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Grace health care (pvt) ltd
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Grace health care (pvt) ltd


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Grace Health Care (Pvt) Limited is a company of Grace International which had been established in 2001, focusing an aim to provide innovative hi-tech health care product & services. …

Grace Health Care (Pvt) Limited is a company of Grace International which had been established in 2001, focusing an aim to provide innovative hi-tech health care product & services.
Provide the high quality medical disposable products with excellent customer service and after sales-service to ensure the customers satisfaction of the best value service on time at their door step.

Published in: Health & Medicine, Business

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  • 1. Company Product Portfolio. A Company of Grace International.
  • 2. joint venture together withTaj Builtec Al-Miqyas Est.Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our Global Partners
  • 3. Company ProfileGrace Health Care (Pvt) Limited is a company of Grace International which had beenestablished in 2001, focusing an aim to provide innovative hi-tech health care product& services.Provide the high quality medical disposable products with excellent customer service andafter sales-service to ensure the customers satisfaction of the best value service on timeat their door step.
  • 4. MOTTO• Maximizing profit & market share through serving the medical needs of society.• There are 3 parts to our business, which are critical to our Success:• :: Customers - the maintenance of their loyalty is our prime goal. :: Colleagues - without them we cannot operate. :: Manufacturers - they must be true Partners to ensure we meet Customers needs. MISSION Our mission is to provide consistent value for our customers that will maximize market share and long-term earnings growth: we will do this by managing our business with integrity and the highest ethical standards, while acting in a socially responsible manner with particular emphasis on the well-being of our co-workers and the community we serve.• VISION To be a regional leader of medical supply solutions to the selected segments of the healthcare industry we serve.
  • 5. VALUES We believe in high integrity as the guiding principle of doing business. We believe in our team-mates and their well-being. We believe in providing superior customer service. We believe in supporting the communities we serve. We believe in continuously augmenting our network and owners equity.
  • 6. OUR COMMITMENT GHC is committed to using the healthcare technology of tomorrow for the people of today. We are committed to implementing our corporate tenets: professionalism, promptness, competence and diligence in monitoring new trends and developments in the medical field, active participation in the development of medical services, and pride in our heritage and cultural values. GHC is committed to its customers, knowing that its existence depends on the customers loyalty and continuing patronage of its services. Such commitment is rooted firmly in Islamic values and Asian traditions that place importance not on the individual, but on the collective.
  • 7. Disposable Medical & Hygiene ProductsThe DEVELOPMENT and AVAILABILITY of an increasing array of disposable items for use in the healthprofessions have accelerated dramatically in recent years. In addition to the long–standing list ofdisposables such as disposable syringes, disposable vaginal speculum, disposable proctoscope andinfection prevention kit.By definition, a single–use disposable device is intended to be used on one patient and thendiscarded. A true disposable device is not intended to be cleaned and sterilized for re-use since it isnot typically manufactured as easy–to–clean or heat–tolerant. Even as you continue to use moredisposables in your practice, you might readily recall previous examples of similar items that wereroutinely used during treatment, then cleaned and sterilized before being re-used.
  • 8. Designing single-use medical devicesTrue, user requirements drive product specifications, but there ismore than that. Cost is a significant factor because most disposableproducts function only once. There is no potential to minimizecosts with repeated use.Current technology can help speed product development and keepcosts down. And, the device must meet strict requirements setforth by the (FDA) Food and Drug Administration, as well as workreliably and consistently.To create a high-quality product, designers must recognize andmitigate risks associated with disposable devices. Risks in thisdiscussion fall into three categories: risk of design, risk of process,and risk of use.
  • 9. A pragmatic approach towards single-use-disposable devicesDisinfection and decontamination including sterilization ofdevices take a lot of time. For the sake of convenience andhygiene, there are many sterile single-use-disposable suppliesavailable for safe provision.Grace Health Care marketed disposable syringes, disposablevaginal speculum, disposable proctoscope and infectionprevention kit for health care providers.
