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  • 1. Welcome to Anna Dombroski’s Student Led Celebration Term 3 2010
  • 2. WRITING
    • Term 1 Writing Level: 3p (progressing)
    • Term 1 Next Step: Structure and organise her writing using paragraphs.
    • Reflection: I have worked really hard to use paragraphs. I can now organise and structure my writing, using paragraphs. I am still trying to record one main idea in each paragraph.
  • 3.
    • In Writing I am now working at Level 3a (advancing).
    • I am learning to structure an argument.
    • I do this by using the structure of an argument sheet to help me plan and structure my writing.
    • Term 1 Numeracy Stage: 6p (progressing)
    • Term 1 Next Step: Consolidate her place value knowledge up to millions including her decimal place value.
    • Reflection: I have a great understanding of place value up to millions and have a good understanding of decimal place value.
  • 5.
    • In Numeracy I am now working at
    • Stage 7p (progressing).
    • I am learning to convert improper fractions into proper fractions.
    • I do this by looking at the denominator and numerator, and I use my multiplication knowledge. I work out how many times the denominator goes into the numerator. Then I can see the remainder and record the proper fraction.
  • 6. READING
    • Term 1 Reading Level: asTTle 4p (progressing)
    • Term 1 Next Step: Apply a variety of strategies to effectively analyse and evaluate a range of texts.
    • Reflection: I have worked hard to use strategies such as self-questioning to give me further knowledge and understanding about the text that I am reading.
  • 7.
    • In Reading I am now achieving at asTTle Level 4b (beginning).
    • I am learning to use deeper thinking, to think critically about what I am reading .
    • I do this by using Bloom’s Taxonomy levels of thinking such as Understanding.
  • 8. In Religious Education I am learning about the Church’s Liturgical seasons. In my life this means that I can understand the importance of each season. For example, I know that Advent is the time to get ready for Jesus’ birth.
  • 9.
    • In my learning I am most proud of:
    • My Term 2 Inquiry learning because my partner and I were very behind, but we caught up and produced a very good Inquiry project.
    • My Uranus painting because I used Uranus’ colours and surface features to guide my art work.
  • 10.
    • Some of the tools I use
    • to help me in my
    • learning are:
    • Bloom’s Taxonomy because the activities help me to understand what I am reading.
    • Peer assessments because they help me
    • to know what are my next steps and what I have done well.
  • 11.
    • Some of the new opportunities I have taken on in my class and school are:
    • Dance NZMade
    • Sign Language
    • Mathex problem solving group
    • Ukulele
  • 12.
    • I show that I am following Jesus’ example of LOVE as a SUPER Achiever when I:
    • Display Unity towards others by including others in my games.
    • Consistently show Enthusiasm towards all my learning and towards everything that I do.
  • 13.
    • Thanks for coming to my Student Led Celebration.
    • Do you have any questions?