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Social analytics apr24'12_marklein-1


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Analytics lecture by Tim Marklein

Analytics lecture by Tim Marklein

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Social Measurement and Analytics:Fuel for Smart Content, Engagement, StrategyTim Marklein, @tmarkleinStanford Continuing Education“The Company is The Content: Marketing in a Social World”April 24, 2012Contents are proprietary and confidential
  • 2. Speaker Background•  Leader of Technology and Analytics practices for WCG•  20 years experience helping clients launch businesses, create categories, build reputations, win proxy fights, grow revenues •  Founder of Weber Shandwick Measurement & Strategy practice •  GM of Weber Shandwick NorCal (Cisco, Hitachi, Verisign, Juniper) •  Led global communications for HP’s $30B enterprise business •  Led corporate PR for Hewlett-Packard after HP/Compaq merger •  Managed award-winning campaigns and research at two groundbreaking Silicon Valley agencies•  Frequent speaker and writer about strategy, positioning, measurement, analytics, engagement and social media•  Commissioner, Institute for PR Measurement Commission•  Co-Chair, Council of PR Firms Measurement CommitteeContents are proprietary and confidential.
  • 3. “We just finished this campaign, can you help ”us develop the metrics to show our value?Too many communications professionalsContents are proprietary and confidential.
  • 4. “Here’s last quarter’s media analysis and lastyear’s brand tracking data. Can we schedule ”a meeting to review the 75-slide deck?Too many research professionalsContents are proprietary and confidential.
  • 5. “Wow, did you see the opinion shift on today’sdashboard? That story’s really working. Let’s ”amp it up with some new content tomorrow.The opportunity in front of usContents are proprietary and confidential.
  • 6. Today’s Agenda Changing Implications The Virtuous The Big Shift: Comms for Research Cycle, In Engagement Environment & Analytics Real TIme TransformsContents are proprietary and confidential.
  • 7. TRADITIONAL SOCIAL Media & influencers Channel mgmt. “Coverage” “Conversations” One set of tools More tools MIX & MINGLE EARNED OWNED MEDIA MEDIA PAID SHARED MEDIA MEDIA#1
  • 9. #3 CONSUMPTION VS. ATTENTION Contents are proprietary and confidential.
  • 10. IMPRESSIONS ENGAGEMENTCount the eyeballs Show the impact#4
  • 11. #5 “MEASUR EMENT” At the end “ANALYTICS” All the time
  • 12. Today’s Agenda Changing Implications The Virtuous The Big Shift: Comms for Research Cycle, In Engagement Environment & Analytics Real TIme TransformsContents are proprietary and confidential.
  • 13. Market Research: Big Leap Forward TBDContents are proprietary and confidential.
  • 14. Expanded Learning Opportunities MONITORING LISTENING “What is most important to our “What did people say today?” consumers?” ANALYZING MEASURING “How should we go to market “How successfully am I in new / different ways?” meeting my objectives?”Contents are proprietary and confidential.
  • 15. Expanded Audience for Comms Insights Real-Time Learnings from Markets, Customers, Conversations Public Market Customer HR/ Product Marketing SalesRelations Research Support Recruiting R&D Contents are proprietary and confidential.
  • 16. Going Digital: New Metrics, Sources, Concepts3C’s Content Measures Conversation Community Assess how content Measures Measures is accessed, shared, Analyze volume, content, Assess audience, reach, adapted and amplified sentiment and opinion forums and “touch points” across various sites about companies/brands of company/brand content and media properties across sites and media across sites, media3S’s Site Measures Search Measures Syndication Assess the volume, Assess the paid and Measures engagement, feedback organic search rankings Assess the volume, and reach of content for company content, engagement, sentiment shared via company’s brands and keyword and reach of content web properties associations shared via the webContents are proprietary and confidential.
