Be An Expert on Facebook Timeline


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In this presentation on Facebook Timeline, we cover all of the management features, and design features which can help you build a real personality for your brand with Facebook Timeline.

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Be An Expert on Facebook Timeline

  1. FACEBOOKTIMELINEINFO @ ROOM214.COMBrandon Whalen | @BrandonSingsJill Mailander |
  2. CONTENTSPAGE MANAGEMENT 3DESIGN YOUR TIMELINE 12BEST PRACTICES 26QUESTIONS 42• Page Management• Designing Your Timeline• Best Practices
  3. PAGEMANAGEMENTPlanning PostsPinning and HighlightingChanges to Your WallNew Administration PanelEditing Your Settings
  5. HIGHLIGHTING Pinning posts Highlighting posts 5 | Page Management | Highlighting Posts
  6. FAN WALL POSTSTHE GOOD Collects all posts into one area and is easier to see Easier for brand managers to respond to the fans Hides negative commenting moreTHE BAD The wall isn’t as much of a conversation Fan posts aren’t automatically seen by other fans Fans may feel that their voice is less important 6 | Page Management | Fan Wall Posts
  7. FAN WALL POSTSTHE ALTERNATIVE The wall has a tab that you can choose to see posts by others and not the highlights of the brand page 7 | Page Management | Fan Wall Posts
  8. ADMINISTRATION PANEL8 | Page Management | Administration Panel
  9. MESSAGE9 | Page Management | Messages
  10. MESSAGE10 | Page Management | Messages
  11. EDITING PAGE SETTINGSNEW SETTINGS “Recent Posts by Others” Allow or deny posts by others on timelineTO ACCESS:11 | Page Management | Page Settings
  12. DESIGN YOURTIMELINECover PhotosProfile ImagesCustomizing and Organizing TabsMilestonesTimeline Maintenance
  13. COVER PHOTOS13 | Design Your Timeline | Cover Photos
  14. COVER PHOTOS14 | Design Your Timeline | Cover Photos
  15. COVER PHOTOSPHOTOS MAY NOT CONTAIN Price or purchase information Contact information like email, address, URLs References to “like,” “share,” or other Facebook features Call to action, such as “get it now”TIPS Best Quality: sRGB JPG file that is 851x315 and less than 100 kb Be visual, not literal Think about emotions vs. goals or tactics Integrate design into profile picture, and application icons 15 | Design Your Timeline | Cover Photos
  16. PROFILE IMAGESREMEMBER Pictures will shrink to 125x125 px Insider knowledge: Profile picture sizes increase to 160x160 on April 26th Make sure your profile photo is distinguishable as a thumbnail Thumbnail is the most often seen aspect of your Facebook page 160 x 160 50 x 50 160 x 160 50 x 50 16 | Design Your Timeline | Profile Images
  17. APPLICATIONS: CUSTOMIZING 50 x 501. 2. 3. 4. 17 | Design Your Timeline | Applications
  18. APPLICATIONS: ORGANIZING 1. 2. 3.. 18 | Design Your Timeline | Applications
  19. MILESTONES. 19 | Design Your Timeline | Milestones
  20. MILESTONES 1. 2.. 20 | Design Your Timeline | Milestones
  21. MILESTONES 3.. 21 | Design Your Timeline | Milestones
  22. MILESTONES 843 px 403 px. 22 | Design Your Timeline | Milestones
  23. TIMELINE MAINTENENCE23 | Design Your Timeline | Timeline Maintenance
  24. TIMELINE MAINTENENCECLEAN YOUR TIMELINE Highlight important posts Hide questionable content Add important milestones • Create a theme • Tell your brand’s story 24 | Design Your Timeline | Timeline Maintenance
  25. GREAT TIMELINE EXAMPLES• Room 214: History of Social Media• Manchester United: Team History• Coca-Cola: Brand History• Livestrong: History Behind Organization25 | Design Your Timeline | Great Timeline Examples
  26. BESTPRACTICESImportance of ContentContent Strategy TipsEngagement TipsChanges to TabsChanges to Paid Advertising
  27. INTEREST LISTS Fans can now segment updates from pages into “interest lists” Don’t be surprised to see fans use this to clean up their news feeds Is your content news feed worthy? 27 | Best Practices | Importance of Content | Interest Lists
  28. WHAT HAPPENS POST –LIKE?YOU NEED A CONTENT STRATEGY FOCUS ON ENGAGEMENT “Typically, only 15-20% of your fans will see  Fan engagement has a big effect on how many any given post.”* people see your posts The vast majority of your fans only see and  If your community is not engaged, you are interact with your page through their home letting potential fans go to waste feed 28 | Best Practices | Importance of Content | Post Like Stats | *Source:
  29. LIFE OF A STATUS UPDATEFacebook’s edge rank algorithm determines which fans and non-fans see stories from your page. What does it mean? You need engagement! The more comments, likes, and posts from your fans, the more people will see your updates. 29 | Best Practices | Importance of Content | Facebook Algorithm