  • 10. Product PortfolioDisposable medical & surgical devices like……“Disposable Vaginal Speculum“Infection Prevention Kit“Disposable Proctoscope“GHC Shoe Cover Dispencer“BioPad & BioSpray“Fever Cooling Patch“AidPure Cold Bandage“Pressure Offloading Devices (Orthotics)
  • 11. Disposable Vaginal SpeculumViginal Speculum is a diagnostic tool forinvestigating body cavities, a speculumallows entry into a body cavity. Speculum isintended for direct vision and allow theoperator a direct vision of the area ofinterest and the possibility to introduceinstruments for further interventions suchas a biopsy.Viginal Speculum is ready to use, disposablesterilized diagnostic tool to keep patient freefrom hospital and community acquiredinfections. Available in all sizes.
  • 12. The Use of Disposable Vaginal Speculam in Improving Infection ControlStudy published in28 February, 2006VOL: 102, ISSUE: 09, PAGE NO: 53Sarah Tattersall, RGN, DipHE, is infection control nurse, Salford Primary Care TrustAdherence to infection control guidelines on the use anddecontamination of medical and surgical devices and instruction.Adherence to infection control guidelines on the use and decontamination of medical and surgicaldevices and instruments is essential in minimizing the risk of transmission of infectious agents.Failure to do so can put patients at risk of cross-infection, health care providers at risk of litigationand individual practitioners at risk of being reported to their professional regulator for disciplinaryproceedings. The latter could result in practitioners being removed from their professional registerand unable to practice in the future.
  • 13. DecontaminationDecontamination is the process by which reusable medical devices are madesafe for further use by minimizing the risk of transmission of infectious agents.It involves a combination of cleaning, disinfection and sterilization. However,evidence suggests that primary care professionals often fail dec-Ontaminate their medical devices properly, citing conomic reasonsfor this failure. According to the MHRA (2000) Medicines andHealthcare products Regulation Agency, reprocessing single-usemedical devices – usually for economic reasons - is a commonPractice despite the fact that it increases infection risk to patients.However, Phillips (2000) found that some GPs were willing to putaside cost implications for the greater good of adhering to safe practice, anddemonstrated that it is more cost-effective to purchase single-use vaginal specula thanto reprocess reusable versions.
  • 14. Single-use devicesThe MHRA (2000) emphasizes that devices designated forsingle use must not be reused under any circumstances. Thedevices are not designed to be reprocessed, as doing so maycause a range of problems, such as material and substancealteration, or mechanical failure. It may also be that processingwill not clean them adequately. All these factors increase therisk of cross-infection. However, poor understanding of theconsequences of repeated use of devices intended for singleuse only leads to many of them being reprocessed and reused,despite clear labels on the packaging and sometimes on theinstruments themselves. ConclusionThe GPs in Salford who are purchasing single-use speculam through the PCT arereducing the risks of cross-infection among their patients. Furthermore, litigation fromunsafe practice is being minimized. For safe practice it is essential that nationalguidelines on the use and decontamination of surgical instruments are adhered to. Ifbenchtop sterilizers are used, it is essential that they are done so correctly; failure to doso has serious consequences.
  • 15. SpecificationsVaginal speculum*ISO&CE certified*Size: S, M , L*Individual packing EO sterilized*High quality low priceDisposable vaginal speculumFeatures:*It is made by injection moulding of PS plastic, non-toxic, non-irritant.*Adjustable, smooth edges from plastic resin-less, comfort to patients.*For single use only, individual packing EO sterilized.*Sterilization guaranteed if package unopened. Use the speculum immediately after opened.*Stored in a cool and dry place.*Type: french type,side screw,middle screw ,pull&push type*size: S , M , L*Packing: 1 pc individual packing (PE packing or bilister packing) 100pcs/carton*Carton size: 50*36*30cm*G.W: 5kg*N.W: 4kg
  • 16. Dr. Sher Shah Syed founder of PakistanNational Forum on Women Health ( anon-government organization workingfor reproductive health) was invited tothe CGIs 5th annual meeting and hiswork on this issue was recognized. Hisproject “Training of Midwifery andNursing Tutors” was one of newprograms that was recognized for theyear 2010.Dr. Shershah is a graduate of DowMedical College Karachi, Pakistan (Class1978). He did his fellowship inObstetrics and Gynecology from Ireland.At present he is Chief of Kohie GothHospital in Landhi, Karachi and staffphysician at Qatar Hospital, OrangiTown Karachi. Dr. Shershah Syed hasbeen a very vocal voice for the indigentin Pakistan and was also PMA CentralSecretary General in past.
