Creative Arts and Events: Writing, Productions and Paintings
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Creative Arts and Events: Writing, Productions and Paintings



Ronnie Caplan - An innovative Marketing Communications and Event Branding leader with a passion for producing immediate, sustainable and breakthrough impact for clients - driving bottom line results ...

Ronnie Caplan - An innovative Marketing Communications and Event Branding leader with a passion for producing immediate, sustainable and breakthrough impact for clients - driving bottom line results and ensuring stakeholder satisfaction with solutions designed to appeal to all senses in today’s age of technology.
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Creative Arts and Events: Writing, Productions and Paintings Creative Arts and Events: Writing, Productions and Paintings Presentation Transcript

    Bring out your brilliance . . .
    Right here, Right now.
    Looped animation on screens for walk-in features dancing RAVE club kids, in silhouette amidst the Special FX. When the lights fade to black for show opening segment, the scrim begins to glow mysteriously - and the music builds dramatically. . .
    Several dancer’s shadows can now be seen moving to the beat behind the scrim. . . Gradually the music builds to a crescendo – the lights backstage turn on to reveal (still in silhouette) an extreme trampoline show with two wild skateboarders bouncing in unison, choreographed to a high-energy musical piece.
    Simulating a mosh pit at a typical rave, they dive and body surf . . . Now, more dancers approach the stage through the audience, as the two side screens erupt in fiery, non-stop changing bright colors.
    At the exact moment the production number ends, the scrim explodes and falls to the stage amidst the sizzling pyrotechnics of a concussion mortar, and the live welcome V.O. introduction blares forth. Our DJ / MC’s are revealed, walking out to the turntable set-up, carrying their glowing silver skateboards. They arrive at the brushed aluminum podium together, to thunderous applause. . .
    Upon entering the cocktail area to the wonderful accompaniment of authentic Flamenco guitarists, everyone will partake of “Tapas”, delicious appetizers of Spanish origin . . .strolling minstrels entertain while gypsies tell fortunes and read palms . . . Artisans demonstrate their skills at lace-making, leatherwork & other crafts in the “Rastro” a picturesque flea market.
    Bathed in gentle shades of magenta, saffron & rose, areas of the foyer are enhanced by gorgeous fresh flowers set amidst Spanish moss; towering “Fallas” hue papier mache figurines from the festival in Valencia smile down on everyone, under a canopy of red & yellow mylar strands of ribbon, as the music builds. . .
    Suddenly, a number of Opera singers, straight out of The Barber of Seville appear at each of the doorways leading into the ballroom. As they break into operatic song heralding the guests in for dinner, the doors open to unveil vibrant swirls of raging color a la Miro covering the walls surrounding them, alternating with giant Picasso-like 3D figures & small touches of Salvador Dali flourishes. . .
  • The Roadhouse Bar & Grill
    Your guests venture down the desert highway to a nightclub just outside the city limits. The only light is cast from the movie marquee next door, & the dimly-lit windows of the neighboring pawn shop.
    When they push through the oversize swinging doors, they’re bombarded by dazzling visions of dancing light beams in steely electric blue & red-hot cherry wine – stabbing across the hazy atmosphere . . .
    The tantalizing, palpable ambiance is immediate, with boogying Rock & Roll tunes inviting all to join in the scene.
    Bourbon, scotch & beer are available at the custom 30’ wood & marble bar - complete with
    neon signs, aged brick walls & overhead wood beams - served up by pony-tailed, tattooed
    biker bartenders. Rack ‘em up at billiards tables. . . tilt the pinball machines. . . Shoot some
    darts or sink some baskets; even a tattoo parlor is in the mix!
    It’s time for some live entertainment, as the opening act takes the stage – yes, it’s Jake &
    Elwood, the Blues Brothers. Your guests take their seats at denim-covered tables topped
    With flickering hurricane lamps & peanut shells, with “biker bandanas “ providing accent
    color. The contagious Roadhouse action continues through the night . . .
  • SUN TZU’S “THE ART OF WAR” – Awards Gala
    The house lights dim to black . . .
    A single, tight beam hits the solitary figure,
    doing Tai Chi to dramatic musical accompaniment
    at center stage. Gradually, the lighting effects begin
    to change hues and broaden to illuminate more and
    more figures onstage, all joining in the precise
    movements in unison.
    The heavy beat of thousands of marching soldiers and approaching armies booms out of the surround sound speakers. Then, the music abruptly changes to a more upbeat rhythm, keeping in time with the marching cadence as Martial Arts teams in elaborate costumes enter from stage left and right . . . As the Tai Chi performers quietly exit, the teams proceed to demonstrate their art in dance form, choreographed complete with verbal sounds, grunts. . .
    Suddenly, from the back of the hall, loud drumming is heard, accompanied by cymbals, gongs & other exotic instruments . . . This new music builds as a procession of Chinese Lion Dancers proceed down the aisles, carrying a blaze of multi-colored flags, flaming torches & streamer confetti cannons – right up onto the stage, Here, they perform a traditional dance, culminating in the intro of the evening’s MC’s
    Amidst the pageantry and splendor, the absolutely engaging, comprehensive multimedia production of SUN TZU’S “THE ART OF WAR” begins. . .
  • Guilty pleasures & fantasies are fulfilled in the unconventional, multi-layered & most richly textured world of the labyrinthine Carnivale
    “Good evening Ladies, Gentlemen & those yet to decide . . . & welcome to the Carnivale,” bids the evening’s Ringmaster of Ceremonies. “Relax, have a drink, have a girl, have a boy, have both, have fun. Bohemians will tickle your fancy every time and, you have nothing to lose . . . “
    With a nod & a wink to the lore of the Carny sideshow, amidst allegorical touches of Vaudeville, Burlesque, Cabaret & the Moulin Rouge thrown into the mix, we take your guests on a journey down a just slightly off kilter midway of the imagination – touching their minds with vivid, esoteric sensory diversions – while filling their heads with tastes & sounds & every color of the kaleidoscope . . .
  • Number 1
    “In older days a glimpse of stocking was
    Looked on as something shocking,
    But God knows, anything goes.” – Cole Porter
    The atmosphere of the 1920’s is thoughtfully recaptured in this elegant look back in time, evoking visions of Sophisticated Ladies in the latest evening gowns from Paris
    The Cotton Club
    In fashionable
    Your guests will dine
    and party amidst a
    stylish & tasteful
    Art Décor-inspired
    ambience . . .
  • Retro Millennium
    A sexy, scintillating combo of sights & sounds – here, sophistication & elegance blend with interaction & fun amidst a high-tech, virtual kaleidoscope of prismatic, parti-colored ambience.
    Where dreams are woven.
    What would happen if, in a magical moment, the veil were lifted to uncover a wonderful world of myth & Sci Fi fantasy, the abode of extraordinary creatures of fancy? Populated by high-flying acrobats, clowns, jugglers . . . The tinsel world of make believe . . . An almost surrealistic dream world, somewhere between The Wizard of Oz and 2001, A Space Odyssey!
    Come. Enter the realm of your imagination . . .