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Goals v04 24-12


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BUS94 Lecture 4. Looking at tools, analytics and how they all fit together.

BUS94 Lecture 4. Looking at tools, analytics and how they all fit together.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • Tool has become the goal rather then the means to a goal
  • Intel: Cars
  • Blogs:
  •!/fresh/ (bookstore)
  • Transcript

    • 1. The Company is the Content Lecture 4: Goals and Metrics
    • 2. Summary: Finding the conversation Community Content What are Who are you you going to speaking to? say? Conversation
    • 3. But first… content marketing Storytelling Shared  Histories  Emotions  Dreams Wrapping them around your brand Identifying with your audience Company is the Content
    • 4. Play with the websites at the endGoal Metrics Tactics Tools • What • How you • What • What you measure you do you use want Resist temptation to “go social” Understand the entire process first Gillin, Schwartzman’s “Four Step
    • 5. The tools Google+ LinkedIn Continued from last Blogs week Apps Analytic tools How they all fit together
    • 6.  Google’s social network Google’s fourth attempt at social  Buzz  Friend Connect  Orkut Claims 170M users (ill-defined) Many features, feels over-engineered  Circles getting the most popularity Google, Plus Your World  Marketers: how to meld G+ with SEO
    • 7.  De facto business networking tool 150M members, $522M revenues (2011) Used extensively by recruiters, job hunters Has groups, hard to determine how effective they are Potential to be great ad platform  Can better target profession, title, location  Audience is in a work frame-of-mind on the network
    • 8. Blogs Blog-> self publishing platforms  156M blogs Blogger/Worpress more traditional CMS  Content Management Systems Tumblr: cross between a blog and Twitter  45M Tumblrs
    • 9. Apps: the next frontier Mobile is taking over the world Content marketing targeting the consumer Betting on platforms  iPhone  Android  Facebook  Spotify B2B will follow  Be the change!
    • 10. Tracking  Key lesson from Ridley Scott in 1979  Not so in cyberspace  Every click is a scream
    • 11. The screams URL shortener , TinyURL Share Bar  Add This Comment  DISQUS Tools aren’t about convenience, about analytics
    • 12. Model: Hub and spoke content syndication
    • 13. Model: Hub and spoke content syndication Content Content Platform Syndication
    • 14. Content Marketing With each interaction, you’re getting feedback on content
    • 15. I Don’t Care About Content Marketing WhitePape r
    • 16. I Don’t Care About Sales
    • 17. I Don’t Care About HR
    • 18. I Care About Marketing Sales HR Customer Service
    • 19. You Care About…. WhitePape r
    • 20. Assignment OSSCube  Letter Grade, hand in answers  Questions will be posted tomorrow