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Social media in context v04 01-12



Lecture 1 (April 3, 2012) for BUS 94- The Company Is the Content: Marketing in a Social World

Lecture 1 (April 3, 2012) for BUS 94- The Company Is the Content: Marketing in a Social World



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  • Why are you here?We’re talking about internet tools so people can share cat videos and Lady Gaga rumorsFacebook-> started by a guy in a dormroomTwitter-> a profound thought in 140 charactersSlideShare-> right, we don’t get enough powerpointYoutube:
  • System used to be striaghtforwardInfo comes into a companyCompany targets info outside
  • Strategy remained the same-> newer tools meant newer tacticsGoogle became popular-> value of search was understoodLots of email tools, CRM toolsBut overall the picture was consistent-> get market info and communicate it to the market in a controlled and predictable manner
  • Rise of new category of ecosystem partner-> the influencerThe person who seems to be in the know, who people just listen to
  • So what happened?How did things evolve from the classic strucutre up to 2003 until everything came apart in 2009How did the 95 Thesis of the Cluetrain Manifesto go from a piece of “gonzo marketing” to common practice.
  • Social tools
  • Direct conversations with customers
  • Fast conversations across highly fragmented marketListening is first part of social… way to create community
  • SlideShare- make a presentation, embed a call-to-action
  • FacebookFriendly-> super viralNeed to earn your way to the top-> Algorthym punishes you for un-interesting contentWith the timeline, follow a story arc… understand what is happening within the company
  • way to share videoClever, informal

Social media in context v04 01-12 Social media in context v04 01-12 Presentation Transcript

  • The Company is the Content Lecture 1: Social Definitions and Tools
  • Intro and class goals Business Development, Mozilla +10 years in Corporate Communications  DDN, Cisco, Applied Communications Connect:  Twitter: @ronpiovesan  Blog:  LinkedIn:  Slideshare:  Facebook: are Introduce concepts around social networks, why they relevant Practical approach to marketing and communications Main Argument: B2B Must Engage in Conversations
  • Course outline April 3- Social Definitions And Tools  Lecture April 10- Intersection Between Social Media And Marketing  Speaker: Larry Yu, Facebook  Class Presentations  Case Discussion: Cisco Systems: Launching the ASR 1000 Series Router Using Social Media Marketing  Lecture April 17- Creating The Social Brand  Speaker: John Earnhardt, Cisco  Class Presentations  Lecture April 24- Goals and Metrics  Speaker: Tim Marklein, WCG Group  Class Presentations  Lecture May 1 Class 5- It’s All About The Customer  Class Presentations  Case Study: OSSCube: Leveraging Social Media
  • Expectations Everyone:  Contribute to group presentations  Participate in class discussions Expecting a grade:  Complete case study questions  April 10: Cisco case study  May 1: OSSCube case study
  • Social media class: can we share? Yes!  Blog  Like/Facebook  Tweet  Video  Images Only me or if you have someone’s express permission Respect each other Respect copyrights Guest speakers: Only with their permission
  • Agenda: Social definitions and tools Evolution of marketing  Rise of social media Concept of a conversation Deconstruct the conversation  See social medial in practice Discuss class presentations
  • OMG…… LOL!!!! You are your wasting time
  • Waste of time?
  • Classic marketing c. up to 2003 Press PR Analysts Market Compan MarketingInformation programs Customers y Channel Programs Channel Company tried to control the flow of information to its ecosystem
  • Gets complicated c. 2003-2009 Press PR Analysts Marketing Customers programs Market Compan ChannelInformation Channel y Programs Web/SEO Search Email Opt-in Strategy of controlling info remained, new tactics
  • Things got out of control c. 2009 PressCustomers Analysts Compan yChannel Influencer Markets truly became a conversation
  • 1999: Cluetrain ManifestoA powerful global conversation hasbegun. Through the Internet, people arediscovering and inventing new ways toshare relevant knowledge with blindingspeed. As a direct result, markets aregetting smarter—and getting smarterfaster than most companies. These markets are conversations.
  • Deconstructing the 95 theses 2- Markets consist of human beings, not demographic sectors. True in B2B, your customer is still a human 28 - Most marketing programs are based on the fear that the market might see whats really going on inside the company. What did Kodak say about digital? 83 - We want you to take 50 million of us as seriously as you take one reporter from The Wall Street Journal. One influencer can impact your business more than any media outlet
  • What made Cluetrain Manifesto real?
  • Serious numbers
  • Who is Social? What social accounts do you maintain? Why do you do it? Work or fun? What is the underlying concept that makes an activity “social”?
  • Social activities Community Content Listen Engage Share
  • Community: Listen Understand how your company, your brand is viewed What are the discussion? What is being said about your company that impacts you? How can you react? In the conversation: this is listening
  • Dell: Un-fragmenting Twitter stream to listen to SMB customers Notoriously fragmented market; hard to reach Why Twitter?
  • Mansa: Presenting to the world• Website has standard corporate info on offering
  • Collecting the leads SlideShare links embedded Walk customers through offerings on the website Used to collect leads
  • Content: Share Providing information not just on your product, but on the market Get customer talking about the forces that shape your industry Position your company as an expert… not just in its own business but in the market Sharing is about demonstrating an awareness of your business surroundings
  • Talking to customer’s customer Contests, updates, links Engaging B2B2C strategy-> Intel sells to businesses, but they engage consumers about anything tech related Why Facebook?
  • Carrier Evolution: MetaSwitch news News site that is automatically and human curated Destination for carrier news
  • Cisco Video Lighter side of Cisco Communicate complex technologies in a simple way
  • Finding the conversation Community Content What are Who are you you going to speaking to? say? Conversation
  • Groups Enterprise Software Enterprise Hardware Telecoms BioTech/Pharma IT services Professional Services (lawyers, accountants, etc) Other
  • Assignment Launch a company Get people interested in  Who you are  What you sell  Your position in the market Four slide preso:  Slide 1: Name of company, product, competitive differentiator  Slide 2: What is the campaign: what are you doing; why will it make a difference  Slide 3: What social tool will you use? Why?  Slide 4: Inspiration: How did you come up with this idea? What company did you use for inspiration? Must be B2B (or B2B2C)-> No B2C
  • Assignment Due April 10 All groups must hand in their preso  Email:  Post on SlideShare Three groups will be chosen at random to present Those seeking a grade:  Submit questions for Cisco case study