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Lecture 4 strategy


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Lecture 4 for BUS94- Strategy

Lecture 4 for BUS94- Strategy

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  • Goals tend to be increased web traffic, engagementNeed to think carefully at outset, what the goal are and how you’re going to measure them
  • Helpful to think about campaignsWhat specifically you want to say?
  • Sales leads- Appcelerator - - the market – IBM SmartPlanet - (Graham Kittle)Thought leader - leadershiip - Facebook - - engagement – Twitter - -
  • Facebook - - - - IntelLinkedIn - – Blogs -
  • Generally ROI is expressed as a percentageIN this instance, you’re looking
  • Goals tend to be increased web traffic, engagementNeed to think carefully at outset, what the goal are and how you’re going to measure them
  • Goals tend to be increased web traffic, engagementNeed to think carefully at outset, what the goal are and how you’re going to measure them
  • What really went wrongWhere’s the conversation? What the message?
  • Did they learn?Blog:!/osscubeFacebook: LinkedIN:
  • Advice?
  • Transcript

    • 2. SOCIAL FRAMEWORKConversationTalk ListenStrategyGoals,Metrics
    • 3. SOCIAL FRAMEWORKConversationWhat are yougoing to say?What else isbeing said?
    • 4. SOCIAL FRAMEWORKStrategyGoals,Metrics
    • 5. SOCIAL FRAMEWORKStrategyWhy?
    • 6. FRAMEWORKSet GoalsDecideMetricsDeployToolsMeasure
    • 7. ASIDE:LISTENING V TALKINGSet GoalsDecideMetricsDeployToolsMeasureListeningTalkingListeningListening
    • 8. STRATEGYGOALS• Sales leads• Influence the market• Customer feedback• Branding• Customer supportMETRICS• # of emails• Sharing, engagement• Direct/indirect replies• Brand studies• Increased responsesTOOLS
    • 9. TOOLSPro Con• Huge audience• Easy to target newusers• Listening• Lightweight• Fight for timelinespace• EdgeRank• Syndicatingcontent• Listening• Send out links,messages• Brief• Hard tocommunicate acomplex idea• SEO • Low audience• Difficult to use
    • 10. TOOLSPro Con• Listening• Focused• Connect withsimilar interests• Too niche• Spammy• Easy to sharevideos• Hard to build acommunity• You controlcontent, experience• Have deeperdiscussion• Hard to attract acommunity• Requires a lot ofwork
    • 11. STRATEGY FUNNELGeneralConversationSpecificConversations
    • 12. FUNNEL IN ACTIONGeneralConversationsSpecificConversationsGoal:BrandingMetric: BrandresearchTeaser about issuesGoal:Lead GenGeneralexplanationExplanationMetric: email
    • 13. CALCULATING BESTOPTION- BRANDINGTRADITIONALCosts• Advertising• PR agency• SponsorshipsMetric• Branding scoreSOCIALCosts• Contentgeneration• FB/G+ monitoringMetric• Branding scoreWhat is the cost of each, to get to the same result
    • 14. CALCULATING ROI-LEAD GENTRADITIONALTotal Costs• Inside sales• Marketing collateralMetric• Expected leads• Expected revenuesSOCIALTotal Costs• Content creation• Social mediamonitoringMetric• Expected leads• Expected revenues
    • 15. RECOMMENDATIONSet GoalsDecideMetricsDeployToolsMeasureKnow your businessGet finance to help with ROI
    • 16. The Case Study
    • 17. OSSCUBEHistory• Founded in 2006• Based in North Carolina, offices in IndiaDevelop using open source software• Consulting, EducationDeveloped various IT solutions for• Education• Government• Healthcare• ITSuccessful, technically minded companyFocused on customer success
    • 18. MARKETINGEPIPHANYProblem:• Company branding wasn’t keeping up with the business• Focus moving from training to consulting/developmentChange direction of company• Focus on SEO, by more relevant in consulting searches• Streamline lead generation and qualification process• Build a community of developerGo Social!
    • 19. CONTENT AND TOOLSGoals• Drive SEOContent• Anything anywhereTactics• Maximize traffic on website• Use social networks to push traffic, SEO to websiteTools
    • 20. GOALS/METRICS/TACTICS/TOOLSGoals• Create brandMetrics• Surveys• Customer satisfactionTactics• Maximize the brand• Use social networks to communicate a brand imageTools
    • 21. THE VERDICTTryingAuthenticMoments of voiceConsistent voiceSpread too thinRedundantUpdate orientedNo conversationRecommendationsFind something to say, say itEliminate channels
    • 22. NEXT WEEK• Summarize Tie it all together• Anything you want to go over?• Class presentation
    • 23. ASSIGNMENT: SOCIALMEDIA PRODUCT LAUNCHFive slide preso:• Slide 1: Explain company, product, competitivedifferentiator• Slide 2, 3: Social media campaign for a productlaunch. Strategy for getting into the conversation:• Before product launch• Launch date• After product launch• Slide 5: What social tool will you use? Why?• Slide 5: Inspiration: How did you come up with thisidea? What company did you use for inspiration?Must be B2B
    • 24. ASSIGNMENT DUEMAY 3All requesting a grade must hand in their preso• Email:• Post on SlideSharePeople will be chosen at random to present on May 6