  • 17. Ten Areas of Online InfluenceInfluence Areas Trend Relevance Favorite of sales force, Podcasts of all types, plus audio tracks of video segments are an undefined area of Audio customers on the go online, yet have growing utility >200MM; trend is to have We should know the top influencers by topic who drive relevant share of voice. The Blogs multiple blogs, multiple numbers of influencers are small, precision is key. languages 30MM uniques at Data / Slides A great location to share all public presentations. SlideShare The engine of conversations Knowing who is driving conversation in forums is key. We should treat high volume Forums online; often patient driven moderators with the same respect as we do with journalists. Is all content tagged to Companies often forget to tag all content in the 10 languages that reach 90% of the Images impact natural search? online population. An effective way to alert A great opportunity to build a network of influencers who want to share your news in Micro Blogging influencers, help propel real time. Twitter is a prime example. news cycles Yes, Google is #1, but We need to know the influencers on the first screen for our brand and key topics. We Search YouTube is #2 also need to understand where people are taken when they search. The communities that are Our day often starts and ends with Facebook or MySpace or Orkut or other depending Social Networks often our “first place” to go where we live. online Consumption habits are There are over 50 video sites to analyze, which sometimes house ratings and reviews Video starting to favor video vs. of our products. copy Free online peer edited Nearly every topic has a Wikipedia entry, which means it could be the first information Wikis online encyclopedia a consumer finds about any topic they are seeking information about. Contents are proprietary and confidential.
  • 18. Beyond Reach: Fans/Likes, Traffic, ConversionContents are proprietary and confidential.
  • 19. Integrating Data, Channels, Disciplines Media Media Web Keyword Analysis Analysis Analytics Analysis (traditional) (social) (site) (search) Social Content Online Offline Network Syndication Advertising Advertising Analytics Tracking Performance Performance Brand Customer Employee WOM Tracking Satisfaction Satisfaction Analysis (surveys) (surveys) (surveys) (surveys) Lead Gen Events & Analyst Data Ind. Awards & Sales data DM data & Reports & Scorecards (CRM/POS) (CRM/POS) (third party) (third party)Contents are proprietary and confidential.
  • 20. Building a Multi-Channel Dashboard Awareness Assessment Action Ambassadorship (Reach) (Consideration) (Engagement) (Loyalty/Advocacy) Social Networks Metric #1 Metric #1 Metric #1 Metric #1 (Facebook) Metric #2 Metric #2 Metric #2 Metric #2 Metric #3 Metric #3 Metric #3 Metric #3 Blogs Metric #1 Metric #1 Metric #1 Metric #1 Metric #2 Metric #2 Metric #2 Metric #2 Metric #3 Metric #3 Metric #3 Metric #3 Microblogs Metric #1 Metric #1 Metric #1 Metric #1 Metric #2 Metric #2 Metric #2 Metric #2 Metric #3 Metric #3 Metric #3 Metric #3 Audio (podcasts) Metric #1 Metric #1 Metric #1 Metric #1 Metric #2 Metric #2 Metric #2 Metric #2 Video (YouTube) Metric #1 Metric #1 Metric #1 Metric #1 Metric #2 Metric #2 Metric #2 Metric #2 Images (Flickr) Metric #1 Metric #1 Metric #1 Metric #1 Metric #2 Metric #2 Metric #2 Metric #2 Documents Metric #1 Metric #1 Metric #1 Metric #1 (SlideShare) Metric #2 Metric #2 Metric #2 Metric #2 Forums Metric #1 Metric #1 Metric #1 Metric #1 Metric #2 Metric #2 Metric #2 Metric #2 Wikis Metric #1 Metric #1 Metric #1 Metric #1 Metric #2 Metric #2 Metric #2 Metric #2 Search (Google) Metric #1 Metric #1 Metric #1 Metric #1 Metric #2 Metric #2 Metric #2 Metric #2Contents are proprietary and confidential.
  • 21. Reporting Time Cycles:Analytics ! Decisions Annual: Business and comms planning, long-range strategy, KPI assessment and goal setting Quarterly: KPI executive reviews, strategy shifts, problem escalation, cross-discipline impact Monthly: KPI trends and insights, strategy evaluation, program optimization, problem resolution Weekly: KPI tracking, red flags, tactical decisions, editorial planning, traffic/sales impact Daily: Media flow, news synopses, topline opinions Hourly: Competitive alerts and crisis managementContents are proprietary and confidential.
  • 22. Experimentation Is the New Frontier:Test, Measure, Adapt & Optimize Often " 41% Daily Consumer Conversations " 894% Facebook Fan Count " 216% Active Daily Facebook Fans " 801% Links to Brand Web Site " 769% Key Message PenetrationContents are proprietary and confidential.Contents are proprietary and confidential.
