a lesson of opportunity!According to a study done by Car and Driver and published by CNBC, Here arethe sobering results!“Rigging a car with a red light to alert drivers when to brake, the magazine testedhow long it takes to hit the brake when sober, when legally drunk at .08, whenreading and e-mail, and when sending a text. The results are scary. Driving 70miles per hour on a deserted air strip Car and Driver editor Eddie Alterman wasslower and slower reacting and braking when e-mailing and texting.The results:  Unimpaired: .54 seconds to brake  Legally drunk: add 4 feet  Reading e-mail: add 36 feet  Sending a text: add 70 feet”O.K., at this point you may be wondering what in the hell does all this have to dowith making money…Texting is addictive, it’s Pavlovian, and it’s gotten so bad that we no longerwatch where we are driving; we would rather risk our life and the lives of othersrather than miss that all important text message!Admit it, you’ve done it right, only you were “Careful?”I bet if someone has sent you a text since you started reading this report, thatyou laid it down, grabbed your phone and checked itYou will do it while driving, you will do it at dinner, you will do it when you’re ona live phone call, you’ll do it sitting in the movie theater, in the seats at aseminar, you’ll even do it in the middle of a face to face conversation with afriend!It is the ultimate interrupt! And it is the exact opposite of email!We will do almost anything including risk our lives to read that 160 character bitof info!People are addicted to sending and receiving text messages above allother forms of communication! Your next step is to visit this site: Brendan Kelly - Phone: (917) 338-2527 - Email address:
  12. 12. Text Messaging vs. Email!Here are just a few mind-blowing stats!FACT: 90% of the 200 billion emails sent on a daily basis are SPAM!FACT: A mobile device will be the world’s primary method of connection to theInternet by 2020!FACT: The average American teen sends 2,272 text messages per month!FACT: 93% of U.S. adults own a cell phone!FACT: There are 4.1 Billion Mobile phones worldwide!FACT: 97% of Text Messages are opened!FACT: 83% of Text Messages are opened in less than one hour!FACT: In any given public setting, a huge percentage of the public will be in the“Preacher Position!” (You know the hands folded around their cell phonelooking down and sending and receiving texts position)Take this challenge, go anywhere where there is a large group of people, andcount the number of people in the “Preacher Position!”I’ve been talking about the “Preacher Position” to my friends and family forover two years now as the anti-social act of texting in public has becomeepidemic!You may choose to act on the information in this report or you may not, but onething is certain; every time you look around and see people in the “PreacherPosition” you will be reminded of the opportunity you capitalized on, orreminded of the one that you missed! Your next step is to visit this site: Brendan Kelly - Phone: (917) 338-2527 - Email address:
  13. 13. Even Bill Gates is jumping on the “Preacher Position”… Check out this recentadvertisement for Windows Mobile Phones, 3 weeks AFTER I wrote this reportthis commercial aired for the first time. There is no dispute we are on tosomething big here!Click the link below to watch the commercial or copy and paste into yourbrowser window: though there are more text messages sent and received every day thanthere are people alive on this earth there is one massive, gaping window ofopportunity surrounding text messaging that until now people have missed, andthat one oversight can make some of you reading this report very wealthy.Are you ready? Your next step is to visit this site: Brendan Kelly - Phone: (917) 338-2527 - Email address:
  14. 14. Let’s Look at Traditional Text MessagingIt’s a one to one relationship.Let’s go through a typical texting scenario!Pay close attention and see if you can spot the tens of millions of dollars inthis conversation! It’s 2:00pm in the afternoon on a Thursday:Bob texts Mary, “How about meeting somewhere for dinner tonight?”Mary responds back to Bob, “Sure where did you have in mind?”Bob, “How about PF Changs at 7:00 pm”Mary, “Sounds great have you talked to anyone else about meeting up”Bob, “No, who did you have in mind?”Mary, “Jill and Tom might want to go again”Bob, “Great, why don’t you text them and see if they can make it”(Fortunately Mary has a new iPhone and that finally has the copy and pastefeature)Mary copies from above “How about PF Changs at 7:00 pm” then adds, “Boband I are meeting then”Mary then sends this text to Jill, “How about PF Changs at 7:00 pm Bob and Iare meeting then”Mary sends this text to Tom, “How about PF Changs at 7:00 pm” Bob and I aremeeting then”Tom replies to Mary, “I’m in, see you there!”Mary sends Bob, “Tom’s in!”Jill replies to Mary, “Sure, we had such a great time last week lets do it again”Mary texts Bob, “Jill’s in too, said she had a blast last week”Mary texts Jill, “Tom’s in too”Mary texts Tom, “Jill is coming again this week as well”Now, what’s missing from this simple conversation can make you afortune if you recognize it… Did you see it?Where is the biggest glaring painfully obvious opportunity here?It’s hiding in plain sight, right in front of you!Put on your marketing hat and read it again!OK, maybe you guessed something like, using twitter to make the entireconversation easier to manage. Nope… Guess again! Your next step is to visit this site: Brendan Kelly - Phone: (917) 338-2527 - Email address:
