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Tips on how to prepare your home for sale - what to do .. and what not to do!

Tips on how to prepare your home for sale - what to do .. and what not to do!



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Rib Presentation[1a] Rib Presentation[1a] Presentation Transcript

  • Home Staging & Re-Design Services
    • Consider This:
    • It’s a Buyer’s market which means there a lot of competition between sellers and presentation means everything
    • Buyers are incredibly demanding about what they want to buy and what their market expectations are
    • To get a buyer to pay YOUR price, they have to “fall in love” with your house
    • Buying a home is exhausting and stressful
    • Buyers are seeking a clean, peaceful house where they can relax and be comfortable
    • Buyers are demanding: Time equals money
    • If they have to spend time neutralizing and repairing a home most buyers will spend MORE money on another house instead.
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    • Whether listing privately, or with a Realtor, make sure you really want to sell your house
    • The manner in which you live in your home is vastly different from the way you sell your house.
    • Your house is a product and must be merchandised accordingly.
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    • Memories and emotions have their place however when it comes to selling, they shouldn’t overshadow the product: Your House.
    • “ Set the Stage” for the next set of homeowners by being prepared to depersonalize your home and turn it back into a house
    • Seller : Now that we’re leaving, we don’t want to invest in this house; we want to use the money for our next house.
    • Rooms in Bloom : Don’t be shortsighted. Staging is an investment into your most important possession – Your House
    • By staging this home, you will gain equity in your home and have MORE money to invest in your next house
    • And many Staging ideas cost nothing. That’s where the creativity of Staging comes in – and it works!
    • Bottom Line: “Why offer your home “as is” when you can offer it as “the best it can be”?
    • Staging Works! Home Staging is a proven, highly successful method of preparing a home for sale
    • Buyers begin their search with a logical criteria list. They buy for emotional reasons though, because “it just feels like home” to them
    • Home Staging creates that “just like home” atmosphere – which is why it’s so effective!
    • Home Staging costs less than a price reduction once your house is on the market. It is a solid investment and a great way to build equity in your home.
    • You never get a second chance to make a first impression.
    • Buyers can make up their minds in as little as 15 seconds if they like a space.
    • Sellers are hoping to find that one buyer who will like the same décor and who can see past any clutter or repairs
    • Sellers who don’t see any activity or get any offers will feel forced to do a price reduction and hope for the best
    • Home Staging gets buyers to connect emotionally with your house.
    • An emotional connection means your house is the house.
    • Buyers see your home’s potential
    • Neutral décor and accessories will set the stage for buyers to see themselves living in the space
    • A house will appeal to a broad spectrum of buyers
    • You are using a PROVEN method to get multiple offers , ensure a quicker selling time and get top dollar for your home
    • Professional Home Staging company with a flair for creative design and a passion for helping home owners prepare their homes for sale
    • Offers comprehensive consultations which are the roadmap for getting a house ready for the real estate market
    • Works with home owners and Realtors to customize staging options to fit any timeline or budget
    • Has a vast inventory of beautiful merchandise to perfectly stage your home
    • Works with reliable, licensed trades to help get any project or renovation completed – and we will even manage these projects for home owners upon request
    • Offers professional photography to help enhance your home’s listing and make it appealing both in person and online
    • Staging to Sell, Staging to Live .. Staging for Real Life!
    • Rooms in Bloom has a proven track record of houses staged and SOLD
    • We are enthusiastic and empathetic, approaching staging as both a fun and cleansing process
    • We help minimize the stress of selling and are a great resource for the sellers
    • We work hard to ensure client satisfaction and know that what we do has a positive impact on people’s lives
    • Rooms in Bloom offers custom designs to clients so that their new home is staged to live
    • We will manage projects/renovations upon client’s request and offer competitive quotes from our team of professional trades people
    • We will do personal shopping for décor items and work with the client’s preferences, needs and wants to create a harmonious and beautiful space
    • Contact us for more details
    • www.roomsinbloom.org
    • Contact us to book a consultation today