  • 23. Critical Success Factor = Integration• Old world, meet new world •  Integration of traditional, digital and social media •  Integrating WOM and other new influence patterns• Silo #1, meet silo #2, silo #3, etc. •  Integration of PR with other communication disciplines •  Integration of PR with other marketing disciplines •  Integration across business units, products, geos• Measurement, meet strategy •  Integration of metrics, data sources, tools, dashboards •  Integration of data, insights into decision-making flowContents are proprietary and confidential.
  • 24. Today’s Agenda Changing Implications The Virtuous The Big Shift: Comms for Research Cycle, In Engagement Environment & Analytics Real Time TransformsContents are proprietary and confidential.
  • 25. Analytics Drives Strategy & Engagement Influencers Content •  Work with the right •  Create, curate, syndicate influencers – do you •  Make it mobile and social know who they are? Are •  Flagship content still grabs you investing enough attention, but daily streams time with them? Community of content are the glue •  Influence isn’t static – •  Understand context, news are you adapting? Customers and flow, keywords, timing •  “The people I follow are stakeholders are now •  Audiences are more loyal to all talking about this. I in charge; they define content than outlet better learn more.” relevance, themes, •  “It seems like everywhere I channels, trust look, I’m seeing this.” Experience •  Product and content is great, but what’s the experience? Is it engaging? Meaningful? Fun? •  Is the experience consistent across platforms and channels? Is your content mobilized? Localized? •  “I love engaging them. They get how I think/work.”Contents are proprietary and confidential.
  • 26. Analytics in Action:Tracking Daily & Weekly Opinion Shifts Company Huffington Post Yahoo! News Q&A announcement article and response with execs Product DebutContents are proprietary and confidential.
  • 27. Analytics in Action:Identifying Market/Competitive Influencers Thousands of Millions of Hundreds of 50 Top 40+ Metrics. key phrases. webpages. Outlets. Influencers.• Have complete clarity into who influences your world, your markets, your competitors and customers.Contents are proprietary and confidential.
  • 28. Drill-Down: Who’s Influencing Whom? Brad Linder #2 liliputing.comJoanna Stern [11] Dana Wollman [2][ ] The Verge 51.7, #58 68.0, #18 Nilay Patel [7] Josh Smith [2][ ] 47.8, #81 64.5, #28 Tim Stevens [7] Donald Melanson [1] 160/1188 72 258/883 53.8, #47 52.5, #55Thomas Ricker [6] Chippy [1][ ] The Verge Tablet Smartphone Laptop Ultrabook 50.7, #66 60.7, #33 Contents are proprietary and confidential. 28
  • 29. Drill-Down: Top 25 Influencers Ranked Name Value Outlet Name Outlet URL Channel Ed Silverman 100 Pharmalot Blog Matthew Herper 84.74110626 Forbes News Melinda Beck 83.22499015 Wall Street Journal News Ezra Klein 80.14913307 Washington Post News Tracy Staton 77.81167008 Fierce Pharma Blog Yves Smith 77.74799253 Naked Capitalism Blog John Carroll 75.63312962 Fierce Biotech NewsKatherine Hobson 69.6144854 WSJ Health Blog Blog Chris in Paris 68.02569866 America Blog Blog FDA Law Blog Kurt R. Karst 67.15463216 fda_law_blog_hyman_phelps/ Blog Insider 66.0104533 Pharma Gossip Blog Patent Docs 65.76570776 Patent Docs Blog Verwon 64.43225044 Prescription Drug Info Forum John Mack 64.27324859 Pharma Marketing Blog Austin Frakt 62.28452407 The Incidental Economist Blog Catalina Camia 61.79479882 USA Today News Gary Hill 61.56326963 Reuters News Greg Sargent 60.44514361 Washington Post News Carolyn SF Gate Lochhead 58.71645136 News John Goodman 55.88348935 NCPA Blog John M Grohol 52.56910037 Psych Central Blog Igor Volsky 52.21748634 Think Progress Blog Greg Robb 48.35373252 Market Watch News Jon Walker 46.8535552 Fire Dog Lake Blog Dennis Crouch 46.55133331 Patent Lyo 29 Blog
  • 30. Analytics in Action:Re-defining Content Strategy Conversa)on** Theme* Client*Blog* Diabetes*SM* Index* Index* Differen)al* Family 100.000 48.797 51.203* 53.738 12.394 41.344*•  Content Gap Analysis: TV&Movies Entertaining&Par@es 47.196 19.426 27.771* 36.449 11.157 25.292* •  Evaluated 100% of content from College Workplace 31.308 8.616 22.693* the client blog Food&Cooking 28.037 14.391 13.646* Travel 11.215 7.371 3.844* •  Evaluated 1,000 randomly Sports 9.346 8.298 1.047* 0.467 1.990 sampled posts from the three OutdoorAc@vi@es Poli@cs 0.467 3.929 F1.523* F3.461* most influential diabetes blogs BloodSugar/Glucose 29.439 39.304 F9.865* Doctors&Hospitals 22.430 34.113 F11.683* •  6,000 randomly sampled posts Exercise 7.009 19.042 F12.032* from all social conversations Advocacy 57.009 17.757 71.371 41.016 F14.362* F23.259* DiabetesTreatment (550k total) Die@ng&Weightloss 31.776 100.000 F68.224*•  Re-defined the content strategy to include the corporate homepage and shift focus for the Client blog to align with the online Blog community Content Evaluation & CodingContents are proprietary and confidential.
