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 Matts science power point Matts science power point Presentation Transcript

  • INCREDIBLEINSULATION!!! Science Experiment By Matthew Jones
  • AIM:To find the most efficient form of house insulation so that people stop using electric heat pumps which needs electricity that needs to be made with fossil fuels which are a finite resource.
  • HYPOTHESIS My question - Aim:The best form of houseinsulation in order to save elictricity. Myhypothesis: I think that paper would be the bestform of insulation because black [the colour]absorbs heat so it will stay hotter for longer. View slide
  • researchInsulating your home will save fossil fuel consuming electricity and provide a healthier and more cosy family living area. The heat captured from the sun needs to be stopped from escaping through walls, ceilings and floors. Insulated surfaces are warmer than non insulated surfaces. Condensation is less likely to form in your homes so by insulating your home you are reducing the likelihood of yucky, festering mould .which causes illness . View slide
  • MATERIALS1: (5) Thermometers.2: (5) Different forms of Insulation.[Below is the form of insulation I testedSince I was in a group who tested sponge, pink bats ,cotton wool and a wooly sock]. Black paper.
  • The Experiment in measured beaker.1. I placed a thermometer2. I wrapped the beaker in black paper [my insulator]3. I poured hot water from the kettle into the beaker and measured the start temperature with the thermometer and recorded it .4. I set my timer to go in a minute when the alarm went off I recorded the temperature and repeated for 15 minutes.5. I did the same thing with cold water from the fridge .6. I did the experiment again with a control to compare with.
  • Temperatures recorded over 15 minutes(Degrees Celsius) 100.0 hot water control 75.0 hot water blackpaper cold water control cold water black paper 50.0 25.0 0 Start 5mins 10mins 15mins
  • APPLICATIONGetting your house insulated is related to our bbi year7 unit sharing the planet because the alternative to insulation is to buy a big, bulky, expensive heat pump that needs electricity which in order to be made people burn finite fossil fuels to make electricity so if people insulated their houses we wouldn’t have to burn planet earth’s natural finite resources.
  • BibliographyIn this science fair the research I found on this website:
  • CONCLUSIONIn the results I compared the black paper insulation with control and they both in cold and hot changed temperature at the same rate so it didn,t make much of a difference in my test . In the group test the wooly sock was the best insulator in hot water and black paper was the worst insulator that’s exactly the opposite of my hypothesis!Thanks for watching! by Matthew Jones