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Dean4j@Njug5 Dean4j@Njug5 Presentation Transcript

  • NJUG 5
  • Overview
    • Platform as a Service
    • The future will be about programming language
    • JavaFX Family
  • Platform as a Service?
  • Examples
    • Amazon Services
    • Google App Engine
    • Microsoft Live Mesh
    • Sun Hydrazine
  • Amazon Services
    • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
    • Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)
    • Amazon SimpleDB
    • SQS, DevPay, FWS
  • Amazon S3
    • Most popular
    • Secure online storage space for any kind of data
    • Use web service to retrieve/store data by unique developer-assigned key
    • Use many in file/image sharing web sites.
    • 15 cents (~5 baht) a month/ 1 G
  • Amazon EC2
    • web service that provides resizable compute capacity in the cloud
    • Configurable from OS -> Software, Hardware, Zone
    • Increase/decrease instances by its own
    • $0.10 per instance hour
  • Amazon SimpleDB
    • Not RDBMS, Think Spreadsheet
    • Has a similar query language
    • Very Flexible.
    • Hurray! No need to maintain schema!, no need another DBA
  • Amazon SimpleDB
    • - Add New attributes on the fly
    • No datatype required
    • Box Usage is the measure of machine resources consumed by each request.
    • $0.14 per Amazon SimpleDB Machine Box Usage hour
  • Google App Engine
    • Leverage the power of Google infrastructure
    • Comes with
      • BigTable
      • GFS
  • Google App Engine
    • Similar to Amazon Services but
      • Start with free of charge
      • Python Only for now
      • No EC2 like
      • Not so flexible
      • Cannot be separated
      • Very BETA, very Google lock-in
  • The Trend
    • Moore’s Adoption
  • The Trend
    • Geek
      • Dude, That’s cool lets use it!
    • Early Adopter
      • Wow! I can gain competitive advantage from this.
    • Late Adopter
      • Hmm, Seems like everyone happy with it. Lets try it out.
    • Loser
      • I have to use it because everyone else are using it.
  • Something New -> Something Common
  • When something is common it’s easier to create economies of scale
  • Economies of Scale?
  • There is no advantage in building infrastructure But Thai websites doesn’t have that much problems scaling. Should I care?
  • Why Care?
    • The Web 2.0 is full of opportunities
      • Mash-ups
      • Social Networks
      • User generated Contents
      • 0 Entry Barrier
      • Fail? Try new ideas
  • Historic Problems
    • We are just startup. We are not that rich
    • We want to try some cool new ideas never happen elsewhere, but we are not sure they’re going to work or not.
    • We like to do and focus on what we are good at
  • Who knows, maybe we will be rich one day.
  • Think about it
    • One day if you’ve been digged! Or TechCrunched or Slashdotted.
    • Can Your site scale?
      • Multiple concurrent users
      • Bandwidth exceed
      • Fat Database
  • Think about it
    • Everyone has the same kind of infrastructure already.
      • Same Hardware technologies
      • Open source/ Open standard
    • Why we have to build and take care our own anyway?
    • Former Chief Architect Blaine Cook famously said
    Twitter case study “ Scaling Rails was easy” in April 2007
    • Latest Rumors.
    Twitter case study “ Twitter is planning to abandon Ruby on Rails ” in May 2008
  • Doing Infrastructure is not fun
    • It’s not so cool. We careless about it from the start.
    • Few have experienced it.
    • We are not sys admin. Let the expert do their job.
  • More To Come SaaS PaaS HaaS Your Data, Applications, Frameworks My Machines
  • More To Come SaaS PaaS HaaS Your Data My Applications, Frameworks, Machines
  • More To Come SaaS PaaS HaaS Your Data, Your Applications My Frameworks, Machines
  • More To Come Platform + Services Your Data, Your Applications My Services, Frameworks, Machines
  • More To Come
    • Eclipse AJAX IDE
    • Virtualization/RIA will play important role in this competition
  • Let the Platform handles the Cross cutting Concerns
  • The future will be about programming language
  • Historically
    • The academics and the business don’t get along each other well
    • The academic guys focus on how get thing done efficiently, faster, less LOC.
    • But it’s hard for practitioners to make use of new language concepts in real-world
    • building new language takes time & effort
  • The Time has come
    • The academic & business guys are starting to kissing one another
    • Come from 3 Forces
      • The Platform
      • Tools
      • Linguistics
  • Platforms
    • They are rock solid and they handle the cross-cutting concerns for you. You get these things for free
      • Garbage Collections
      • Cross Platform
      • Serialization
      • Distributed System
      • Internationalization
  • Examples
    • Java was embraced just because the garbage collection concept
      • 50+% of C++ efforts were focusing on how to manage memory usage
    • Ruby is big hype 3 years ago. People were jumping into it and they just realize Ruby still have along way to go.
      • Green Thread, I18n Support
    • Practitioners
      • IDEs
      • Debuggers
      • Profilers
    • Academics, Language Designers
      • Parsers
      • AST generators
      • Grammar debuggers
      • Code optimizers
  • Linguistics
    • Long time people think OOP is end all of the top mountain, There is no more to climb.
    • But when AOP & Ruby come, they wake us up!
  • Challenges
    • Concurrency
      • multi core CPU
      • Thread safe?
    • User Interface
      • Flex/Silverlight/JavaFX
  • What you should do from now on
    • Start learning new Programming Languages
      • Groovy for testing, xml, regex, scripting …
    • When you learn another language you’ll get lots of benefits
      • You learn the history/culture of the origin people using it
      • You can apply the new paradigms you learned to your main language
    • Some notions show Scala is coming to be the replacement
  • JavaFX Family
    • Java 6 update 10
    • JavaFX Runtime
    • JavaFX Mobile, TV, Blu-ray
  • JavaFX Family
    • Focus of Java were on the server-side for long time
    • The shift that focus now
    • JavaFX is to Enable User Experience in everyway
  • Java 6 update 10
    • Enhanced Java deployment
      • Java Kernel
      • Pack200 Support
  • Java 6 update 10
    • Improved performance and look & feel
      • Java Quick Starter
      • Nimbus Look & Feel
      • Hardware acceleration support
      • Native Font Rendering on Windows
  • Nimbus L&F
  • Java 6 update 10
    • Next-Generation Java Plug-In
      • Rewrite plug-in from scratch
      • Cold start improvement
      • Get the right Java version
      • Improved Java/JavaScript communications
      • Java Applet to Web Start Support from JavaOne 2008
  • JavaFX Player
    • JavaFX Script
      • DSL for designers
      • Trigger, binding, twean
    • Video/Audio codec support from On2
        • HD Video
        • Same as Flash
    • skinnable
    • SceneGraph 2D/3D Support
    • WebKit engine/ HTML Component
  • JavaFX Tools
    • Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator export for Designer
    • NetBeans plug-in for developer
    • Something like FlexBuilder/ Blend tools is coming too.
  • JavaFX and Java
    • JavaFX Script can use existing Java libraries
    • You get everything that Java enables
      • Network
      • Web Services/ RMI/ Socket
      • Cross Platform
        • Existing mobile, Android, iPhone?
        • Set-top Box, TV
        • Blu-ray
  • Demo
  • Applet is coming Back with full Steam!
  • JavaFX Schedule
    • Early Access Program in July
    • JavaFX Desktop 1.0 SDK in September
    • JavaFX Mobile, TV SDK in March 2009
    • Open source?
  • Next Big Thing
    • Project Hydrazine
    • Project Insight