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NATI preso vfinal


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • Transcript

    • 1. BD in the Valley
    • 2. Goals• Introduce the culture and values of Silicon Valley• Explain theories that inform business development practices• Share ideas on Mozilla and business development• Highlight available resources Relevant ideas for Newfoundland and Labrador?
    • 3. Introduction• From Toronto – (sorry!)• Twelve years in Silicon Valley – Business Development: Mozilla, Cisco – Corporate Communications: DDN, Cisco, Applied Communications• Other activities – Mentor companies – C100 OC – Teach: Stanford, San Jose State Silicon Valley isn’t a place you work in, it is a place you contribute to
    • 4. Culture of Silicon Valley
    • 5. What doesSilicon Valley mean to you?
    • 6. Traitorous Eight:Silicon Valley founded by a single act of betrayal Fairchild Semiconductor • Julius Blank (Xicor) • Victor Grinish (UC Berkeley, Stanford) • Jean Hoerni (Teledyne) • Eugene Kleiner (Kleiner Perkins) • Jay Last (Teledyne) • Gordon Moore (Intel) • Robert Noyce (Intel) • Sheldon Roberts (Teledyne)
    • 7. Traitorous Eight: Resulting values• Ideas are open and portable• Execution counts• Risk/failure are acceptable• Fluid movement of people Warning: Somewhat stylized history!
    • 8. Ideas vs execution First GUI? First Social Network? First Smartphone? Ideas are nothing without execution Need input to grow an idea
    • 9. Legendary meeting places
    • 10. Risk and failure Bounce Burnout Evolution Cyber Blood Burger Rush Darkest Fear Darkest Fear 2: Grim Oak 3: Nightmare
    • 11. Risk and failure
    • 12. Movement of people• Networks and relationships are key• Sharing and supporting ideas is at the center of Silicon Valley• Contact sport, you need to be there to play
    • 13. Culture of Silicon Valley• Ideas are prized, but not worshipped• Collaboration and execution are paramount• Failure is tolerated• Clique-y; need to be “in the know” Silicon Valley is relationship driven
    • 14. Business Development Theories
    • 15. Lean start-up• Minimum viable product – MVP tests fundamental business hypotheses.• Continuous deployment – Code is written and put into production• Split testing – A split test: different versions of a product to customers at the same time.• Actionable metrics – What are the metrics really driving your business? – You may look at page views or customer acquisition numbers, but are they really helping you grow?• Pivot – Course correction Shamelessly stolen from Eric Ries:
    • 16. Customer development Product Development Concept/ Alpha/Beta Launch/ Product Dev. Bus. Plan Test 1st Ship Customer Development Customer Customer Customer Company Discover Validation Creation Building Shamelessly stolen from Steve Blank:
    • 17. Business development mistakes• Focus on product, not customer• Sales and marketing, secondary to engineering• Don’t know how to price• Talk features, not end-user benefit• Become insular, don’t get out to talk to customers “There Are No Facts Inside Your Building, So Get Outside” -Steve Blank
    • 18. Culture and Theory in Action
    • 19. Mozilla Firefox – Powering the Global Internet Mozilla Firefox Global Reach• 450+Million Users • 30% Global Market Share• 80+ Languages • #1 in Europe• 700 Employees in 15 Countries • 56% German Market Share• 3 Billion Add-Ons Downloaded • Brand Power: Firefox =• 140,000 Add-ons built by 1,000+ trust, safe, secure, fast, reliable Developers
    • 20. Mozilla doing business• Browser is open, standards based; anyone can download the code• Everything is in the open, anyone can contribute• Company meetings are held online• Internet is a public benefit, made better via market forces• Exchange of ideas, friendly or competitive, is best for the user• Prefer to compete on features, UX and values We’re an extreme case Then again, we brought down a monopoly
    • 21. How do we make money? $$Ka- Ching$$
    • 22. Business development for a non-profitNormal state On a partner call Even though we’re a non-profit, we’re always selling Legacy is desktop browser, we’re following the market, customers
    • 23. Mozilla going mobile • Form partnerships around new products • FirefoxOS-> Carriers and OEMs • Marketplace-> Apps developers We’re leaving the building, we’re forming relationship Contributing to the discussion around mobile
    • 24. Business dev for Newfoundland and Labrador Local ideas, executed globally
    • 25. Can be done!
    • 26. C100 – an introduction Building the next generation of global, billion dollarCanadian companies through mentorship, partnership and investment
    • 27. Available Resources
    • 28. The C100 Mission: C100 is a private, non-profit membership organization comprised of accomplished Canadian technology entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley who arededicated to accelerating the top Canadian technology entrepreneurs through partnership, mentorship and investment. 29
    • 29. Charter Members – we’ve reached 100! 30
    • 30. Highlights – our first 2 years30 Events across Canada & US135 Start-ups participated in C100 mentoring in the Valley100+ Charter Members (Silicon Valley based)3000 C100 member network (North American wide)4000+ Entrepreneurs attended C100 events in US andCanada$425,000,000 Of investment in C100 companies 31
    • 31. Our events…• 48hrs in the Valley is our flagship • The CEO Tech Forum is a one-day event mentorship program where companies meet with Corporate and Business Development executives• The Accelerate Series brings together the • Grow is the premier entrepreneurial local entrepreneurial community to conference in Canada celebrate successes and to inspire them to create more. 32
    • 32. The C100 in action! 33
    • 33. A few success stories… Brian Wong Lars Leckie 34
    • 34. Canadian Consulate
    • 35. Keep in touch!• Email:• Twitter: @ronpiovesan• Blog:• LinkedIn:• Slideshare:
    • 36. Thank You