  • 31. Analytics in Action:Isolating Communication Rhythms Best Engagement Days: Tues & Wed via Twitter Friday via Facebook Best Engagement Times: After dinner ET is tops; Late afternoon also goodContents are proprietary and confidential.
  • 32. Analytics in Action: Content used as Resources by Top Influencers News and MediaOptimizing Earned & Paid Web*Portals* and*Search,*357* News*and* Media,** Nonprofit Health,*519* 2168* Government Products,*879* Social Networking•  Analyzed >10,000 Blogging,*1060* Nonprofit,*1677* Blogging outbound links from top Social* Government,* Networking,** Products influencers to >2,600 1088* 1090* Health websites to determine what 800 resources matter most to 600 Websites used as Resources top influencers 400 by Top Influencers•  Top websites targeted for 200 0 digital media buys rankingsandrevi•  Top authors targeted for surround sound PR outreach•  Unique pages targeted for 1500 Authors used as Resources by Top editorial purposes (e.g. 1000 Influencers most influential Wikipedia 500 pages) 0 Brian Dolan Tom Henderson Thomas H. Tara Parker- Brian T. Michael Leighann Kim Vlasnik Mary Shomon Hallie Addington Riva Greenberg Meredith Karmel Allison Kerri Sparling Connie Bennett Mary Brophy Larry Husten Scott JohnsonContents are proprietary and confidential. Total # of Articles Total # of Links
  • 33. Analytics in Action: Right Influencers, Right Channels, Right Words Influencer Content Influencer ContentRelationships Syndication Coverage Syndication •  Real Impressions 254,293 •  Video Views 8,263 •  Image Views 1,653 •  Actions 433 •  Search Placements 19 (results after one week. audience size at launch was negligible.) Contents are proprietary and confidential.
  • 34. Analytics in Action:Filtering Noise to Isolate the Signal Anticipated noise. Conversations are within expectations based on the initial benchmark. No 6 8 12 further research is 2 necessary. 1 10 7 14 3 9 13 I 4 11 5 A Social Signal has flagged an unexpected theme or trend. Quick analysis should be conducted online, followed by traditional research.1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 I IContents are proprietary and confidential.
  • 35. Analytics in Action:Dedicated Intelligence “Terminals”Contents are proprietary and confidential.
  • 36. Analytics in Action:Intel Social Terminal ExampleContents are proprietary and confidential.
  • 37. Analytics in Action:Intel Social Terminal Drill-DownContents are proprietary and confidential.
  • 38. Analytics in Action:Analytics Becomes Content, Internal & ExternalContents are proprietary and confidential.
  • 39. Today’s Agenda Changing Implications The Virtuous The Big Shift: Comms for Research Cycle, In Engagement Environment & Analytics Real Time TransformsContents are proprietary and confidential.
  • 40. Engage me, don’t just impress me “The Break Up”Contents are proprietary and confidential. Contents are proprietary and confidential. Contents are proprietary and confidential.
  • 41. Engage me, don’t just impress meContents are proprietary and confidential. Contents are proprietary and confidential.
  • 42. ““By definition, impressions are passive.They give us no real sense of engagement,and consumer engagement with our brandsis ultimately what we’re striving to achieve. ”Awareness is fine, but advocacy will takeyour business to the next level.”Joe Tripodi, Coca-Cola CMO(Harvard Business Review, April 2011)Contents are proprietary and confidential.
