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Welcome to Icon. Icon are creative publishers of contemporary design led greeting cards and birthday cards. Shop at the Icon online shop with free worldwide delivery available

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Icon art -2 p pt

  1. 1. WebsiteWebsitehttp://www.icon-art.com/Email IdEmail Idinfo@icon-art.comCall UsCall Us :- +44 (0)1242 679800Website : - http://www.icon-art.com/ Email Id: - info@icon-art.com
  2. 2. Website : - http://www.icon-art.com/ Email Id: - info@icon-art.comAbout UsAbout UsIcon is a creative publisher with a reputation for excellence indesigning and producing contemporary greeting cards. We remainas dedicated today to designing innovative cards for the discerningbuyer as when we began in the early eighties. Our products reflectpopular culture and are influenced by our passion for photography,design, art and typography.Icon products are stocked worldwide by many independent,national and international retailers and can be found on theshelves of iconic stores like Selfridges and Harrods of London.
  3. 3. Website : - http://www.icon-art.com/ Email Id: - info@icon-art.comWedding CardsWedding CardsA wedding is a festive celebration which is enjoyed by mostpeople. It is a privilege to be invited to a wedding especially if thecouple tying the knot is very close to the invitee. A wedding card isan excellent way to convey the well wishes and congratulations tothe happy couple.There are many ways to celebrate a wedding. There can be afestive celebration or a quiet ceremony. Once the news is out,there is always festivity and well wishes; hearty congratulationspour in from all over. Wedding cards are received with words ofblessings and congratulations.
  4. 4. Photographic Greeting CardPhotographic Greeting CardThe creativity of man is unlimited; today, greeting cards can includethe latest photographs of senders to update the recipients.Website : - http://www.icon-art.com/ Email Id: - info@icon-art.com
  5. 5. New Baby CardsNew Baby CardsA baby boy arrival at any familyis a joyous occasion that shouldbe celebrated to bind the familytogether. This joy can be sharedaround to those who know andcare for the family. Baby boysare well received in certain societieswhich esteem them as the pillarsof the lineage.Website : - http://www.icon-art.com/ Email Id: - info@icon-art.com
  6. 6. Funny Cartoon CardsFunny Cartoon CardsWhile France was squabbling with itskings and aristocrats, Britain was takingthe venom away from its own politicaluprisings by drawing cartoons. All thedaily broadsheets and the tabloids havebeen sporting political cartoons by thelikes of Steve Bell, Peter Brookes and thebrilliant Gerald Scarfe, and due to our relaxed censorship laws, theseartists of satire have been legally able to poke fun at our figures ofauthority for over 400 years.Website : - http://www.icon-art.com/ Email Id: - info@icon-art.com
  7. 7. British Wedding CardsBritish Wedding CardsWebsite : - http://www.icon-art.com/ Email Id: - info@icon-art.comOur neighbours across the channelhave taken a penchant for the English-style wedding. Not where the bridedrinks too much, falls over and showsher knickers to her new in-laws, but forthe traditions that we have long beenobserving in this country, like havingbridesmaids, tiered cakes and weddingplanners.
  8. 8. Website : - http://www.icon-art.com/ Email Id: - info@icon-art.com
  9. 9. Diamonds Greeting CardsDiamonds Greeting CardsThe 76 carat stone of pure, flawlessand colourless perfection was minedfrom the legendary fruitful Golcondamines in India and the anonymousbuyer (insert your mans name here),paid well over the predicted £9 million,so someonewas in a generous mood!Website : - http://www.icon-art.com/ Email Id: - info@icon-art.com
  10. 10. Chocolate Greeting CardsChocolate Greeting CardsWebsite : - http://www.icon-art.com/ Email Id: - info@icon-art.comBut it is a question that an American scientist has recently writtenabout, seriously. He based his investigations on Nobel prize winnersbeing a gauge for a countrys higher level of intelligence. So plottingthe number of the countrys Nobel prize winners against thecountrys consumtion of chocolate proved that...clever people eat alot of chocolate.
  11. 11. Contact UsContact UsEmail us : info@icon-art.comCall us on: +44 (0)1242 679800You can visit us at:IconMalvern View Stella Way,Bishops Cleeve, CheltenhamGL52 7DQUKWebsite : - http://www.icon-art.com/ Email Id: - info@icon-art.com