  15. 15. Here is the multi-million dollar text.PF Changs texts to Bob, Mary, Jill and Tom simultaneously: “Thanks forstopping by last week, bring in this text tonight for a free order of Lettuce Wrapswith any entree!”PF Changs Texts the whole group… did you get that?PF Changs sends a “Text Broadcast” directly to each of them NOT assome cluttered twitter feed or mass email, or coupon in the snail mail!In the movie the graduate, Mr. McGuire (Walter Brooke) has the followingconversation with Ben (Dustin Hoffman)Mr. McGuire: I just want to say one word to you - just one word.Ben: Yes sir.Mr. McGuire: Are you listening?Ben: Yes I am.Mr. McGuire: Plastics.Ben: Exactly how do you mean?Mr. McGuire: Theres a great future in plastics. Think about it. Will you thinkabout it?Ben: Yes I will.Mr. McGuire: Shh! Enough said. Thats a deal.Well I just want to say two words to you – Just Two Words!Are you listening?“Text Broadcasting”There’s a great future in Text Broadcasting!Stay with me…. Your next step is to visit this site: Brendan Kelly - Phone: (917) 338-2527 - Email address:
  16. 16. At this point in any new “Opportunity” you and I begin to throw rocks at aconcept like too complicated, too expensive, I don’t know how etc…Let me ask you another question.Most peolpe in the Internet marketing world use autoresponders. aWeber.comis one of the most widely known and used in our niche.If you have, or have ever had an autoresponder account, you know that themoney is in the list…right? Haven’t we been told that our entire career inInternet Marketing?I would make one small change to that statement, the money is in otherpeople’s lists, and I don’t mean JV partners or affiliates!Have you ever heard the phrase “Golden Handcuffs?”There are a few select types of products in this world that once you use themyou are pretty much screwed if you try to stop!An autoresponder is one of those, along with things like online shopping carts,merchant accounts, or anything else that is tied to the creation of income thatcant be moved or changed easily.A product has “Golden Handcuffs” when the pain of changing or the financialloss of changing to another product becomes larger than the pain or price of justkeeping the product you have!Can you import a list into for instance from another autoresponder?Well yes technically, but you have to ask everyone to re-subscribe! How well doyou think that works? Why do you think people stay for years after with thesame autoresponder having built a list?Ask anyone that has tried to move a customer or prospect list from one systemto another and knows how painful and costly that is.The money is not in your list, the money is in their lists!If you are responsible for marketing a Text Broadcasting product to a businessowner who then builds a list, your income becomes not only residual but alsosemi-permanent!I met the owner of years ago; we actually had dinner at PF Changsin LA one night after one of the early Big Seminars. Your next step is to visit this site: Brendan Kelly - Phone: (917) 338-2527 - Email address:
  17. 17. I remember thinking at the time how cool it would be to own that company.You have a steady stream of income from other peoples marketing efforts. Atrue residual income that has “Golden Handcuffs” because it’s nearly impossiblefor your customer to leave once the list is built!“Hear me now or believe me later” as Arnold would say, providing a TextBroadcasting platform to local, small, medium, and even large business is theautoresponder of the decade!The exact same fortunes and more will be made by those that see and capitalizeon this before it becomes the next big wave!Text broadcasting however is far more powerful than any email autoresponder!  Want to vote on the next American Idol? Text Polling.  Want to donate $10 to Haiti, Text “HAITI” to 90999 Text Donations.  Want to remind your patient of their appointment, Appointment Reminders!  Want to advertise your next gig, Band Schedule Broadcasts!  Want to get your attendance to 70% on a webinar! Text Reminders!  Want to push traffic back to your blog for it latest post? Post Notifications.  Want to instantly respond with information about a home you have listed, Text autoresponders.  Want to capture every attendee sitting in the seats of your seminar, Text 2 Win contests!  Want to drive business into your location on a slow day, Realtime Instant Coupon Delivery!  Want to promote your candidate and get out the vote, Text Campaigning!The types of individuals and organizations that can use this technology are trulyonly limited by your imagination.Let me make one more distinction especially for those us of in the InternetMarketing world.Old-fashioned texting is One to One communication and therefore it is noteffective for a business owner to individually text each customer. Your next step is to visit this site: Brendan Kelly - Phone: (917) 338-2527 - Email address:
  18. 18. Twitter on the other hand is a Many to Many communication!The minute you follow more than one person, your twitter feed becomescluttered with multiple people messaging you and therefore, the one sending themessage has to hope you see that tweet in your twitter stream.Twitter becomes one more version of email that you have to check constantlyeven if it’s an @reply.Text Broadcasting is a ONE to MANY relationship where the recipient gets asingle message!If I send a broadcast text message out to a list, it’s not mixed in with any othersenders, it’s sent directly to my list member from me in a single pipeline!Not only are text messages sent to me one at a time, they are also sent to myBody rather than my Computer!That’s right, if you are like most of the people on the planet, you can reach outright now as you read this and grab your cell phone.Your cell phone is with you almost 24 hours a day.Have you ever left the house, got half way to where you were going then had toturn around because you forgot your cell phone?Yep I though so… but why?Why can’t you leave home without it?Your Keys, Your Wallet and your Cell phone are the three things you will notleave home without!One glaring reason is that display names have made us mind numb idiotswhen it comes to remembering telephone numbers?Name 10 of your closest friends and families phone numbers off the top of yourhead ready… go! Your next step is to visit this site: Brendan Kelly - Phone: (917) 338-2527 - Email address:
  19. 19. You can’t can you?It’s because we have become dependent on our cell phone as our primary tool ofcommunication and as smart phones get smarter, we get… well let’s just say weare addicted to them.Imagine the power of contacting all of your customers or list within seconds,then getting a 90% open rate and an 86% open rate in the first 60 minutes!Now imagine you deliver that technology to entrepreneurs like yourself and thetens of thousands of local, small, medium and large business owners out therethat need more than ever to get their customers attention.So let’s imagine the pitch meeting to a small business owner, pretend your DonDraper from AMC’s Mad Men for a second.Don Draper: Bob, What if I told that I could deliver an advertisement to yourentire customer or prospect list in less than 10 seconds and that we could hook adevice to the body of every one of them that they were more addicted to thancigarettes, to receive your advertisement?Bob: More Addictive than cigarettes?Don Draper: Not only that Bob, but what if I told you that they have beenconditioned and trained to respond to your message over 90% of the time anytime they are awake, forsaking anything else that’s going on or where they areat that time, or what activity they are engaged in at the time, even if they aredriving a car!”Bob: And it’s Legal!Don Draper: Yes it’s legal and get this… they will even risk their lives to readyour marketing message!The show Mad Men is set back in the 60’s era, and back then this would haveseemed like some science fiction fantasy, but how many of us knew we wouldhave the ability to hold in our hands a computer more powerful than existedanywhere in the world in 1960? Your next step is to visit this site: Brendan Kelly - Phone: (917) 338-2527 - Email address:
  20. 20. OK, So How Do We Cash In on This?Here is how we do it!In a few pages I’m going to give you specific information on how you can startyour own Mobile Media Agency and be a Don Draper of your own.(Don’t Panic… remember I said no $2,000 surprises, just relax, take a deepbreath!)First, let’s talk about the flow of money, and how Text Broadcasting createspassive residual income streams with “Golden Handcuffs!”When a customer gets set up on a Text Broadcasting platform they pay for theservice every month.If you are the one who sets them up on that service, you get paid every monththey use the service!Remember the “Golden Handcuffs?”Lets run through a hypothetical but very typical example:Lets call our example Joes Pizza Parlor. Joe puts a sign up at the cash registerthat reads Text “JoesPizza” to 90210 for a coupon for a free slice of pizza onyour next visit!Joe starts out very small and builds a customer list of just 500 or so text opt-insubscribers.Yes the opt-in rates will be very high! After all what’s better than Free Pizza?As Joe collects the opt-ins from his customers’ cell phones as they text“JoesPizza” to 90210, the text autoresponse system instantly replies back withthe coupon for the Free Slice.Joe’s food cost on the slice of pizza is probably less than a dollar, and that’s ifthe customer doesn’t buy a drink or another slice on their next visit and thatassumes they are alone. And who eats just one slice of pizza anyway?I can tell you from experience this would be a self liquidating offer, meaning Joewill make more back than he spends on the free slice immediately with add onsales, and he gets them BACK in his Pizza Shop a second time. Your next step is to visit this site: Brendan Kelly - Phone: (917) 338-2527 - Email address:
  21. 21. You get the picture.Well one text message per week to 500 people on Joes text broadcast list isabout 2,000 outgoing text messages per month.For this Joe will pay no set up fee and just a small monthly fee of $99.00.You sold the plan to Joe so you get a 25% commission or $25.00But you get that $25.00 this month, and next month, and every month!At this point Joe is worth about $300 a year to you, not much, but Joe’s notstopping!As Joe continues to market his business using real time text broadcasting hiscustomer base grows and more people opt into his list.Let’s say Joe gets really smart and goes viral with his promotions!Joe decides to send out a text to all 500 offering a “bring this message and afriend and you both get a free slice this Tuesday only.”Now Joe is driving repeat visits on his slow day (Tuesday) and he’s going viral byincentivizing his customers to bring friends for a free slice each!Who doesn’t like free pizza?And what do you think these friends do? Yes! They Join Joe’s Text Broadcastinglist, and they tell two friends, and they tell two friends, and so on, and so on…Smart guy this Joe!Now Joe’s list has grown to 1,000 customers! He’s still sending out weeklyspecials, but now he also sends out holiday and special occasion promotions andis sending about 5,000 outgoing texts a month!Joe would pay around $250 a month for his plan that grew with his businessand his list. You haven’t seen Joe in months; you’re on a no pizza diet but nowyou’re earning 25% of $250 a month! Joe is now worth $750 a year to you! Your next step is to visit this site: Brendan Kelly - Phone: (917) 338-2527 - Email address:
  22. 22. Here is the beautiful part of this equation!  Did you go sell Joe anything new, No!  Did you have to get Joe on page one of Google, No!  Did you have to manage Joe’s Tweets and Facebook page, No!  Did you have to manage Joe’s Pay Per Click budget, No!  Did you get an angry phone call from Joe when he no longer appears on the first page of Google? No!  Did you have to do anything at all to increase your income? NO!!!Once Joe is in the pipeline you continue to get paid, as close to forever astechnology will allow, and as Joe grows so does your income!What if Joe keeps growing? Ask any restaurant like Joe’s Pizza what they spendon printing, mailing and distribution of paper coupons each month. It’s huge!Think of all the crap that hangs on your doorknob, there’s a six figure incomeright there!Over time let’s assume Joe grows his business to 3 locations and has 15,000people on his list and is now sending 60,000 text messages a month.60,000 or 600,000 it wouldn’t matter because Joe can grow into an UnlimitedTexting Plan for just $1,500 a month!Unlimited plans are almost unheard of with text broadcasting technology but Iwill show you a company that offers it across the board for $1,500 a month nomatter how large the company is or how many subscribers they build on their listor how many text broadcasts they send out!Lets Do the math… Joe upgrades to the unlimited plan!$1,500 times 12 months times 25%!Joe is now worth a cool $4,500 a year to you!Time to put Joe on your Christmas list!Maybe Joe never grows large enough for an unlimited plan, but if you start tothink about who could use this technology (everybody), dozens of ideas popinto your head!I personally have already contacted the communications director of the city I livein as well as the communications director of the school district I live in! Your next step is to visit this site: Brendan Kelly - Phone: (917) 338-2527 - Email address:
  23. 23. Imagine a school district having the ability to contact every student (yes theyhave cell phones) 34,000 students in my district as often as they need!Wait…What about their parents, OK that’s 34,000 times 2 or 68,000 parents.Scratch that, half of them are divorced so we need to add in step - parentsof another 17,000!So now we are up to 119,000 list subscribers that can all get an instant TextBroadcast that …School is canceled due to weather.There is a school emergency.PTA meeting reminder.Holiday schedules.Grades are in the mail.Today’s School lunch is… Gruel!The parents, teachers (whoops forgot to add them in the count) students andstep - parents can all be listed and collected and broadcast to as a group, or asa subgroup, or even on an individual basis!How comfortable would you feel knowing your son or daughters teachers andschools could reach you instantly, 24 hours a day, in less than 10 seconds?All for just $1,500 a month! Far less than the district spends on stamps to sendout the school newsletter each month!Remember you earn 25% of $1,500 each and every month!Are you starting to see the big picture? Your next step is to visit this site: Brendan Kelly - Phone: (917) 338-2527 - Email address:
  24. 24. How to Start Your Own Mobile Media AgencyStarting your own mobile media agency is simple! Far simpler than being theexpert to small and local business in any of the ways we have been told toapproach them recently.We know, based on all the launches over the last nine months as well as somecommon sense, that calling on local, small and medium sized business is one ofthe untapped sources of healthy income.However…Even though I have background calling on these very same types of customersand doing very well, I literally ran away from the concept before finding TextMessaging as the perfect product to offer them.Here’s why.First we heard about being a pay per click expert to small business. The conceptwas you arrange to manage the Google advertising campaigns for clients andeither charge them a monthly fee or a percentage of their “Savings” after takingover responsibility for their AdWords campaigns.Just shoot me!I created software that measures PPC performance at the keyword level longbefore it became popular. I have been profitably using PPC and Adwords for over5 years and there is no way in hell I would step on the land mine of managingothers PPC accounts.Anyone heard of the Google Slap? Yep it happens all the time, and thatcombined with the fact that you are “responsible” for the clients lead flow (andby definition, profitability) puts you square in the cross hairs when anything goeswrong!That’s not the “4 hour work week” that I’ve been working towards, how aboutyou?Angry phone calls from clients is probably the last thing I would do for anyamount of money!I heard second hand recently that one of the undisputed top gurus was quotedas saying “The only thing worse than customers are clients”. Your next step is to visit this site: Brendan Kelly - Phone: (917) 338-2527 - Email address:
  25. 25. Putting yourself out there as an expert is flat out dangerous… no thanks.While it may be true that you know more, or even far more than a smallbusiness owner when it comes to Internet Marketing, do you know enough tomake yourself responsible for someone else’s business?Next we heard about being the SEO expert to the small business world andhelping them get on page one of Google…You’re probably way ahead of me already on this one. The angry phone callwhen your client suddenly drops from position one to position none, is notsomething I’m willing to sign up for either!Google sneezes and you get pneumonia quickly!Again putting yourself out there as the expert puts you in the cross hairs!Finally we heard that we should all run out and be the Social Media Expert to thesmall and local business world.Will tweet for food?Seriously!OK, so it can be outsourced in theory, but the idea of being responsible forsomeone’s tweets and Facebook page still doesn’t sound like the dream ofpassive income to me!The bottom line and the common problem with all of these local and smallbusiness strategies is that they are very labor intensive! They involve putting youin the crosshairs as the one to blame when anything goes wrong, and it’s hard tocost justify in this sluggish economy the real value of your service.What works brilliantly in the local, small and medium business market istechnology that replaces labor!After you start your Mobile Media Agency and call on a customer, you may notsee him again for weeks months or years…remember Joe?Have you even sent him his Christmas card yet?There is a massive amount of money to be made from local and small businessbut approaching it with a Text Broadcasting product is a set it and forget itproposition! Your next step is to visit this site: Brendan Kelly - Phone: (917) 338-2527 - Email address:
  26. 26. When is the last time you got a call from, GetResponse, or any otherautoresponder company? Oh… Never!The same is true for the most part with Text Broadcasting. Once the customeruses the technology one time and realizes it’s as easy as sending an email onlyit’s 80% more effective, they are trained and off on their own!So I stated that starting your own Mobile Media Agency is simple, and that youcan do so for less than $100 per year! (Remember no $2,000 surprises)Admittedly it would not be cheap or simple were it not for the ingenious launchof a company that has made the complex easy, fun, and cheap.When I first learned about the concept of Text Broadcasting I did a ton of duediligence. I called on local and small businesses and basically pitched the idea tothem, ALL of them said yes to the concept.Check,Customers want this and want it badly in some cases, as their email campaignsare getting miserable responses!In fact one well know