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New Indian Rupee Symbol Designed by by D. Udaya Kumar @ IDC IIT Bombay

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  • Jirendra prasad, Forte Institute of Technology, Meerut.

    The Indian Rupee symbol indicate our culture.
    Loving it.
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  • This is awesum! Let's hope that the govt goes ahead with this!
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  • RTI had already exposed that he is Non-eligible candidate for Indian Rupee Symbol Design Competition as he had violated the Indian Rupee Symbol Design competition guidelines .

    According to guidelines one candidate could send maximum two design entries but he had submitted a total of four designs.

    Second violation of guideline is the symbol itself, as it's not applicable to standard keyboard or Unicode enable.

    Violations are not stopping here according to information and broadcasting minister Ambika Soni 'The new rupee symbol partially resembles the Devanagri ‘Ra’ and Roman capital ‘R’ without the stem coupled with two parallel lines – in line with Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee’s vision for a symbol which reflects and captures Indian ethos and culture.'

    But using roman script/English alphabet in designing the New Indian rupee symbol is also a violation of guideline according to the guideline 'The symbol had to be in the Indian National Language Script'.

    But according to National language Script English is not included in that list till this date.

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  • love it.....
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  • This is a splendid presentation on India Rupee icon . I really appreciate this
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Indian rupee symbol

  1. Currency Symbol for Indian Rupee <br />D. Udaya Kumar<br />Research Scholar<br />
  2. <ul><li>Devanagiri & Roman script
  3. Shiro Rekha (Uniqueness)
  4. Indian flag (Tri color)
  5. Equality sign
  6. Harmonious with other currency symbols
  7. Global and local appeal
  8. Simplicity (High recall value)
  9. Familiar and easy to read
  10. Easy to write & design
  11. Easy to adapt & implement
  12. Blends with all numerals
  13. Balanced and Stable
  14. Unique & Dynamic design</li></ul>Design concept of the symbol is based on Devanagari and Roman script<br />
  15. Currency Symbol for Indian Rupee <br />The symbol seamlessly integrates both Devanagari and Roman script<br />
  16. The symbol denotes letter ‘R’ from Rupiah in Devanagari script<br />
  17. The uniqueness of Shiro-Rekha gives the symbol an Indian identity<br />
  18. The symbol also denotes part of letter ‘R’ from Rupee in Roman script<br />
  19. The horizontal lines represents the tricolor of our Indian flag<br />
  20. Equality sign symbolizes the relativity of economy and balanced economy<br />
  21. The symbol is designed in harmonious with other currency symbols<br />
  22. The unison design appeal to both Indian and foreign nationals<br />
  23. The use of existing letter simplifies the writing process across the globe<br />
  24. Minimal strokes makes it quick and easy to write<br />
  25. Familiarity, simplicity and less elements gives it a very high recall value <br />
  26. The symbol is simple to design and construct by any type designers<br />
  27. Opposite visual forces makes the design stable and balanced<br />
  28. The symbol is highly legible at smaller sizes and in reverse color<br />
  29. Design of Paisa can become a part of the symbol’s family <br />
  30. The symbol naturally blends with both Indian and Arabic numerals<br />
  31. The symbol naturally blends with both Indian and Arabic numerals<br />
  32. U+ 20A8 <br />Unicode for Indian currency symbol (Rupee) <br />U+0971 <br />Proposed by Indian IT Department within the Unicode range of Devanagari script<br />Unicode for the Rupee symbol<br />
  33. <ul><li>Devanagiri & Roman script
  34. Shiro Rekha (Uniqueness)
  35. Indian flag (Tri color)
  36. Equality sign represents a stable and balanced economy
  37. Harmonious with other currency symbols
  38. Global and local appeal
  39. Simplicity (High recall value)
  40. Familiar and easy to read
  41. Easy to write & design
  42. Easy to recollect and adapt
  43. Blends with numerals
  44. Balanced and Stable form
  45. Unique & Dynamic design
  46. Easy to reproduce and implement</li></li></ul><li>Countries which has Rupee as currency<br />
  47. A symbol should symbolize a meaningful thought. Meaning to a symbol is like Soul to a body, without soul the body is nothing, without deeper, sensible and thought provoking meaning the symbol is needless.<br />This symbol truly symbolizes our country, our tradition, our nations economy and its currency.<br />
  48. <ul><li>I am thankful to Industrial Design centre, IIT Bombay for the guidance and support.
  49. I also thank my parents and friends for their help and encouragement. </li></ul> Thank you<br />