  30. CONTENT STRATEGY:RULE-OF-THIRDS1. POSTS ABOUT YOUPosts about your brand/product/group whichcover news, new content (such as blogs andvideos), and anything else directly related. 30 | Best Practices | Importance of Content | Content Strategy
  31. CONTENT STRATEGY:RULE-OF-THIRDS2. POSTS ABOUT FANSRe-posted comments, posts, and other contentfrom your fans. Example: First you posted aquestion asking for an opinion the color of aproduct. Followup by posting individualcomments and opinions from fans. 31 | Best Practices | Importance of Content | Content Strategy
  32. CONTENT STRATEGY:RULE-OF-THIRDS3. POSTS ABOUT INTERESTSGet to know your audience, and observe whatthey normally post to their own streams. Youshould be posting similar content to yourstream to identify with them. 32 | Best Practices | Importance of Content | Content Strategy
  33. STATUS UPDATE STATSStatus updates and page posts are the number one way peopleinteract with brands and organizations on Facebook. Posts 80 characters or less in length have 27% higher engagement rates Posts which end with a simple question receive 15% higher engagement Pages that post outside of business hours have 20% higher engagement “Soft sell” words are more effective than hard sell words (ex. “win” vs. “promotion”) 33 | Best Practices | Importance of Content | Engagement Tips
  34. STATUS UPDATE TIPSThere are a few general guidelines you can follow as you write yourpage updates, which can help you keep your fans engaged. Post Often: Pages that post 2-3 times daily have more fans and interactions than pages who post only a few times weekly. Don’t Over-Post: Time your updates to be at least 3-4 hours apart so as not to overwhelm your fans. Be Timely: Updates that refer to holidays and current events are more likely to gain interactions. Ask Questions: Ask your fans questions to get them talking. Give Fans a Call to Action: Give your fans specific directions on how to respond to your post (example: “Do you enjoy cake? If yes, click like!”). Go Beyond Text: There are several of ways to enagage your fans. Post photos, albums, links, videos and event invites. 34 | Best Practices | Importance of Content | Engagement Tips
  35. RESPOND TOEVERYTHINGWhen someone posts on your page, they want toknow there is a human on the other end of theconversation. Respond to every comment andquestion and your fans will be more likely toengage.COMMENT TAGGINGWithin a comment stream, type “@” and acommenter’s name. It will allow you to tagspecific fans in your response. It also notifies thecommenter that you have tagged them in acomment. 35 | Best Practices | Importance of Content | Engagement Tips
  36. CHANGES TOAPPS & TABSGOOD NEWS 111x74 app image (was 16x16) More visibility for first three apps Apps now have 810 pixels of spaceBAD NEWS No more default landing tabs Only space for up to 3 tab/apps Old 520px apps don’t look rightMOVING FORWARD Default landing tabs are now gone You can still use like-gates for conversions Drive traffic with ads, promoting within your community Use game mechanics within apps to incentivize fans to invite friends 36 | Best Practices | Changes to Apps and Tabs
  37. PAID ADVERTISING: REACHGENERATORREACH MORE OF YOUR FANS The reach generator always runs Only 15-20% of fans see your posts Creates sponsored stories out of page content and distributes them to the rest of your fans 37 | Best Practices | Changes to Paid Advertising
  38. PAID ADVERTISING: LOGOUT ADSLogout Ads: Take up a large amount of real estate. Think of them as Facebook’s versionof “page takeovers.” 38 | Best Practices | Changes to Paid Advertising
  39. PAID ADVERTISING:MOBILE ADVERTISING Sponsored stories and premium ads will appear in users’ news feeds on the mobile Facebook website and on iOS/Android apps First time advertising will be a part of Facebook’s mobile platforms Around 40% of Facebook’s 800 millions users access the site through mobile 39 | Best Practices | Changes to Paid Advertising
  40. PAID ADVERTISING: FACEBOOK OFFERS Allows users to collect coupons via news feed or ads Can be used on the self serve ad platform, but only by premium advertisers 40 | Best Practices | Changes to Paid Advertising
  41. PAID ADVERTISING:NEW AD SIZE & COPY LIMITCHANGES TO FACEBOOK ADS OLD Image sizes reduced to 99x72 px Copy length reduced to 90 characters More ad units displayed per pageTIPS Keep it simple, stupid Refer to one offer or subject, and in as few words as possible NEW Focus on audience: Play off ego, ask a compelling question Images: Focus on smiling faces, aspirational items, or something bright/shocking 41 | Best Practices | Changes to Paid Advertising
  42. QUESTIONS?INFO @ ROOM214.COMBrandon Whalen | @BrandonSingsJill Mailander |