  • 43. #SMMStandards:What’s the Need?•  Social media has moved well beyond the experimentation phase •  Clients need formal standardized metrics based on empirical research •  Key to evaluate progress, optimize programs and justify investments •  Simply chasing more fans and more followers is not enough•  It’s time to push past proprietary and embrace a move to standards •  Too many groups jockeying for position with different metrics and tools that confuse clients ! lowest-common denominator approach to measurement •  The best metrics for social media can’t come from a single agency, single research vendor or even a single communications discipline•  Social media inherently breaks down walls, and we need measurement standards that help us all bring some order to the brave new world
  • 44. #SMMStandards Roadmap:Key Opportunities for Standardization• Content Sourcing• Reach & Engagement• Influence & Relevance• Sentiment & Advocacy• Impact & Value
  • 45. Prior Work: AMEC Social Media Task Force Recommendations (London Nov’11) •  Focus on Outcomes •  Influence Rating/Ranking •  Need to define outcomes and goals •  “Influence” and “authority” are in advance – getting on the social domain-dependent and often client- bandwagon is good, but evaluation specific of success is ultimately tied to goals •  “Influence” and “popularity” aren’t the same •  Can’t define or manage purely within PR/communications silos •  Influence is multi-level, online and offline •  Outcomes will likely span multiple business goals •  Similar to editorial credibility, online influence is a variable asset •  Starter Set of KPIs •  Content Sourcing •  Basic quantitative data (# posts, # views, # fans) easy to measure – •  Not all sources are created equal – useful but not terribly valuable know what you’re getting/not getting •  Need to get into more quality and context, similar to media analysis •  Garbage in, garbage out – critical challenges for analytics/ •  Fits into “valid metrics” grids from measurement post-AVE task force (next slide) •  Industry needs transparency from vendors on content sourcing, qualityTo download the full set of social media task force recommendations, please checkthe following link:
  • 46. •  Ac)ve*advocates* The image cannot be displayed. Your computer may not have enough memory to open the image, or the image may have been corrupted. Restart your computer, and then open the file again. If the red x still appears, you may have to delete the image and•  Brand*engagement* then insert it again.•  Leads/sales* Awareness* Knowledge* Interest* Support* Ac)on*•  Revenue* Social/Community.•  Market*share* Engagement.•  Cost*savings* •  Contentcrea@on(e.g.assetscreated,videos/podcasts) •  Socialmediaengagement(e.g.blogposts,bloggerevents,bloggerbriefings,TwiYerposts, communitysiteposts&events)Public*Rela)ons* Ac)vity* •  Influencerengagement •  Stakeholderengagement •  Events/speeches •  Impressions/Target •  Keymessage •  Expressedopinions •  Endorsementby audience alignment ofinterest journalistsor impressions [tradi@onal&social •  Socialnetwork influencers •  Earnedmediasite media] Followers •  Rankingsonindustry Intermediary* visitors/day •  Accuracyoffacts •  Retweets/Shares/ lists •  %shareof •  %shareof Linkbacks •  Expressedopinions Effect* conversa@on conversa@on •  %shareof ofsupport •  Videoviews conversa@on •  SocialnetworkFans •  Prominence •  Likes •  Unaidedawareness •  Knowledgeof •  Relevanceofbrand •  Ahtudeuplii •  Aidedawareness company/product (toconsumer/ •  Statedinten@onto •  Ownedmediasite aYributesand customer) buy visitorsperday features •  Visitorstowebsite •  Brandpreference/Target*Audience* •  Socialnetwork •  Brandassocia@on •  Clickfthrutosite Loyalty/Trust Effect* channelvisitors anddifferen@a@on •  Timespentonsite •  Endorsement •  Downloadsfromsite •  Requestsforquote •  Calls •  Linkstosite •  Event/mee@ng •  Trial aYendanceNOTE:Withinsocialmedia,severalofthesemetricscouldstraddletworowsasanIntermediaryEffectand/orTargetAudienceEffect,dependingonwho’sengagedintheconversa@on.Forsimplicity,wehavelistedthosemetricsunderIntermediaryEffecttoreflectthegeneralconversa@onasyouwouldnotknowifallpar@cipantsareinyourtargetaudience.IfthecommentersareknowntobeinyourTargetAudience,youcouldreflectthosemetricsunderTargetAudienceEffect. 48