  • 17. Dr. Tazeen Abbas, Head Department ofGynecology Unit II, at Abbasi ShaheedHospital, KarachiDr. Tazeen further said that prevention is the mostimportant factor which will only be achieved if wecreate awareness and educate people of ourcountry regarding preventive measures which arevery simple to adopt. She urged GraceManagement to organize awareness programs indifferent hospitals and Heads of Nursinginstitutions should also be invited to join thisinformative and educational campaign. Print andelectronic media can also play an important role inthis regard. She suggested to organize awarenessactivities during conference and symposia andsmall group discussion in different hospitals tohighlight the consequences of pricking of IVinfusion bottles. She commended the efforts beingmade by Grace Healthcare to educate thehealthcare professionals and public. See hopedthat their efforts to create awareness regardingproblems like pricking of IV bottle which spreadsHepatitis and other viral infections will help toreduce the prevalence of Hepatitis in our country.Fortnightly Medical Newspaperpublished from Pakistan
  • 18. INFECTION PREVENTION KITDESCRIPTION OF INFECTION PREVENTION KIT1. 1 Pcs Sterile Vaginal Speculum.2. 1 Pair Disposable Sterile Gloves.3. 1 Pcs Disposable Sterile Gynecological collector.4. 1 Pcs Disposable Sterile Absorbing Mat.
  • 19. INFECTION PREVENTION KITDESCRIPTION OF INFECTION PREVENTION KIT1. 1 Pcs Sterile Vaginal Speculum.2. 1 Pair Disposable Sterile Gloves.3. 1 Pcs Disposable Sterile Gynecological collector.4. 1 Pcs Disposable Sterile Absorbing Mat.KEY POINTHealthcare providers are responsible for ensuring that the care they provideis safe.Using single use KIT avoids the need for decontamination and the risks thatare associated with this processSingle use KIT must not be re-used under any circumstances, destroyed afteruse.
  • 20. Disposable Proctoscope INSTRUMENTSexamination and treatment of the anal (Anoscope) and rectum(Proctoscope)examination and consists of transparent plastic disposableanoscopes andproctoscopes in sterile and non sterile conditions, for diagnosticor therapeuticuse.
  • 21. Disposable ProctoscopeDisposable proctoscopes without light are also available. Theproctoscope also has a hollow channel through which otherinstruments may be inserted. For example, another instrument maybe used to take a biopsy of a small amount of tissue for examinationunder a microscope. Also, air may be injected through theproctoscope to help make viewing easier. Similar instruments,the sigmoidoscope and colonoscopemay be used to visualize moreproximal parts of the bowels.
  • 22. Shoe Cover Dispenser For Hygiene
  • 23. Shoe Cover DispensersWe are pleased to introduce Shoe CoverDispensers which is an effective andinnovative solution to keep the floorclean.Features•Excellent appearance with metallicsilver Aluminium alloy body withinternal lining of stainless steel.•Quick application.•Reduces the risk of accidents and backinjury.•Avoid using hands on unclean footwear.•New cartridges can be loaded withinseconds.•Shoe covers are available in CPE (Antislip material).ApplicationsPharmaceutical manufacturing facility,Hospitals, Food areas, Inspectionindustries, Bio-engineering,Electromechanical and chemicalindustries, Sample villas, home andapartments, Office etc.
  • 24. We are professional manufacturerans supplier of high qualityaluminium shoe coverdispenser, aluminium alloyshoe cover dispenser. It has anexcellent appearance withmetallic silverWe are a renowned supplier ofvarious important products thatare extremely helpful for clients.Our range of Shoe CoverDispenser is one of the mostadvanced household productwhich can be used for protectingyour shoes from dirt and dust.These covers are easy to use andlabor saving products.
  • 25. Advanced Wound Dressing for NonHealing Wounds Innovation Is Our Passion
  • 26. BIOPAD® Equine CollagenBIOPAD ® is an ivory-white soft sponge, made exclusivelyof lyophilized type I native heterologous collagenextracted from horse flexor tendon, gelatine andpyrogens free, that keeps its native structure, specific tothe bodys skin tissue.BIOPAD ® is supplied sterile in a single blister package, forone-use only, sized 2¡¨x2¡¨ (5x5 cm). Other sizes availableon request.BIOPAD ® can be cut to wound size and easily adapted towound size and shape.BIOSPRAY ® is available in spray form.
  • 27. BIOSPRAY® Equine CollagenBIOSPRAY® is an advanced medication, available in powder form with sprayatomizer, made of native type I collagen extracted from horse flexor tendon,telopeptides and gelatine free, that keeps its native structure, specific to thebodys skin tissue.A peculiar proprietary extraction process minimizes all the factors of potentialallergencity of the collagen (telopeptides, denaturation, hydrolysis, etc.) andcharacterizes BIOSPRAY® for a particular degree of purity and as excellenthaemostat and modulator of the tissue repair process.BIOSPRAY® is designed to create a favourable environment at the woundsite, protecting the wounded area, controlling the micro-environment of thelesion and to stop minor bleedings, thus representing an effective and safemean for the healing of wounds.BIOSPRAY® is supplied sterile in a single package (aluminium can), forrepeated use and may be re-used after first supply until exhaustion of theproduct.
  • 28. BIOPAD® & BIOSPRAY® Applied on skin lesions performs a duel action:MECHANICAL BIOLOGICAL • It substitutes missing •It stimulates proliferation of tissue, enhancing fibroblasts and formation of granulation tissue. It activates FILLING anchorage and orientation of fibroblasts for the STIMULUS fibronectin, monocytes and formation of native collagen formation of new tissue • It protects the wound from •Activation of platelets and coagulation factors outer environment,COVERING keeping the wound constantly wet HEMOSTASIS
  • 29. IndicationBIOPAD ® & BIOSPRAY ® is the ideal and most innovativedressing for the control bleeding and for the local management ofmoderately to heavy exuding wounds including - Pressure sores, - Donor sites and other bleeding surfaces, - Dehisced surgical incisions, - Draining wounds, - Lacerations, - Venous stasis ulcers, - Diabetic ulcers, - Partial and full thickness wounds, - Post-laser surgery, - Podiatric, - Surgical and traumatic wounds.The advantages of using BIOPAD ® can be summarized in: - Reduction of healing time - Best quality of scarring - Excellent results, even in difficult to treat
  • 30. How does it work?BIOPAD ® & BIOSPRAY ® is an active dressing, playing an activerole in all stages of wound healing process, stimulatinggranulation tissue growth and enhancing regeneration tissues.It ensures: 1. Balance between absorption and humidity at wound surface 2. Gaseous exchange 3. Barrier to prevent bacterial infections 4. It is completely non-adherentBIOPAD ® & BIOSPRAY ® use is completely painless for thepatient and does not require removal or change of dressing.What it does?Quick Restoration of intactness of disrupted surface is critical inthe healing process: BIOPAD ® & BIOSPRAY® is the ideal meanfor ensuring a fast recovery of the wounded area.
  • 31. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE• Before BIOPAD® & BIOSPRAY® application, properly prepare wound bed per standard protocols removing necrotictissuewhere present.• Apply BIOPAD® directly to the wound using sufficient product to completely cover the wound bed.• For dry wounds hydrate the BIOPAD® dressing with sterile saline to initiate the gelling process.• Secure the BIOPAD® with a non-adherent secondary dressing of choice to maintain moisture.• The gel that is formed by interaction with wound exudates is biodegradable and needs not to be removed at eachdressing change unless it is necessary to cleanse the wound for some other reason (presence of infection).PRESENTATION AND SIZE:BIOPAD® & BIOSPRAY® is presented in a transparent waterproof blister pack and is sterilized by Gamma Radiation. BIOPAD® is available in the size of 2”x 2 ” & BIOSPRAY® is available in 75ml Spray form.
  • 32. Biopad & BioSpray Experience-1Before After 90 days
  • 33. Biopad & BioSpray Experience-2Before After 90 days
  • 34. Biopad & BioSpray Experience-3Before After 90 days
  • 35. Biopad & BioSpray Experience-4Before After 90 days
  • 36. Biopad & BioSpray Experience-5Before After 30 days
  • 37. Comparison with Biopad® & BioSpray® Weekly tissue growth (mm) Healing time in daysRefrences;L. Cangiotti, A.Vinco,C.Codignola, A.Coniglio, P.Mujesan, E.Teta, G.A.Tiberio. “Conservative treatment of legulcers of different etiology. Clinical comparison between heterologous lyophilized collagen and hydrocolloid ”.HyaluranicAcid” Collageno e Cicatrizzazione. 1997
  • 38. A SMART APPROACH TO WOUND HEALING Similar good results were obtained in treating different etiology ulcers: Healing time evaluation of diabetic Biopad® & Hyloronic Acid ulcers in patients treated with Biopad® BioSpray® or Hyaluronic Acid 49 days 32 days Healing time evaluation of pressure Biopad® Polymerized ulcers in patients treated with Biopad® dextran or with Polymerized dextran (Xerogel) 23 days 47 days Healing speed evaluation of venous Biopad® Hydrocolloid stasis ulcers in patients treated with 77.5 mm 55 mm Biopad® or with Hydrocolloid Total / Week Total / WeekThe cost-benefit comparision results in all cases completely positive thanks to the sensible reduction of healingtime, easiness of use, painless application, spaced applications (each 3 or 4 days) as well as possibility ofoutpatient treatment (in acute phase) and home-treatment (subsequently the acute phase).Refrences;L.Granata, M.Caviglia, A.Battistini, G.L.Viviani, L.Adezati.“T A. Aldeghi.Atti del Congresso di Lovran. 1999
  • 39. Conventional Therapy
  • 40. AIDPURE COLD BANDAGEEffective cold therapy formany conditions such aso Sport Injurieso Bruiseso Inflammationso Sprain• Pain relieving in seconds.• Cools for hours• No refrigeration required,• Easy to use
  • 41. Fever Cooling PatchFever Cooling Patch is quick acting that ensureslong lasting fever relief to the children and elders,because of its Hydro-gel based naturallevomenthol and ice mint sheet provideA continuing anti-febrile effect.Fever Cooling Patch contains no drug that is why itis safe to use with any medication, it could beadvice to Hospitalize or discharging patients.
  • 42. Most Common Indications are . .FeverPainToothacheMigraine
  • 43. Product Name: Cooling patch Main Ingredients: o Hydrophilic polymer gel o Extracts of natural o Aromatic plants3/29/2013
  • 44. Structure and Functions:The products is composed of backing layer, gel layer and anti-sticking layer, with gel layer as the main framework. By evaporation of the water in the gel, large amount of thermal energy is carried away by evaporation, producing fever-reducing effects.The product has the functions of cooling physiotherapy and physically reducing fever and pain, applicable to local temperature dropping. 3/29/2013
  • 45. (Orthotics)
  • 47. Grace House, 4,F-9/10, Nazmiabad Karachi, Pakistan, Tel: 00922136609531-8, Fax: 00922136680511, Email,,