Term 2 week 1


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Term 2 week 1

  1. 1. TERM 2 Week 1 23-27th April
  2. 2. Monday 23rd April 2012 23.4.12Rāhina 23rd Paenga-whāwhāR.U.NFitnessMaths - StatsWriting – HolidaysMORNING TEAInquiry – ANZAC DayTe Reo - ClothesLUNCHInquiry – ANZAC contLIBRARY
  3. 3. ANZAC Australia New Zealand Army Corp1. What does ANZAC Day mean to you and your family?2. Why is it important to celebrate/remember ANZAC day? Give reasons!
  4. 4. Tuesday 24th April 2012 24.4.12Rātu 24th Paenga-whāwhāR.U.NTECHNOLOGYMorning TeaDEAR 5Inquiry – ANZACMaths – STATSLUNCHInquiry – ANZAC continuedPE Skills
  5. 5. Thursday 25th April 2012 25.4.12Rāmere 25th Paenga-whāwhāR.U.NFitnessMaths – MM2 pg 241 Ex 10 & 7Writing - PersuasiveMORNING TEADEAR 5Inquiry - ANZACHall TimeLUNCHInquiry - ANZACMusic Room
  6. 6. Friday 27th April 2012 27.4.12Rāmere 27th Paenga-whāwhāR.U.NMathsInquiry – ANZAC finishing activitiesMORNING TEATeam AssemblyTeam Hall GamesLUNCHINQUIRY TERM 1 Presentations
  7. 7. FOR THE FALLENThey shall not grow oldAs we that are left grow oldAge shall not weary themNor the years condemnAt the going down of the sunAnd in the morningWe will remember themLEST WE FORGET
  8. 8. Persuasive WritingShould ANZAC Day be a public holiday? YES! WHY? NO! WHY? Families have a day to Day less of education remember their lost ones •We could learn more by been •We can remember what they at school for the day died for •Shops are closed until 1pm •You get a day off •MOST people don’t attend •Special time to go to ceremonies or services anyway! memorials/ statues •You have to look after your •We can learn more by TV child rather than them going to coverage school •You can attend dawn • So kids don’t have to go to ceremonies – see past soldiers services •Can travel to attend services •Spend time at home remembering - baking
  9. 9. Friday 26th April 2012 26.4.12Rāpare 26th Paenga-whāwhāR.U.NMathsWritingMorning TeaDEAR 5Team AssemblyTeam GameLUNCHInquiry – Term 1 Presentations
  10. 10. Rāhina 23rd Paenga-whāwhāClothes - Kākahu Taraū – pants/trousers * taraū kahurangiTaraū poto - shortsHāte – T shirt * He pai te hāte whero ki au Hū - shoes Panekoti – skirt/ dress Pōtae - hat * He pai ngā hū kowhai ki au Koti – jacket/coat Tōkena - socks Hingareti – singlet * He pai ēnei kākahu ki au
  11. 11. YOUR ANZAC DICTIONARY Poppy: * Remembrance Day Gallipoli * Armistice Day RSA * WW1 Half mast * War Heroes * Trenches Medals * Dog tags Memorial * Marching Wreaths * SoldiersNOW choose 5 of your own
  12. 12.  Travel to School Bike 1B, 5GSTATISTICS - DATA Scooter 4B, Walk 2B, 3G Birthday monthsJanuary Car 3B, 1GFebruary 1B, 2G  Favourite Sports Bus 4B, 2GMarch 1B, 2G Netball 8April 1B, 1G Basketball 4May 2B, 1G Tennis 2June 3B, Rugby 2July 1GAugust League 2September 3B, Other 8  Favourite CerealOctober 1G Weetbix 5November 1B, 3G  Room 2 CornflakesDecember 1B, 2G Boys 13 Honey Puffs 1 Girls 14 Nutrigrain 14MM2 Pg 239 Ex8&11 Coco Pops 6