Wendy's Treaty of waitangi (national conflict)


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  • Wendy's Treaty of waitangi (national conflict)

    1. 1. TREATY OF WAITANGI (National Conflict) By Wendy Jian
    2. 2. What is the Treaty Of Waitangi? • The treaty of Waitangi is the founding document of New Zealand. It is an agreement drawn up between representatives of the British Crown and representatives of the Maori wi and hapu. • It is named after the place in the Bay of Islands where the treaty was first signed, on 6th February 1840, although, in fact, it was signed all over the country.
    3. 3. Conflict & Causation • The conflict between the Europeans’ (Pakeha) and the Maoris’ was that the Europeans wanted to live in New Zealand (Aotearoa) and control the Maoris’ but the Maoris’ didn’t want the Europeans to live in New Zealand because they discovered New Zealand before the Europeans and didn’t want to give up living in New Zealand. They also didn’t want to be under control of the Europeans’ either.
    4. 4. Effects from the Conflict • For some of the Maori’s who wanted to share New Zealand with the European’s might had been excluded from the tribe. • Some of the Maoris’ wanted to kill the Europeans’ in order to keep New Zealand their own. • The Europeans wanted to kill the Maoris’ so they can have New Zealand as their’s to live in. • Some Maoris’/Europeans had guards at night since they were scared that the Maoris’/Europeans’ might attack them while they were sleeping.
    5. 5. The Peaceful Solution to the conflict • The conflict between the Maoris’ and the Europeans’ was solved by signing “The Treaty of Waitangi”, however....
    6. 6. Further conflicts... • The reason there are still further conflicts between the Maoris’ and the Europeans’ is because the Maori and the English version of the treaty had a slight error of translation.
    7. 7. Key Differences on the Treaty • The preamble of the English version states the British intensions were to: protect the Maori interests from the encroaching British settlement; provide for British settlement; and establish a government to maintain peace and order. • The Maori text suggests that the Queen’s main promises to Maori were to: provide a government while securing tribal rangatiratanga and Maori land ownership for as long as they wished to retain it.
    8. 8. Possible peaceful solutions • The governments could tell people to vote for whether they want the Treaty to be the way it says it in the Maori version or the English version. • We could all ignore what ever was on the treaty and live our life the way it is now.