Internet Marketing launch recently built a list of over50,000 brand new subscribers. A few weeks after the launch when they emailedtheir first affiliate offer to the list, they got less than a 7% open rate!Out of 50,000 less than 3,500 even had a chance to buy!On a side note, EVERY Internet marketer and anyone selling products onlineneeds this technology like yesterday!Next, after running Text Broadcasting by enough small business owners andentrepreneurs to prove that it was a viable product, I dug around and lookedinto starting my own Text Broadcasting Company.In case there aren’t enough holes in my head, just shoot me one more time!Thousands of dollars, tons of headaches, and massive risk is what I found on thego it alone plan, so scratch that!Then I found a little company out of Atlanta that actually has taken all of theheadache out of starting and running your own mobile media agency! Your next step is to visit this site: Brendan Kelly - Phone: (917) 338-2527 - Email address:
  27. 27. Here is exactly how simple this is…First, you register with them by starting your own private Mobile Media Agency…cost, $99.00!Then they handle all the billing, customer service, technology and textingplatform, marketing materials etc… all you do is connect the small businessowner with them and bam!Monthly residual income paid out on a weekly basis!Now I had my target and there was only one final step in the process. Run it bya few members of a few of the high-level mastermind groups I am fortunate tobe part of…You guessed it! Mobile marketing was already a hot topic!In fact, last weekend I was at the Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher Traffic andConversion summit and the most compelling section was Sunday morning whenthey went over Mobile Media!The timing on this couldn’t be more perfect!So why am I writing this report and telling you about it?Because I have decided to run with this in a big way and I have started my ownagency and I’m looking for a few good marketers that are like me and ready tobuild a healthy residual income, inside a real business, with a real product,calling on real business owners!Oh, and remember when I told you that you could tap into the outsourcing crazewithout ever hiring even one VA or outsourced employee?This company allows you as an owner of your own Mobile Media Agency to bringon reps to sell the product as well, and make a management override!How many people do you think would respond to a Craigslist ad offering theopportunity to market this product to local, small and medium business?What if it was dead simple to present to the potential clients!Remember I told you we could use the leverage of the Internet to grow this? Your next step is to visit this site: Brendan Kelly - Phone: (917) 338-2527 - Email address:
  28. 28. As I write this report I am also working on a powerful video presentation for youthat quickly explains to a local or small business owner the power of TextBroadcasting.This means that anyone can simply pull out an iPad, or any laptop computer,click play, answer a few questions then get the new client started right there onthe spot!Based on all of my conversations when I ran this by business owners in myresearch, this simply sells itself! I know that’s a cliché but in this case it hasproven to be absolutely true!The company I found to partner with is actually less expensive on their plansand pricing than what little competition there is out there.And this company has the most recognized short code in the entire industry!90210!Short codes are the number that you send your text to when opting in to a list.The challenge with every other text broadcasting platform I looked at was tryingto remember the short code?Remember a few pages back when you tried to remember 10 of your friendsphone numbers? Good luck on short codes as well!90210 is the .com of the Mobile Marketing world, and this company owns thatshort code! Your next step is to visit this site: Brendan Kelly - Phone: (917) 338-2527 - Email address:
  29. 29. So How Much Potential Income Can Be Made?Here are the plans and corresponding commissions:The iConnect plan, 2000 outgoing text messages per monthCustomer pays $99.00 per month and you earn $25.00 per month!The iConnect Pro plan, 5000 outgoing text messages per monthCustomer pays $250.00 per month and you earn $62.50 per month!The iConnect Unlimited plan, Unlimited outgoing text messages per monthCustomer pays $1,500 per month and you earn $375.00 per month!Remember this company is one of only a few that offer customers an unlimitedtexting plan, and at $375 per month in residual commission it doesn’t take manyto get to a six-figure income!Develop just 23 customers One Time who build a Text Broadcasting list on theunlimited plan and you’re at $100,000 per year in residual income!Remember you don’t have to develop 23 customers per month, just 23 Ever thatpay monthly, and at a 25% commission you could be actually living on the beachor working that 4 