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  • High profile Piracy cases 2009/2010
  • Pirated vessels used as Motherships (MT Motivator released 17 Jan) The basic model is laid out in Cooter and Ulen (2008). The rational criminal chooses to undertake a crime and its pay-off y is a function of the seriousness of the crime. The criminal is caught with a probability p, which is also a function of the severity of the crime, as is the punishment f(x). The aim of the rational criminal is to maximise the following function: Max: y(x) – p(x) f(x)
  • "Nobody bothers," said a Dubai-based shipping executive who declined to be named, echoing the frustration of many in the industry. "The fact that people are eating food that was probably grown 10,000 miles away and transported by sea, it's taken for granted." "It is the ship's crew who are keeping global trade alive," he said. But they "are low profile, usually from developing countries. In the minds of a lot of people they are expendable". Source:
  • FW instrumental in the creation and establishment of award-winning MSC(HOA)
  • Involved in the development of ‘Advice to Masters’, the forerunner to BMP
  • What real-time coordination capability can be made available at short notice to all users in an emergency?
  • Social media role in disaster and emergencies. Thailand Floods, Haiti earthquake and BP Oil Spill (Deepwater Horizon)
  • information could be a key enabler of the counter-piracy strategy. While criminals and pirates have effectively used a mix of low-tech and high-tech solutions to collaborate and target shipping, the maritime and national security communities have largely ignored their information strengths. Given the amount of data available and the large community of interest, it has been stated that we should launch a programme to expose the information and develop a crowdsourced counter-piracy campaign. Shipping industry needs to be more transparent and be in a position to answer the question relating to safety of the crew. One of the biggest challenges to initiating an effective global maritime partnership is the creation of a network to make the global maritime partnership a reality. Whether it’s Google Earth, internet chat, enterprise mashups or Twitter, all the tools are available. OCEANUSLive is well placed in the development of such networking.
  • Social media is the all encompassing term. OCEANUSLive will not provide a free-for-all capability. Verified users, posts and advisory watchkeeping to be employed to ensure security and integrity of the information shared. Real-time security & safety information relating to high risk areas that affects all shipping is available
  • Estimated cost of Somali piracy is $7 - $12 Billion globally
  • Alert and tracking systems available at sea.
  • ECDIS (and variants) provide Navigational safety utilising Internet access at sea.
  • Demonstration: Clear information is needed; including the ability to verify that information to make it fused and usable
  • Private individuals seeking to establish a forum for discussion and sharing of safety and security related matters. Predominantly open resources such as Facebook and Twitter.. OCEANUSLive provides a secure, real-time and verified access capability.
  • Growing capability – utilise smart tech and the growth in access to connectivity at sea. Inmarsat & Iridium to spend over £1 Billion launching satellites over next few years
  • First step on the road to enhancing the situational awareness within the shipping industry
  • Lunchtime seminar 11 abd v2

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    6. 12. What would be Government and Public reaction if hijacks occurred to aircraft so regularly?
    7. 13. Image source: <ul><ul><li>Resolving this challenge [of piracy] depends heavily on collaboration – by governments, national and international organisations, industry and the military.” </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Jan Kopernicki, </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>President of the Chamber of Shipping </li></ul></ul>“
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    22. 34. it’s the best way to reach your most influential customers & the only way to reach your most cynical ones.” “
    23. 35. blending of technology and social interaction for the co-creation of value.” “
    24. 39. What interaction is available to the seafarer?
    25. 40. ‘ Safety & Emergency; Outside the Usual Alert Systems’
    27. 42. ‘ LRIT’ Image source: ‘ SSAS’ Image source: ‘ GMDSS’ Image source:
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    29. 44. Click image to play video
    30. 45. The winners are going to be the companies that embrace cloud strategies and digital revenues regardless of their industry.” Julie Meyer founder and chief executive of Ariadne Capital. Regular columnist for The Daily Telegraph “
    31. 46. If you want to make enemies, try to change something.” Woodrow Wilson “
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    38. 53. Move away from ‘traditional’ and ‘digital’ & towards ‘ interactive’ and ‘social.’” John Winsor CEO of Victors & Spoils Author of Spark: Be more Innovative through Co-creation “
    39. 55. Enabling Ship Masters, CSOs, DPAs and relevant authorities to communicate 24/7 across industry, whether at sea or ashore OCEANUS Live .org
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    42. 59. Together is happening all over the world, allowing us to connect like never before.” CISCO Collaboration “
    43. 61. Using Smart Technology & Internet At Sea
    44. 62. Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” Henry Ford “