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Our presentation about drain safety.

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  • Mr ross and the super sellers

    1. 1. Mr Ross and the Super Sellers Drain designs for our school.
    2. 2. Why we think we need drain designs. We are doing this because we believe that there is a litter problem especially around our drains. By doing this we believe that we will not only make our drains look more appealing , but that we will stop the litter around our drains
    3. 3. How litter goes to our sea and the different types of drains. Drains: Storm water(rain Storm water drains make only) and gully traps(for rain go down to streams and dirty water). beaches. Gully traps make dirty water go down to the sewerage and it gets cleaned and the pond is the place where the now clean water goes when it is done.
    4. 4. Who litter effects and how long it takes for stuff to break down Rubbish effects every living thing on earth. It takes chip packets and aluminium 200 years to break down. Plastic 140 years, paper 6 weeks and glass takes 1,000,000 years.
    5. 5. How this will help our school? This will help our school by reducing litter anywhere where there is drains. We believe that if we create an environment that is pleasing to the eye that people will choose not to litter around it. It also makes our school look more appealing to visitors.
    6. 6. Our experiment. The blue plant shows our plant life. You can see that it has doubled over and that shows what it is doing to our plants. The green plant shows our sea life. There has been a lot of change but you can’t see it because of the green food coloring. The red plant shows our drinking water. As you can see, our drinking water is getting dirtier every day. THIS IS ALL BECAUSE OF LITTER!!! WE MUST STOP LITTERING!!!!!!!!!!
    7. 7. What the designs look like. The service team has already designed a pink pig, a fish and a penguin. These all have speech bubbles with a message. For example “Do not throw your rubbish on the ground, help save our animals.”
    8. 8. How we plan to do this. We will get people from Room 22 that have already made the designs to paint them around the outsides of the drains at MBS. The designs that we have already showed you are models of what we plan to paint, however we intend to design more.
    9. 9. Costing and plan of attack. Pricing: 100-150 gulls for each drain. It will take us 2-3 weeks to do each drain. We will start asap 16 drains with two that need to be re painted which we intend to do.
    10. 10. Any Questions