hour work week and still maintain a six figure income!Too aggressive? I know that the majority of Internet Marketers don’t make anywhere near $100,000 so let’s be more conservative.Assume that you brought on just 3 customers a week for just 12 months andthat you sold an even amount of the smallest, medium sized, and unlimited plansto those customers then you quit forever!After just 12 months you could be earning a cool $24,050 per MONTH, or$288,600 per year in Walk Away income!And that’s assuming you stop after 12 months and go to Disneyland!Based on my trial run, I fully expect to bring on 2-3 clients a day not per weekand still take most of the day off to work on my other Internet businesses.This example not only assumes you stop after 12 months, but it also assumesyou don’t leverage your efforts by setting up a team!Just you, only for 12 months all by yourself, sitting there writing out just 23Christmas cards trying not to get sand in the envelopes! Your next step is to visit this site: Brendan Kelly - Phone: (917) 338-2527 - Email address:
  30. 30. You Can Make Money, or You Can Make Excuses… But You Can’t Make Both!Make no mistake, we are in a full on land grab as this technology makes it’s wayfirst to the early adopters like Internet Marketers, then to traditional companiesthat will be grabbing up this one time wave of customers as they adopt this newtechnology!There has never been a better time to draw a line in the sand and “Crush It”for just a few months then reap the rewards for years to come!Once a small business owner sees how instantly responsive their customers areto Text Broadcasting, your income is now protected by “Golden Handcuffs!”In the same way Insurance agents get paid for years or decades on the samesale, you can develop a massive residual income by working hard for a shortperiod of time then stepping back and relaxing!By the way I realize many of you have already jumped on the bandwagon ofcalling on Small and Local business. Based on the hundred or so identicalquestions last weekend of “How would I apply that to local business” that rangout during the seminar.If so, Great!If you are in fact calling on local or small business owners as their PPC, SEO, orSocial Media expert? This makes the perfect add on to the business you arealready doing and represents the most income for the least amount of workcalling on the exact same client!Your Next Moves!Just send me $2,000 for the how to course…Sorry I couldn’t resist! Your next step is to visit this site: Brendan Kelly - Phone: (917) 338-2527 - Email address:
  31. 31. There is Only One Simple Thing You Need to Do Now!1) The only thing you need to do now is visit a special website I have set up togive you all the details necessary to get started with your own mobile mediaagency.When you visit the site, you will get a chance to hear from the owners of thecompany, find detailed compensation documents, play with our cool retailincome potential calculator, view a detailed recorded webinar we did which willanswer the majority of your questions, and finally click a button to get startedwith your own agency and start your own land grab!So, your next step is to START!You will see a “Become An Agent” button after the last video and for just$99.00 you are now in business!If you have additional questions, contact:Name: Brendan KellyPhone: (917) -338-2527Skype: iZigniteEmail: brendan@izignite.comto get all your questions answered.We will be creating on-going training and support for everyone that joins ourteam and we will help you every step of the way in your new Mobile Mediabusiness!You can start earning income as soon as today, and your first weekly paymentcould arrive in as little as two weeks, then once a week from then on!Lets face it, chasing so-called “Opportunities”, especially in this economy isreckless and a crap shoot at best.If you are doing well and are in no hurry to earn income, then I guess staying inEducational Paralysis is fine. But if you, like me, are ready for a huge “LandGrab” and a real business, providing a real product, to real customers, then Iinvite you to join me!I never ask anyone to do something I haven’t done first, I’ve done thehomework on this one, I’m already running with this and it is flat out fun!When you begin to show this technology to people and see their initial reactionyou know you have a winning combination! Your next step is to visit this site: Brendan Kelly - Phone: (917) 338-2527 - Email address:
  32. 32. Click on the video below to get the specifics on the company and to get startedtoday.I want to thank you for taking the time to read this report, let’s make this thelast thing you learn for a while then lets team up and go earn for a while!Let’s Crush It!Scott Boulch Click here to see the demo and get the details: (If you are having trouble clicking on the link, copy and paste the link in your browser) Watch Now! Your next step is to visit this site: Brendan Kelly - Phone: (917) 338-2527 - Email address: