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[7-12-2010] Presentation I gave at the Test Expo UK 2010 Winter Edition for IBM

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  • Cloud computing has emerged as a new rung on the evolutionary ladder that gave us virtualization, grid computing, autonomics and service oriented architecture, or SOA.
  • Well, for software testing a number of technical tools are needed and these include test and acceptance environments and test tooling. However both test and acceptance environments and test tools are expensive to buy and, more importantly, to maintain. In addition, test and acceptance environments impose a large demand on the servicing of the infrastructure.
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  • To create test infrastructure in the cloud there is a need for virtualization. When test infrastructure is created in the cloud they need to be virtualized parts of that environment. This not only makes the implementation easier, but also the execution of the different instances in the cloud. The virtualized environments can be added or removed from the cloud when needed. Creating a flexible option to create test environments (including the needed configuration) whenever a test project starts.   Almost all types of services and systems can be virtualized, even some legacy systems. But 5-10% of all systems cannot be virtualized, and most of these are legacy systems. With using an interface with these legacy systems this risk can be reduced. When using a VPN connection between the cloud and the clients own servers a connection is created between the legacy systems and the cloud systems. This can also be done for security reasons
  • Rational Team Concert running in 5 minutes on the IBM Cloud
  • Always important is to know how much does it cost a client. When calculating the numbers ROI is reached after 18 months. With Sogeti ’ s discount for IBM Rational tools ROI is reached after 14 months. However, as noted earlier, we keep it to 9 months! Put in (Maintenance) and (Break Even Point) money
  • The available quality management tools with TTaaS are: RQM RPT AppScan RFT RST
  • In the long term Cloud will become a new business model in Testing Cloud can help current testing problems around costs, flexibility and compliance Cloud-Enabled Testing Service offer flexibility and on demand test tooling, infrastructure and STaaS
  • Why are testing environments so expensive to maintain? First you have program number 1. It needs the environment most in the beginning and a little bit after the second half of the year. But there are use laps in the demand vs. the availability. Program number 2 starts of high and demands even more at the end of the year. And program 4 has the highest demand in the start of the years. In most test environments I ’ ve seen they planned for this [second red line from above]. That lets you miss out on this peak [4 column from the right] and have a hole in the middle. There are environments that can facilitate almost all of the testing ’ s demand on the infrastructure. But you don ’ t need that availability the whole year. So you pay for maximum need all year round, but you don ’ t have the need for it! Having development, test and acceptance environments in the cloud can help with that.
  • Common attributes of cloud computing include: Flexible pricing Elastic scaling Rapid provisioning Advanced virtualization … all resulting in a better user experience.
  • No web commerce face to face only.
  • An extra benefit of cloud infrastricture is added flexibility. Rapid deployment of testing tools is enabled by: Modularized testing infrastructure, because they are hosted in the cloud. Standard set of tools in the cloud ‘ toolkit ’ Tools pre-installed, configured in virtual images, available for download from the cloud Rapid provisioning of server hardware & images in the IBM Cloud Like in this example the RQM server is provisioned in 8 minutes!
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