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    pp pp Presentation Transcript

    • The fit will live let the games begin Hunting world
    • Brief Hunting world is the land for the hard and people how don’t care if things died or if you get hurt and that can walk up hills that are 60 degrees up and can carry animals that weight up to 200kgs and wild free animals are hunted for sport and food and only the hard and fit will survive. But there is a catch people can get in if they past the test which if very hard people can died through this test.
    • Looks like Sounds like feels like Blood, guts, wild animals, Dead animals, Bones, trees, bushes, guns, bullets, scopes, beer, cups, sleeping bags, knives, for the hard, Deer, pigs, goats, rabbits, wild cats, possums, food, tents, trucks, Hunters. Blood, guts, fur, wet, hair, rough, wood, gun, light, the breeze, dead animals, Food, Muscle, Bullets, Hot, cold. Guns firing, animals Dying, Cutting, drinking, quiet, quietly talking, Engines, pigs, goats, cats, deer, rabbits, the wind against the trees, the wind against the bushes, Animals running around.
    • Imagery
    • Parts Hunters Bush Animals Guns
    • Parts Animals If it wasn’t there, there will be no reason for the hunters to come and the point of hunting is to hunt wild animals and to push your self to the point that will give up. If wasn't there Hunters The whole point of coming to hunting world is to hunt and if there is no hunters there will be no hunting then what's the point of going hunting if there are no hunter’s. Bush If there was no bush it would be easy for the animals to spot you and you can spot them and another point of hunting is to stalk the animal and to surprise it. Guns If there was no guns you couldn’t kill anything a knife isn’t going to much and what if you want to kill something for long range you throw a knife that far a gun has more killing power and you can kill it faster. Role To give the hunter’s to kill something and to have a point to go hunting and to enter the world. To hunt the animals and to have a point of going to the hard world and to be able to do something. The give the hunters cover and to help the hunters to stalk the prey and to kill it with not being seen. To give the hunters a weapon to kill things with and as a self defence to defend them if they get attacked.
    • Benefits of my environment The forest: Gives the hunters the upper hand to hunt the animals How: The deep thick forest gives the hunters the cover to get close to the prey and to hind the animals and to help them get away and to give them a place to sleep and eat and give them a place to drink and there is a water hole where all animals drink and meet but the hunters know where the water hole is so the animals have trouble drinking. The guns: So the hunters can kill the animal faster and to kill them from a long range How: The power of the gun helps kill the animal faster then a knife and with the range of a gun they can shoot them from a range of up to 500 meters and if there wasn’t guns you have to hunt the animal for about 3 hours if you see it from a long way away and then if you if you got so close and if it broke you wouldn’t be happy. The hunters: If there no hunters the animals would bred and not died and there is no point of going to hunting world without hunters How: The point of hunters is to hunt the animals and if there was no hunters there would be no such thing as hunting and what's the point of hunting if there no one hunting if there no hunting there would be no such thing as hunting world. Animals: If there was no animals there would be no point of coming to hunting world How: If there was no animals there would be noting to hunt or chase or watch, what would you do all day sit there and talk about what could of happened and everyone would leave to go some where else.